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Monday 3rd of August 2020

Why Did it Take so Long to implement The Mandatory Requirement For Aged Care Staff to Wear PPE?

Healthcare workers are at the front line of this crisis. We've been battling COVID for more than 6 months now. It's absolutely incredible the work these heroes have done to keep us safe.
"When you have a casualized workforce; when they're paid too little - we have created this perfect storm that has formed a tragedy for families in aged care" Sobering quote from Qanda tonight.
Why did it take so long to implement the mandatory requirement for aged care staff to wear PPE?
Andrew Lamming comes across a really genuine guy. But the answer on not implementing the recommendations was waffle.
The federal minister for Aged Care is actually Richard Colbeck.
Complete and unconditional support - more like privateering and neglect. Nationalise aged care and fund generously.
Aged care is the outsourcing of ones old folks to underpaid strangers. COVID-19 lays bare the tragedy of living too long.
The community has been divided during COVID19 by partisan political leaders and uniformed media.
Good question hamishNews Why didnt your government do more? Lamings response is waffle Victoria..extremely dangerous. Good Hamish calls him up with a detailed report from June 2018 where no recommendations had been acted on. Why ?The answer is more.

Why the stark difference between privately owned and state owned aged care?
So why did the government allow a shortage of PPE?
Aged care and dentistry should be part of our nation health system, but refundable franking credits come first.
Aged care facilities are very different to hospitals Laming is banging on about.
Clearly the hippocratic oath is superseded by Liberal Party membership.
A Scientist Professor friend says... If the entire globe went into lockdown altogether for about 4 weeks, covid19 would be eradicated. Fact or fiction?
Training and support isn't enough. Aged care workers need to be paid much more. Greater care and support will follow.
Whilever aged care is predominantly a for profit industry, many proprietors are unlikely to voluntarily improve training, provide PPE for staff or anything else that affected profits.
Question was about a report and gets an answer about PPE WTAF?
How can aged care residents be protected when the Federal Aged Care Act 97 just states staffing must be adequate?!
The aged care sector struggles with the normal flu season.Every year our respiratory beds fill up with very sick flu patients from aged care. These issues were known. The sector could have prepared itself better for covid in winter by adopting learnings from overseas.

It's so natural to lay blame when people die. Covid-19 is so new we must avoid blaming. We're on a new planet and people are doing their best. We can now just aim to make things better in aged care.
We were taught as kids to respect our elders. Why don't we now?
Many of our aged care PCAs just dont have the right training - PPE needs to be used correctly.
Too late for federal MP Laming to say theyre doing their best now!
Andrew Laming talking flat out, but failing to answer the WHY question.
Why wasnt the Government better prepared to manage COVID-19 outbreaks in aged care facilities?
Short answer. Private health care means profit first.
Each of the health professionals on qanda tonight are the legends that make the conspiracy theory shit snacks look even more stupid. If thats possible.
Andrew Laming needs to answer the question and failure of not responding. Casualisation and paying staff less qualified than Registered nurses is a real issue.
Medical professionals saying that the lockdown measures are necessary if we want to crack COVID-19.
Govt departments. They need 10 months, a conference in Noosa, several whiteboards, a change of letterhead and an internal report before fast-tracking any change in policy.
WHY NO RESPONSE AndrewLamingMP ANSWER the question.
We all need helmets!
Where is the Federal Minister for Aged Care and Seniors richardmcolbeck ?
If schools has a teacher to student ratio, why not in age care?
.AndrewLamingMP (rightly) pointing the finger at aged care operators - but that's the problem with privatisation of Human Services. Governments and regulators can handball responsibility.
Follow up question: why wasn't the government better prepared to manage aged care?
We're not seeing the big picture. putting out fires, not preventing them from starting.
Nursing homes need more Registered Nurses. Leaving very complicated patients to less qualified carers is unfair on both residents and staff.
Just answer the question, Laming!
Age care is a federal government responsibility. They also cut $1.2 billion from the sector in 2017.
Took nan out of a home because I don't trust the government to contain this damn virus!
The real why question is why is there not one person in this government capable of giving a straight answer? No matter how dire the issue is.
"Now is not the time ..." Hmmm. Where have I heard that before?
There were weeks, months even, for the Federal Government to help prepare aged care providers.
Aged care providers need to take responsibility for their inaction and lack of staffing.
Only a matter of time COVID19 enters detention centres, & kills one of us We are all sitting ducks If this happens, the Minister responsible should be charged with Manslaughter.
One of the biggest problems is politisicing of public health crisis. DanielAndrewsMP continuously attacked by the Vic liberal party & spreading lies & misinformation to the community aided b by Murdoch media. PM failed to discourage this behavior.

