Thursday 29th of April 2021

Tonight, With President Bidens Speech, we Begin The Process of Dealing With The Long-term Structural Problems Facing This Country.

Social Media Says

Washington Post just announced that will longer keep presidential fact-checking database under President Biden. Democracy really does darkness.
Americans approve President Biden's infrastructure plan, *best* ideas with fake story about meat. They circling drain.
excellent conversation with friend President Putin today. discussed evolving COVID-19 situation, thanked President Putin Russia's help support India's fight against pandemic.

historic moment, Vice President Kamala Harris joins House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dais, marking first time that women will behind President during address Congress.
far, President Biden successfully outlined radical, socialist agenda next years. That should trouble every freedom-loving American.
nice have president condemns rather than employs white supremacists.
Presidents plans make rich their fair share catch wealthy cheats strong down payment BuildBackBetter. fighting WealthTax, Real Corporate Profits Tax, stronger enforcement Presidents plans with left over.

President Biden evokes late Beau calls National Institutes Health create research agency prevent, detect treat diseases like Alzheimers, diabetes cancer: Lets cancer know it.

President Biden: have seen knee injustice neck Black Americans.".
transgender Americans watching home especially young people brave want know your president your back."-- POTUS Pts.
Whoever controlling dementia president should give speech.
Lauren Boebert: Chewing during presidents speech...
When police arrested George Floyd scandal, when they shot Ashley Babbit, unarmed violent. The interest created zero investigation closed before starting. crime support best president history?

Wow: transgender youth: "your president your back." Yes. Given right's escalating attacks, thank this.
"White Supremacy terrorism." PRESIDENT said that.
you're proud have voted President Biden.
lost mother Alzheimer's. fight help find cure 2025 personal. President Biden's commitment research deeply appreciated look forward working alongside Administration this life-saving mission.

honor serve such courageous President: have real chance root systemic racism that plagues American life many other ways...Real opportunities lives more Americans Black, white, Latino, Asian American, Native American.".

President Trump IvankaTrump worked pass this. Democrats House obstructed. More from Biden.
President Biden smart class that Jordans hate because just doing well, makes them feel like lazy slugs they are.
Says LGBTQ plus community, your president your back.
Cruz just gave President Biden standing ovation when Biden said everyone needs vaccinated. shocked you.
transgender Americans watching home especially young people brave want know that your president your back." President Biden.
have President directly address trans kids home watching "your President your back" moment never thought see.
President Biden: "White supremacy terrorism, we're going ignore that either. fellow Americans, look, have come together heal soul this nation.".
We're almost hour your speech, President. about address humanitarian crisis that happening border?
reauthorizing violence against womens thank President Biden.
President Biden: transgender Americans watching home especially young people brave want know your president your back.".
clapping loudly animals just looking like we're crazy. have President again!
wont ignore what intelligence agencies have determined most lethal terrorist threat homeland today from white supremacist terrorism," President Biden says.
Biden pushes green deal, Cows can't SHIT anymore. The worsted wokest President wears mask. Trillion,INFLATION 4everin 4USA!
transgender Americans watching home especially young people brave want know that your president your back.".
Every president since Bush promised Afghanistan. Every president reneged.
also hope Congress desk Equality protect rights LGBTQ Americans. transgender Americans watching home especially young people brave want know that your president your back." THANK YOU!

President Biden says wants "wealthiest Americans begin their fair share".
Once again, President Biden promising unity. touting Far-Left policies governing most progressive president history. Stop lies!
Siri, former President pardon henchmen?
President Biden: "Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President president ever said those words from this podium about time.".
It's honestly genuinely rare that President give speech like this days into term point this scale achievement. Some that good luck timing, they've made promises, then kept them biggest stuff they on.

first time five years. Democratic President back building. Once again
President JoeBiden just said: wont ignore what intelligence agencies have determined most lethal terrorism threat homeland today from white supremacist terrorism.
Yes, true have COVID vaccines with hundreds millions distributed record time. Thank you, President Trump Operation Warp Speed.
President Biden doubling down radical spending hikes.
When hear President Biden agenda, becomes obvious Republican politicians desparate invent fake stories about meat Seuss. Biden's agenda practical bold massively popular bipartisan with American people.

also hope Congress desk Equality protect LGBTQ Americans. transgender Americans watching home, especially young people brave,I want know that your president your back." Thank you, Joe.

President Biden calls passage Equality Act, tells transgender Americans "your President your back.".
SOTU2021, President Biden says American Rescue Plan will help child poverty HALF, there's standing ovation from Democrats... Republicans stay seated. That's because Republicans WANT poverty thrive. That's their game.

eligible vaccinated because President Trump's Operation Warp Speed.
2021 President Biden introduced trillion jobs package endorsed: $15/hr wage Free pre-k community college Raising taxes corporations wealthy Paid family leave - going nuts!

transgender Americans watching home, especially young peopleI want know that President your back.
President ever inserted fraud Arizona will lead
When President Biden said were track child poverty half, Mitch McConnell didnt clap. That tells everything need know about Mitch McConnell.
"Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President." President ever said those words from this podium. it's about time.".
This speech is outstanding. How is anyone not for these things? More excellence from our President.
president United States America loves America.
American president. Many patriotic. Give rest.
White supremacy terrorism. Thank saying that President.
Just never lifetime have heard president propose many real ideas help people.
wont ignore what intelligence agencies have determined most lethal terrorist threat homeland today from white supremacist terrorism." president United States. April 2021.

