Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Why is This Visionary Not Yet The Prime Minister of India? Find Him, Please!

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Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI inaugurated tourism project AlBeruniRadius - Heritage Trail. The project aims at preservation and conservation of the archeological sites within the radius and the socioeconomic uplift of the surrounding area.

Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI at the inauguration of "Heritage Trail" at the historical site of Nandana Fort today.
I absolutely will not accept the normalization of a Prime Minister telling barefaced lies to Parliament. Its simply not acceptable. Why isnt every UK news channel reporting this? When will MPs start to act? Whats it going to take?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus claims there isnt a trade-off between Canadas strict lockdowns and economic growth will be tested this week with the release of new output data. This from the same person who said budgets will balance themselves.

Who qualifies to be the 5th president of Kenya between Deputy President William Ruto and Prime Minister Raila Odinga? Retweets for DP Ruto Likes [?]nulb for Baba Raila Odinga They both qualify but if The BBI passes then Rao stands a better chance.

Morrison talking about rape on 3rd May 2019 was a different story to March 1st 2021. In 2019 his spin was a caring future prime minister, in 2021 he is desperate to hold onto power.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi choose early morning time to take covaxin . No traffic was stopped . Traveled normally , filled form at AIIMS , took Jab , waited for 30 minutes under observation and returned back.

One of Abiys first acts upon becoming prime minister was to fly to Eritrea and meet with President Isaias Afwerki that finally ends the tension between the two countries AbiyMustLead AbiyIsTheSonOfADWA RepGregoryMeeks UN_GP_ oP.

Dear, Prime minister Modi ji Please make online examination compulsory for all schools as online classes are held so examination should also be conducted online please understand our situation,online is not enough until we are taught offline.

Then again does Honourable Mr Stharmer know what day it was yesterday. Was it a good one for the Labour party? Prime minister nothing has changed, we are just getting on with things. I believe everything is back to normal. Yes. We are all back to normal.

Prime Minister?. Did you hear Honourable Mr Stharmer. Would you be so kind to appoint one of us in order that honourable Mr Stharmer receive my last tweet. I believe he IS having difficulties achieving an environment meticulously under surveillance.

Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI inaugurated AlBeruniRadius - Heritage Trail yesterday. The constellation of seven historical sites within the radius is an avenue of archeological treasure trove with rich history and immense tourism potential.

The Prime Minister posting a click of getting vaccinated to reflect he has complete faith in an India-made vaccine is PR. Meanwhile Rahul swimming aimlessly is a mind-boggling show of his unparalleled skills at governance and administration.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his governments budget this week could pave the way for a stronger economic recovery than pessimists have forecast.
The Prime Minister is a coward who cant stand up to the Chinese! He is just a jumla maker who is busy looting Indian citizens.
Today marks 35 years since the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. One of the few European leaders not to submit to US-driven capitalist expansionism, Palme sought to build an anti-imperialist, internationalist politics in Sweden and beyond.

Didn't their prime minister (president?) Say bugger off to the WEF?
Really happy to see honourable Prime Minister narendramodi leading by example.
Just remind me Jackson which Prime Minister was it who misled, Parliament, Queen and people?
A reminder - the aged care royal commission was called on the eve of a Four Corners report looking at the aged care industry. It was no something the prime minister woke up and decided to tackle - it was getting ahead of a damning report collating years of failure.

Delhi CMs Monthly salary is Rs 400,000 which is almost 2.5x of the Prime Minister's salary, but ArvindKejriwal only gets 3,99,950.
BIG WIN for Prime Minister Imran Khan Supreme Court of Pakistan has clearly instructed Election Commission to take all possible measures, including use of technology, to control corrupt practices in Senate Elections.

Our PM is the worst one we've had,and the worst one anyone could have. BorisJohnson worst Prime Minister ever!
Sadly uninformed & immature stance for a leader of his supposed stature. Three things RahulGandhi can chew on: 1. Really, do ideological differences make an enemy? And you talk of love in your thinking? 2. A democratically elected Indian Prime Minister the British Raj!