When we value old people, aged care will improve.
Investing in aged care is to make money not provide good care.
The Fed Govt are not fussed about Aged Care - period.
Andrew Laming toeing the party line, aged care has been long neglected.
Aged care deaths couldve been avoided with legislated nurse/patient ratios and staffing mix. More staff=more time to care less insecure work. Our senior citizens deserve better.
The Federal Government has failed our elderly.
Politicians shouldnt be able to sleep straight on their beds with the pathetic way they have looked after the aged. Shame!
Son receives call from Hospital telling him his mother just died of Covid19. Aged Care Homes social worker rang residents son to advise that his mother was doing fine at the home. Home did not know the resident had been admitted to hospital. High death rate says it all.

Andrew Laming doesntknow. Next question.
How can we increase healthcare capacity when heath and social work degree funding is to be cut?
No response for 3 years. Asleep at the wheel.
We need quality public services not privatised cost-cutting.
Why have a politician on qanda during a pandemic when they're only going to parrot talking points?
No response in 2 years because they didn't respond before the election so no need to respond after.
The Federal Government is directly responsible for aged care and ALL of its failures.
He has no answer.
For the record, Hamish telling me to be nice on social media tonight has seriously cramped my style!
This poor man who lost his mother in the pandemic, mentioned the help he received from a social worker. Please dont raise the fees for social work degrees! Now is not the time to make it harder to be a social worker.

Lord Reags has always respected Dr Kerryn Phelps without always agreeing with her politically. But credit where due on her passionate pleas tonight on QandA for mandatory masks in Australia!
Whats this politician on about again? Just say we have failed the aged care sector.
Too many politicians are sowing division about the corona virus. They think they can profit by destroying the response.
You cannot make a profit from a service like a nursing home, it is morally and ethically repugnant.
Wow mans really dipped out of this question.
Complacency is nothing new in our Government.
C'mon, Hamish, it's only been 2 years. What do you expect?
LNP pay lip service only. They ask for information solely so they can ignore it! Not fit to lead.
Where is Health Minister Greg Hunt? We know hes at home right now.
It's 2 years on you tool!! Govt spokes boy talking through his arse.
Clearly, nothing learned from Newmarch.
Can we please remember who privatized all AC. Wasnt that Howard and Bishop.
Very uncomfortable with the qanda tweets intermingling with AflPowerDogs on my feed. Almost as unnerving as being stuck inside until morning.
LNP Neglect Aged Care Review 2 years of no action from our laziest government.
Morrison mixed messaging harmed our recovery.
Aged care has been failing for years coronavirus has merely highlighted systemic problems Aged care The Guardian.
A government MP has called for Andrews to be jailed. Bit rich to say you support us.
. Huge difference between infection spread in private and public nursing homes in Victoria.

What You Really Think

What happened to the Royal Commission.

Disability sector needs scrutinizing as well, its a ticking time bomb.

And what happened to the $205 million funding for aged care providers to enhance safety and quality, as announced on 1 May.

It didn't. Outreach nurses trained in infectious containment were offered to all nursing homes to help access their preparedness in Vic. How many private ones( where the deaths are) agreed to it? Ice heard none.

Profit at the expense of resident's lives. Been ongoing since deregulation in the 80's.

Why are the nursing staff to residents ratios different between private and public aged care homes?