AND the former president's lawyer to boot.
Right?? Especially given utter disrespect showed last year with President Trump.
really miss President Trump.
CSPAN petty showing Boebert while President Biden talking about control.
Holy fucking shit, it's real president giving real address.
president actually talking about things that will help average Americans instead bragging about ratings railing against fake news media. Elections indeed, have consequences.
BIDEN prepared): discussion with President told that welcome competition that looking conflict. made absolutely clear that will defend American interests across board.".

Thank President speaking against ongoing attacks Asian Americans supporting COVID-19 Hate Crimes HATE help.
Biden just said trans youth around country "The President United States your back." those words. State Union Address. Written into history. Elections matter.
responsible American president remain silent when basic human rights violated." Sounds great, POTUS. When expect withdraw support Yemen, stop funding Israeli occupation, sanctions Iran, Venezuela, etc.?

will impose increase American making under $400,000 year," says President Biden JointSession, "but it's time corporate America their fair share." Mitt Romney.

proud have President cares about
Love you, bless you, thank much!! best president lifetime.
transgender community ever been explicitly acknowledged American President JointAddress transgender Americans watching home especially young people brave want know that your president your back.

"Madame Speaker. Madame Vice President.".
President Biden highlighted pandemic's disproportionate impact women workforce. When school year began last fall, women dropped labor force rate four times that men.

Report: President Trump planning bring back MAGA rallies

What You Really Think


By chance did you help write or proof tonight's speech - parts are oddly familiar, sounds just like you - snap from last Saturday, had to ; ) TY.

Nothing but a diabolical plot by the Three to turn America into a Socialist country! Cant disagree more with joebiden speech. Vote them out in 2022 and 2024!!!

Yo the trap beat.

This shit SLAPS!

Not really Bernie. Not until we take money out of politics and end war. Wish it were you Bernie. We continue the movement.

Counting down the days until you are memorialized. You are getting close. What are you like 80? Hurry up.

Dont you need to go buy anothet house? A red house paid for by the working class taxpayers. Socialism is not a wogking government.

VVV Tio Bernie.

How can it be legal for Jerome Powell to keep printing $$ in this environment while he has millions invested in the stock market? Would this not be a conflict of interest? This country is corrupter than any other!

I love this man.

I surely do wish his constituents would find someone better suited for this.

Lets talk about how hard these BernieBeats go.

Railroad bridges in Chicago are crumbling!

Bernie - love ya. Kill the background music. Irrelevant accompanying music to an otherwise worth -watching video is a bitter, bitter disappointment. Med4All.

Bernie Im in agreement with you on many topics you discussed.But the remedy is what Im proposing and that is TO MAKE LEGALIZED BRIBERY A CRIME AND A MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR IN PRISON OR COUNTY TIME NO NEGOTIATIONS ACCEPTED!

Childcare so we might work outside the home if we choose. !!! Our education system showed during COVID it IS our childcare solution. Let schools teach and child care be child care.

You gonna spit over that beat or what.

Yes Bernie, please go ahead with this healthcare expansion seriously as exactly as you worded. Thank you.

Grandpa i love you and your sick beats.

We Iraqi US allies We chose to be heroes,though we became targets We supported US army, saved lives together&built new world together You taught us the real humanity We're waiting your promise of safe Please give our SIV cases a highest priority.

Please put this on spotify.

This goes!

Do a video over the nier ost.

Child care: going back to one income being enough to live on, & 1 person can stay home??? The objection is the model that every1 has to work somewhere else & kids are some1 else's "job." Small business promotes families.

Wow Bernie has a big house.

The beat goes hard, Senator.

You lost to the loser. Go away.

The beat go off?!

Tonight I will be listening attentively to what the president has to say. You may notice my eyes closed for a period of time, it might even appear that I am asleep. Let me assure you I am not sleeping. I will be in deep thought about how I can use my leverage to get nothing.

Please continue to support and fight to include the Relief for Americas Small Farmers Act introduced by Sen. Gillibrand in the infrastructure bill! Small family farmers and rural America desperatelty need your help!

Good job Comrade!

The only long term structural problem we have is elected officials serving 40, 50, 60 years in elected office. You, Leahy, Grassley, Schumer, Shelby, and all the Dingells are the swamp.

PassHR1 SaveUSPS GOPTraitors January6thProsecuteCommission Sen_JoeManchin - 202-224-3954 SenatorSinema - 202-224-4521.

Bernie, I think Ill watch the Wizard of Oz. At least theres music in that fantasy.

Sir ! Who is going to be the next Elliot Ness that will put Alcapone Trump in jail ? We need a prosecutor with big cojones to do the job !! Thank you for the outstanding job you are doing !

Great speech. Im with Bernie 100 percent !

We Iraqi US interpreters & co-workers our cases are not run by UNCHR ; our cases fall under two categories SIV & IOM, since we faced daily threatened with extermination by Iran backed militias POTUS VP US Senators please help our caese need a highest priority in both systems.


Toi da co m[?]t con gai va da qua m[?]t d[?]i ch[?]ng. ngodhi hinh ua nhin.

Biden ain't gonna do shiii** Bernie.

R.I.P.James James passed away 4/22/21at 9:38 pm during His heart transplant, He was 11, We Love You, Fly with the Angles eternally, as We remember our James. Would You be so kind & amazing and please Help Us with with His funeral, & retweet.

Thank you. Sir.

Sir Bernie S. Did you choose the beat ?

Love the trap music in the background. Can we expand the Job corps age in america? We can build new centers that are 26-40 with the same rules currently to help with the homeless problem.

The best rapper I've ever heard.

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