Sunday 5th of April 2020


Why are we demanding footballers hand over their money and not, say, Jacob Rees Mogg? Or the Queen?
pick ur head up queen, ur tiara is falling
That sarong throw! That walk! That hair! That skin! That smile! That confidence! Who is this Queen thats coming for my everything?
Her Majesty The Queen addresses the UK and the Commonwealth in a special broadcast recorded at Windsor Castle.
Top 10 Scary Queen Mary Ship Theories via
The 93 year old Queen of England delivers more inspiration, compassion, and encouragement than anything Trump has ever said. Queen Delivers Coronavirus Rallying Cry: If We Remain Strong, We Will Will Meet Again
"We will succeed and that success will belong to every one of us"The Queen delivers a rallying message to the UK in its fight against coronavirus, thanking healthcare workers as well as people for staying at home and following government rules
Its the pink power ranger and thats the only answer. Amy Jo Johnson is my queen.
VIDEO: Queen Elizabeth II addresses the UK and the Commonwealth on the battle against coronavirus. Its only the 5th time she has given such a speech in her 68-year reign
You think the Queen gives a hell about you like?
I am quite certain that Im not the only American taking comfort in the words spoken by the Queen of the United Kingdom.
People that get muted are racists, left wing types who wish harm and death on tories. Those that wish death on the Queen and those who spout crap about london
Queen Elizabeth II Addresses the Nation Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak in the UK.
Jon snow. I would marry that man.
The five times Queen Elizabeth addressed the UK, apart from her Christmas greeting:1991 - Gulf War1997 - Death of Princess Diana2002 - Death of Queen Mother2012 - Diamond Jubilee2020 - Coronavirus
The queen is so posh that shes actually hard to understand?? Like she didnt say science she said sance
Oi amores! Hi lovesVisit:
Im just tryna take trips with someones dumb ass daugther and treat her like a queen.
The pride in who we are is not a part of our past, it defines our present and our future. The Queen speaks for the whole country and our determination to defeat the coronavirus.
Okay, so Im not British, but can this lady still be my queen!? Please!
Just after the Queen speaks a news flash that Boris Johnson has been hospitalised with Coronavirus. Extraordinary & frightening. I wish the Prime Minister & all suffering with CV well, as Im sure everyone will, regardless of party political affiliations.
Queen Elizabeth is 93. Her husband is struggling and shes had a tough year in other respects. What a fine effort to speak so well and so inspiringly. Not one in a million of the rest of us could do as well at her age. Thank you
God save the Queen.
And now from the mad woman who caused this bioweapon to be released from the companies that she holds controlling interest onto the world..Lets sue the Queen for destroying the American economy!
Cant let the Queen take all the limelight
I watched the Queen speak earlier today too.
The Queens address to the nation in full, as she thanks nurses and doctors on the NHS frontline helping to tackle the coronavirus crisis
Just listened to the Queen of England as she addressed her nation. Now, THERES a leader!
Remind me again how the Queen gets into the position of power? Ah yes the democratic process of heredity! People are so dumb its incredible.
Have you seen the Lookbook?As you check out some of these amazing styles, dont forget to crown Taylor Jade Collins as your 2020-2021 Miss Senior, your Queen of !
God save the Queen
Gosh so many high profiles. Boris Johnson is hospitalized & must be doing badly because the Queen spoke today too! So this is some scary stuff! GOD BLESS US ALL!
If thy queen is sleep, the PS4 shall beepNiggalations 3:16
Queen Elizabeth just addressed the UK and gave thoughts of optimism and empathy regarding the Coronavirus crisis and didnt mention her ranking on Facebook.
I get it and go
Queen Elizabeth gives a heartfelt inspiring message to the nation, and to the world. And she gives a royal thank you to on the front lines of , and notes that all of us staying home are doing our part, too.
We have the Wisest, most Compassionate and Greatest Queen !
"Better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again."
Leave it to the Queens address to reveal how totally unfit Trump is to lead our great nation. He is a small, despicable man, and history will treat him unkindly, as it should.