So when did the Prime Minister receive the vigorous denial? Over the weekend?
: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his first dose of the COVID19 vaccine at AIIMS Delhi today. He was administered Bharat Biotech's COVAXIN.
This is the graph I referred to earlier as resembling a Christmas tree. The Prime Minister, youll remember, spent the first half of December battling boffins to save Christmas & referring to warnings that this would happen as inhuman.

Netanyahu blames Iran for blast on Israeli-owned ship in Gulf of Oman OODA Loop - Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly blamed Iran for an explosion last week in the Gulf of Oman. The explosion damaged an ...

Yes, Biden is incompetent, a pathological liar, and a criminal. Even the British Prime Minister just called out Biden for stealing his slogan at the G7 Summit. Also, Carol, reported for spamming.
It is surprising to hear the Prime Minister say that he hasn't read the detailed written allegation of sexual assault of a child, made against a senior member of his cabinet, but only been "briefed" on it.

I just love how now the Prime Minister is going to make the appeal to funeral homes to wave cost like its something as easy as that when death is apart of life and not something we can pause.
Finnish President and prime minister are waiting for tribunal.
Absolutely disgusted! Not my prime minister!!
Chairman Ken Marsh on talkRADIO shortly discussing the disgraceful way police officers have been treated over the Covid-19 vaccine. Where is the top cover that Boris Johnson and Priti Patel promised us when they were elected?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Iran is clearly responsible for the attack targeting an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman last week.
Ethiopian Prime Minister AbiyAhmedAlis government has blocked aid workers from helping the refugees of his war on Tigray. He has also bared journalistsmyself includedfrom documenting his soldiers atrocities against civilians.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to jail for corruption. The headline we need to see one day.. "Former prime minister Boris Johnson sentenced to jail for..." Well, there's a list, and it's as long as your arm!

Like many countries around the world, Canada and the US are facing incredible challenges - from COVID-19, to climate change, to rising inequality. This is our time to act together. And that is what POTUS Biden and I focused on today. More here.

Im not sure why this isnt obvious to the prime minister ..because it is blindingly obvious to anyone watching on. The..situation is untenable ..Morrison cant manage his way out of it by attrition, omission and evasion. He needs to lead.

If the PM had read the letter from the womans friends he would've seen a paragraph early in the recount that says: The prime minister was briefed on aspects of this story in the lead-up to the Four Corners episode, & in further discussions after the programme aired.

Today, this billboard is going up in the PM's electorate (as well as North Sydney and Brisbane). Paid for by everyday Australians who have opened their hearts to Priya and her family. When will the PM open his heart? Please, Prime Minister. You can bring these girls HomeToBilo.

Respected Prime Minister Shri narendramodi, This is to inform you that the people of Bengal are indeed going to do Namaskar to the gas cylinders before casting their votes. Yours truly, West Bengal.
Abiy Ahmed Ali is protecting Ethiopia and its people from internal and external enemies. Primary duty of the Prime minister and commander in chief of the national armed forces is that. AbiyMustLead AbiyIsTheSonOfADWA USEmbassyAddis SpeakerPelosi RepGregoryMeeks UN_GP_ oP.

Video Highlights of Golden Gates walkabout with Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and MP Michael Foulkes.
Today is Monday, March 1st, 2021, and JustinTrudeau is the Worst and Most Corrupt Prime Minister in Canadian History.
It is not acceptable for the Prime Minister to tell barefaced lies to Parliament. Please pass it on.
It would appear that the Minister has been heard by the Prime Minister & now, no longer wishes to be heard. If Morrison thinks he's dealt with this then he's got another thing coming. Foolish, incompetent, corrupt man. Morrison couldn't have inflamed tensions more.

What an appalling bullying performance from a Prime minister who prefers to try &humiliate a journo for asking quest about lack of time to view document & differing views of Commissioners rather than answer. One minute hes pulling out the fake tears next hes bullying females.

LIVE NOW - Follow my remarks to the press in Tbilisi with Prime Minister of Georgia.
The Prime Minister's position is that he heard a rumour that one of his cabinet ministers is an alleged rapist. He hasn't investigated further or asked any questions but the alleged perpetrator has denied it and that, the PM said, is the end of it.

Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi dancing with tribals ]1982].
I Support our Prime Minister and government 100% but feel like screaming when I see nothing being done about the illegal migrants. Is that a bad thing, am I being impatient?
An Indian trade group representing 150,000 mobile phone stores urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to investigate Amazons business practices in the country and impose a daily cap on a single sellers online smartphone sales.

Leading the Nation, on COVID -19 pandemic, Prime Minister narendramodi Ji.
Hugs from Brazil, Prime Minister!
Heh. "The Parti Quebecois and Quebec Solidaire are calling for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport to be renamed, following new revelations about the former Canadian Prime Minister".
It's March 02, 2021 at 02:00AM and the current Australian Prime Minister is Scott Morrison.
Thai people and some Burmese have joined forces to march to the Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha's residence in Bangkok today to demonstrate their solidarity with Burma's anti-military movement. SPRING REVOLUTION.

Why did Prime Minister vaccinate vaccine, make Pakistan itchy?
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday turned down a proposal by the countrys Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to increase prices of petroleum products.
The only Chancellor I've seen attempt to position themselves for Prime Minister in a more overt way than this was Gordon Brown. I quite like it. It's more honest than the usual "I have no plans" guff.
Media Advisory Prime Minister&039;s itinerary for Monday, March 1, 2021.
One graphic which explains why Britains Covid death toll is so bad. And one person to blame - the prime minister who delivered this disastrous Christmas present to the nation.
The doc is an annex to a joint UK MoD/FCO study for the prime minister on US and Soviet military uses of space. I found it in the UK National Archives when i was there last year. The MHV materials were provided to the UK by DoD. I'll screenshot the next paragraph and send to you.

Last year, Pakistans prime minister Imran Khan urged all Muslims around the world to unite against Islamophobia. We should unite against mean tweets by Western politicians and ignore an actual genocide against Uighurs.

's Prime Minister Viktor Orban was vaccinated against COVID19 with Chinese vaccine. Thanks for the trust.
"Prime Minister, do you think the brutal rape of a minor and her subsequent tragic suicide is something you can play political games with to avoid implicating your team?".
It is so, so typical that the Prime Minister wants us to fix the mess he's made of our businesses' ability to export.

What You Really Think

Feku ram fek raha hai .

Sir kab hayiga I need it badly.

Bhayiyo behanon eh desh ke luteron ko desh wapas lana chahiye ke nahee lana chahiye? Thoda zor se bolo bhayiyo behanon.

Maa chod diya india ki aur Garibo ki.

Nirav Modi is coming back. Ma beta who are out on bail will not be able to sleep in 30 sec. now.

Jada paise the to kha gae sayad sb neta mil ke esme Congress vale v honge.

Agar Natwarlal dekhe ga toh aatmahatya karlega.

Just now he is busy scoring a Century in Petrol. Once that is finished he will attend to the Black Money.

Kyu nahi vapas laya 6 saal me ?, Kisne roka.? Aur wo electoral bond kya hai ?

Good joke.

Acha tha ek aur sunaeye.

Thats why people are voting to him again and Again to bring back black money.

He is fit to lead Trump's GOP.

LPG - - - - !

Find where? Dreams? Or imagination?

Nothing happened sir this fellow is biggest loser india has ever seen. Further he devastated a flourishing Economy now do not have any clue how to get country walking.

Sir, who is here in this video lecturing ? rsprasad PrakashJavdekar we need this man as a PM.

He never tells how will he do things ye karenge wo karenge. he is funnier than rahul gandhi.

Modiji please return our money. Poor people waiting for 6 years. Show us how much return. Single penny?


Yeh feku Nahi uska hologram bol raha hai.

He has been PM for six years. Why is he not bringing kala dhan from videshi banks? Useless and liar PM!

Greatest FEKU , what he is doing since SIX years ? HUM DO HAMARE DO.

He is an agent of Ambani Adani He helped Nirov Modi Lolit Modi Mehul Chowksi Vijay Mallay to flee away.

Kab ayaga kala dhan.

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