Monday 19th of September 2022

Morning A Day of Reflection A Day That Will be Difficult For Many Who Have Lost Their Own Loved Ones V Grief is The Price we Pay For Love, However Youre Feeling, Know Youre Not Alone.

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Morning reflection that will difficult many have lost their loved ones Grief price love, however youre feeling, know youre alone.
empty Westminster Hall 06:31am this morning after final members public paid their respects coffin QueenElizabethII lying-in-state catafalque Westminster Hall.
This image breaks heart. think sometimes people forget that QueenElizabethII just queen, great-grandmother well. Getty.
Queens corgis saying goodbye outside Windsor Castle.
Unforgettable. have goosebumps forever.
most famous colours world. lucky were live lifetime.
Some newspapers Tuesday 20th September 2022.
this State Funeral, horses draw carriage carrying Queens coffin. sailors have honour instead.
Kirsty Young delivers emotional monologue signs BBCs eleven days coverage. made history, history. Queen Elizabeth gone, will surely never forgotten.
crowd hundreds gathers outside British consulate general Hong Kong state funeral QueenElizabethII begins.
Watching majestys funeral.
many billion people globally expected watch Queen Elizabeth funeral today, making most watched broadcast EVER!
Emma, Queen's fell pony, stands Ceremonial Procession coffin Queen Elizabeth arrives Windsor Castle Committal Service George's Chapel.
State Funeral Majesty Queen Westminster Abbey Amazing bagpipes London today Subscribe Like video QueenElizabethIIMemorial Queen QueenElizabethII queensfuneral Watch full video.
Funeral visual stories Instagram page!
"Lesser world leaders" that's them. African Presidents better start treating their nations right. Stop plundering state resources. Develop your countries &future generations. Where your pride dignity?

"Thank Ma'am, everything" Paddington (2022).
disgruntled unhinged JOKER Bean)?
Monarchies operate principle that some humans better than others noble birth. reject this premise. humans born equals. People will "royally" screw after that sure.

take minute respects bearers royal coffin. Incredible done with incredible weight their shoulders- literally figuratively. Bravo.
music used processions outside churches I really liked Beethoven's Funeral March they played several times.
front back pages Tuesday's TheOldhamTimes dedicated Queen Elizabeth King Charles each edition includes special 8-page supplement following state funeral.
Buried: Watching moment history pass World bids emotive farewell modern historys most famous person.
Billion people watched Queens Funeral, worlds population.
When emma curtesys Queen.
Private Pawsley watched QueensFuneral with human. completely approved hats with tassels feathers, doesnt understand human likes those loud bagpipes much.
Truly just, universally respected, world lost most remarkable head state. dedication duty example all, upholding dignity position, while showing kindness everyone. Almighty accept service.

With millions watching funeral QueenElizabethII, goodbye longest reigning monarch thank many years dedicated service. This statue LydiaKarpinska shows HerMajesty with beloved corgis seen Windsor.

Unbelievably proud Royal Navy armed forces today. your Queen country proud.
don't know what effect these will have upon enemy, but, God, they never miss shot.
Buckingham Westminster Sourire
history like other. Total respect armed forces carrying their duties perfection. proud. beautiful heartfelt send off. Britain certainly Great today. Thank Maam. rest everlasting peace. V.

Bagpipes nearly always make cry.
Queen Elizabeth laid rest George chapel Windsor Castle,England. coffin lowered into royal vault. Queen Elizabeth buried alongside husband prince Phillip.
Also just take minute appreciate these men.
Unbelievable spent watching majestys state funeral. amazing example humility, leadership duty. Rest well queen.
Queen Elizabeth Laid Rest: Complete Story Words Photos.
Another busy weekend here well watching.
loved more than anything hear
Queens pony Emma prefect curtsy OBE: Obviously Best Equine.
beautiful QueenElizabethII will missed People Great Britain, Commonwealth around world. heart goes KingCharlesIII, PrinceWilliam PrincessCatherine PrincessAnne, PrinceEdward Sophie loyal members RoyalFamily. V.

panned obscured Meghans face whole way. Accident? happy accident? dare show face this funeral after everything shes done.
When Queen Elizabeth pretty much said lets Charles after Prince George smashing that pudding.
What day. Feel proud British. Rest Peace Your Majesty.
This caused ClimateChange. monkeypox death QueenElizabethII Anything don't like blame Climate Change. Trump.
Died, there's funeral. that have that established, Puerto Rico, island with millions American citizens, currently without electricity flooded. Also, third Pakistan underwater. People dying both places.

Thank Royal Navy, think people will enjoy this clip.
Very proud Prince George Princess Charlotte today.
favourite photos.
Many tears came today from nation, can't help thinking that family glorious Queen unable grieve properly,
Queen Elizabeth first last picture.
Westminster Abbey Prince George Wales Princess Charlotte Wales.
Ohhhhh theyve brought Queens horse Emma watch possession.
Remembering Queen. Thank your service devotion.
What. Pic.
Total humiliation Carrie Antoniette BoJo.
nation lets collective sigh relief behalf these lads. stood spiritually foot those Windsor steps with thought this your Everest. Well done, gentlemen.
seen many thing things impressive moving this lifetime, doubt will again. Incredible.
Some thoughts last days will remembered through history. SkyNews Daily podcast with skynewsniall guests Tessadunlop thehistoryguy (Good history fans regardless what think monarchy).

more life than could ever dream off... QueenElizabethII RIP.
Queens corgis, Muick Sandy, forecourt Windsor Castle greet Majesty.
name Feyijimi Benjamin, Labour party Flagbearer state house Assembly, constituency. structure!
very teary. Queens pony dogs came farewell Windsor.
Today's Commemorative Ceremony honour Magesty Queen Elizabeth included Canadian culture regal display. honour attend represent North Okanagan -Shuswap.
Coloma book condolences. Queen Elizabeth rest peace family assured prayers.
son. corgis. pony. exit. R.I.P Ma'am.

What You Really Think

Grief is the price we pay for love is a beautiful thing the Queen said. I use that phrase a lot with people who are grieving.

My youngest son died at the age of 19 and today would have been his 50th birthday. His brother and I have planted 50 bulbs in his memory. Happy birthday Ian and RIP Queen Elizabeth II A very emotional day all round.

Her race is run. Rest now.

And no tanks or missiles as in other countries.

It does bring back memories. Ive lost three dear people in the last six weeks who I will miss so much.

Afternoon Amir hope you enjoy your day.