Americans ready to rejoin the British Empire after Queen Elizabeth shows Trump is nothing more than a greasy cockroach -
So proud to be British and to have Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as our Head of State. Quite emotional watching her speech
God save the Queen and spit on
The Queen is a calming voice the people needed.Trudeau has been a calming voice the people need.Merkle has been a calming voice the people need.Macron has been a calming voice the people need.Donald Trump has screamed at the media and boasted of TV ratings.
The queens speech is so heartbreakingly good. It stands in stark contrast to the filth being uttered in the White House press briefing room and is a sad reminder of our lack of leadership.
The Queens broadcast to the UK and Commonwealth via
Queens speech>spoke from here at Windsor to children who had been evacuated from their homes & sent away for their own safety.>"Today, once again, many will feel a painful sense of separation from their loved ones.>"But now, as then, we know that it is the right thing to do
"We will meet again!" Powerful address.
You too Alan Ive jusr been musing with my family (group call ) ..that we have had 4 years of Brexit 2 elections ..a new PM .we left Europe we catch we have lockdown .the Queen has just addressed the nation as the PM is admitted to hospital and Canada ?
Thank you queen
This must be his own Queens
"It reminds me of the very first broadcast I made in as children spoke to children who had been will feel a painful sense of separation from their loved ones. But now as then, we know its right thing to do." - Queen Elizabeth II
Episode 3 of 3 Being a beautiful HBCU Queen takes dont rush.
The queen saying, I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge, has got to be one of the most deliciously passive-aggressive things Ive ever heard. GET THEM, LIZ.
This is the first time I am routing for a White queen from the start.
I speak 4 and I already find it hard not to mix words and grammar. BUT 5?!? WOW. YOU QUEEN!
Queen Elizabeth delivers calming, compassionate message on dealing with separation during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.Long live The Queen!
Are NHS and key workers being allowed to self isolate in the Royal palaces that The Queen isnt staying in?If not then HM Queen can fuck off.
I dont believe we should have Queens or Kings in this day and age. But I also know it is vital we have leaders with empathy, decency, and intelligence. Thanks to Queen Elizabeth from a citizen of a country whose leader has none of those things and has failed us all.
Hes jealous at all the attention and love Queen Elizabeth is getting and he cant stand it.
"We will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again."In a deeply moving and personal message, the Queen has called on the country to "remain united and resolute" to overcome the crisis.More on this:
Times Queen Elizabeth II has addressed the nation for non-Christmas speeches:- Gulf War, February 1991- Death of Diana, September 1997- Death of Queen Mother, April 2002- Diamond Jubilee, June 2012- Coronavirus outbreak, April 2020
God I love Mrs Queen.
Dear : please view, multiple times, or listen carefully as someone reads out loud to you the Queens speech to the ppl of the UK and Commonwealth. Its an example you might strongly consider.
Once again stepping up to the plate and leading by example. God Save The Queen.
I dont live in Watford but ok. But I am pleased you can speak for the whole of Wales by stating she is not your Queen!
This one top 2 and it aint 2
Some Queen Shit there
while i have the DVD in, lets all talk about the blooper of katie walking into the table and switching from ice queen to in under seconds
Episode 1 of 3: Being a beautiful HBCU Queen takes dont rush.
my hero, a queen, an inspiration to all
. In a bit my queen
Idk who needs to hear this, but leave him queen.
face of a beauty queen, shes an angel with devil eyes. sweet is her kiss and its turning your head around, youll hear her whisper calling you, but never trust her cause shes playing her game
Thank you to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth for your incredible dedication. May Almighty give you strength in time of your crisis.Thank you too Ms Julie Payette for sharing your message.My love & prayers.
looks like the queen is running out of her "supply"
Only the 5th time she has addressed the nation. Imagine the self discipline and restraint. We will meet again. In this life or the next. What a force. Long live the Queen
she a queen
Working people are expected to do more than Royalty? Because no matter what footballers worked for their money and the so much.
The Queen is absolutely subtweeting everyone sunbathing in the park today..