Monday 1st of June 2020

You Can't Be Silent Today And Celebrate PrideMonth TomorrowThe Stonewall Uprising, Lead By Trans Women Of Color, Was in Response To The Police Violence Against Our Community & The Catalyst For Why We Have LGBTQ Rights Today.

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Happy PrideMonth! Whoever you are, however you define yourself, wherever you come from, whomever you love, we stand with you, to fight for human rights. ???????
You can't be silent today and celebrate PrideMonth tomorrow The Stonewall uprising, lead by trans women of color, was in response to the police violence against our community & the catalyst for why we have LGBTQ rights today.

This is how Chicago Police decide to kick off.
Happy PrideMonth! Pride was a riot before it could be a parade. Never forget who threw the first brick.
A Lil' something for pride month!!! I want to challenge myself to at least draw all of my LGBT characters every day or every week Be strong and fight for yourself, for your community and to see a change.

Happy PrideMonth! ??????
Flag Raising, Watch & Enjoy Online. Join Mayor JohnTory from cityoftoronto City Hall in celebration of the Official Flag Raising Ceremony and Proclamation of PrideMonth. After, join OLGtoday from Sault Ste. Marie for a special event.

Follow along with us this Pride Month as we celebrate and explore a different theme each week: Recognize and Remember, Information and Education, Allyship and Action, and Create and Celebrate. What are you proud of this Pride?

Our first mondaymotivation is from Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. The Pulitzer Prize finalist is best known for his poem "Howl," published in 1956. His writing drew heavy criticism for its controversial ideas and scenarios.

During PrideMonth, FBI Jacksonville celebrates the contributions that our LGBT colleagues have made to our country and our mission. We know that diversity makes us stronger.
Its pride month! ALWAYS remember the black trans women that fought for our rights and made it possible to celebrate pride for generations to come! BlackLivesMatter PrideMonth ????
FCSSGW supports the LGBT2Q communities in the areas we serve & around the world as we celebrate PrideMonth! We offer safe, accessible, & respectful services to everyone. Reach out if you need support. We're ready to help.

Happy PrideMonth, everyone. Until we run out of cultures and communities that teach kids to hate others - or even themselves - we must continue to support and celebrate one another and always take a stand against bigotry. Prejudice is a learned behaviour; love comes naturally.

We owe it all to marsha p. johnson ? PrideMonth ????
I'm glad to have the support of Pride Month! Our love is real!
A little bit of history to celebrate Pride Month and the people that fought for our rights 51 years ago during the Stonewall Riots. ????
Welcome to June!
Happy PrideMonth, everybody! PrideMonth2020 Times are tough, and the situation in the world is dire. With this in mind, festivities should be partaken with due respect. Pride was not always a celebration--it, too, took a riot.

Fuck Trump.
SINCE pride starts tomorrow,, here's some pride Haidas! (pridas?).
The revolution is fucking here!
Happy PrideMonth. Let's remember the founder of pride as we celebrate, a black trans woman. Also, let's do more to protect black trans women and shine a light on them this month.
Thank-you for such a thoughtful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Jack's story. And so nice to read this as we enter.
2015, Obama 2020, Trump.
Happy Pride Month ?????
Love is love. kiss whoever the fuck you want. ?????
Hi I am transgender futanari Hi haters, if you have a problem with LGBT, come and target me, U can kill me but I will never die, because U will be destroyed and not enter the gate of heaven. I am God, don't fk with me.

Drew a portrait of my fav lgbt artist clairo!! happy PrideMonth lovelies i love all of u!! ????mwah.
Happy pridemonth loveislove ?????????????????????????????
'We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation' is "a photo book and a thoroughly researched, readable text covering the history of the LGBT movement in the United States through the 20th century.".

Kicking off our MyPrideIs campaign is our Chief Executive PaulMartinOBE ????
Happy pride month!!????
Happy PrideMonth part 3.
"We're the voice of the new generation!" - Permanent Vacation, 5 Seconds of Summer.
And if you don't understand - don't be afraid to ask us questions. Don't be afraid to ask LGBT people to explain some terms to you. Don't be afraid to talk with us - as long as you're being respectful ?????

Happy PrideMonth Churchvilleps PeelSchools PDSB_Libraries Here are some more activities for older students to explore!
I made a little something for PrideMonth ????? !!!! Original design by .
We are navigating troubled times. It is still important to remember to share love, and not hate. We must be a society that promotes respect and safety for all. Happy Pride Month!
June 1st marks the beginning of PrideMonth. The first Pride march was held in June 1970 to coincide with the one year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, an uprising against police brutality led by queer Black and Latinx men and women.

To the generations of black and brown queer people who came before us to make PrideMonth possible, we see you, we thank you, and we stand with you. Today and always. ????
Good morning Happy PrideMonth BlackLivesMatter TransRightsAreHumanRights THE FIRST PRIDE WAS A RIOT.
Happy pridemonth!
As many companies shift their marketing to support PrideMonth, remind them of the Stonewall Riots: 6 days of riots and protests in support of the the gay rights movement. Remember that when you share your Pride content all month long, but have stayed silent on oppression today.

Being gay is ok being lesbian is ok being bisexual is ok being asexual is ok being aromantic is ok being nonbinary is ok being transgender is ok being genderfluid is ok being pansexual is ok being yourself is ok PrideMonth you're valid ????

????Happy PrideMonth, beautiful people!! ?? I have made headers for anyone that wants to use it! You are free to costumize it any way you like! Even drawing yourself holding up the flag.
"LOVE HAS NO GENDER" Let us raise our colorful flag and fight for our freedom ????
Happy month of ???? pride!
One Year Ago Today, Taylor's Speech About LGBT Pride Month before performing "Delicate" at Wango Tango. "you should be able to live your life the way you want to live your life, and you should have the same exact rights as anybody else." (June 1, 2019).


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Marsha Syl : Rest In Power ????

Fight for the right ????? for.

We fight & march together! ???