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class="u-nolinkc" href="">Well put.
100%. They assume the whole country thinks like them and everybody who goes against them was paid. Its disgusting and class="u-nolinkc" href="">I refuse to be associated with these fascists.
Embarassment is there for me, but it's the lowest emotion on the ladder.

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Yeah, pretty much this. It's the idea that they think this way and they think that most other people also think this way. Like, they have a lot of confidence for being so fucking stupid. I just wish there was some way we could really make them see that THEY are in fact the minority. They are just loud. Maybe then they'd crawl back into their holes and start feeling a little more self-conscious about their monstrous beliefs and stop being brave enough to wave their Nazi flags around. And it's almost like they make being "white" a bad thing. They literally give all white people a bad name by claiming white people are better than all others. They're so fucking loud that they have almost made me feel personally responsible for their hatred. Like I have to apologize for the things they have done. And I shouldn't feel that way.

Projection. Its projection.

Yeah I agree. I think it has a lot to do with white Americans not having a unifying cultural identity like some people of color do. I don't really view other white people as fellow "brothers" or "teammates" or anything similar if that makes sense. So while I find their behavior disgusting and terrible, I am not embarrassed by them (as a white person) because I do not claim them as one of my own. Then again I am mixed race, so my views are likely skewed lol.

The KKK employed this tactic quite effectively too. Pretend that they have a larger following and that they speak for a silent majority.

This exactly. Why would I be embarrassed? People are not inherently "related" to other people based on matching racial background. That's fundamentally the definition of racism - assuming similar behavioral characteristics of two different people due to racial similarity.

Exactly. Embarrassed isnt enough. Angry. Furious.

The amount of times I've had some old white dude say some incredibly fucked up shit to me because he thought I was *one of them* is fucking crazy.

This inst just maggots, i live in Portugal and most racists here also think that everyone think the way they think "they just dont say it". why they are so clueless?

Embarrassing isnt quite the right sentiment. It angers me. But I do not take responsibility for their racism just because Im white.

Agree with you. Find it disgusting and very boring.

Honestly made me look at who I was spending time on and whether I was just tolerating it or enjoying my time.

I won't fly an American flag or wear anything with an American flag anymore. Its become tied to these racist "patriots" and I don't want to be associated with that. It's gotten to the point where I find our own flag to be embarrassing.

Slightly related, I hate how cops have adopted the Punisher skull logo. The Punisher only kills people, he doesn't help people (unless killing someone happens to help someone else). It is honestly terrifying that cops use this logo because it represents "I will kill you if I think you're a criminal.".

That's the new swastika.

Nothing says "I'm a patriot!" like an illustration of a skinless human skull. </s>.

Did they do the thing where they don't actually talk with you but talk at you, repeating QAnon/ MAGA crap to everything you say? That was the last straw that made me cut off my cousin. She went from being a sweet, caring person to this nasty, insane MAGA in just a few months. And she's Canadian. WHY THE FUCK are Canadians joining an American political cult???

Yeah, not embarrassing. Outraging.

I scraped off my MAGA family. Ill touch base in 2025, see how theyre doing.

It's not just family, either. It's entire regional subcultures, getting destroyed. I'm from Texas. I was born here, and I've never left for more than a couple weeks at a time. And that, rarely. If you could hear me speak three words, you'd know I was a Texan before the end of the first syllable. Do you know what our stereotype used to be? The reputation that preceded us Texans, wherever we went? Some people are too young to remember. People used to expect Texans to be **FRIENDLY**. Yeah, does that ring a bell? We were known all over globe for being affable, generous, and gregarious. We were famous for having warm smiles, eagerly-offered handshakes, and kind words. That's all gone, now. Today, we're mocked, worldwide, as a bunch of gun-hugging, misogynist, racist psychopaths. Open hands replaced by angry fists and fascist slogans. Now, I've voted Democrat for my whole life. I know I've been in the minority, among a sea of conservatives. And yet, Ann Richards *was* governor in my lifetime. It really wasn't always like this. It changed so quickly, even in the scale of a single life. It's a bitter thing to feel like an alien in your own land. I have lived nowhere else but Texas. I know no other culture. But I no longer feel any shred of pride in that culture, because of what it's become. Only grief, anger, and shame. If I do ~~flee~~ move somewhere else, the accents of the people there, the smell of the trees, the sounds of the insects will all be different to me. In my youth, I didn't think it would bother me to leave...but now that I haven't, I dread it. I know I'll miss the essence of the place. I think that's because of how deeply I already realize the Texas I knew is gone. Even though I'm still physically there.

Bullseye. Ive faced off against my MAGA family members too. I just leave the dinner table and then they feel awful and apologize the next day bc Im the youngest family member at the table and they all bullied me lol.

It's no longer contained.

While I detest that people have to endure other's baseless hate, I gotta say I prefer it out in the open so I can easily identify who's the piece of shit. As a father there's been a lot of good examples to show my kids of what not to be and why the inequality is still such an important topic.

After Trump's Stand back and stand by comment, I called out the racism of not just Trump but all his supporters and enablers. I don't regret it because I believe it to be true in every fiber of my bones. I lost decades of friendships over it.

My family, parents included, completely exiled me because of two reasons: my pure hatred for their precious Trumpster, and my refusal to be quiet about the sexual abuse I suffered as a toddler by my grandfather. Those two things just made our wholesome white American family just look too bad so I had to go.

Same, same, same!

Yep. And they'll come up to you saying the worst shit because they think they "you" (and I) are one of them and drop ANY pretense. Just the worst shit one can imagine!

I remember being a teenager at a barber shop and having to listen to this guy complain about interracial relationships. He already sounded stupid but then he said, "You don't see cats and dogs getting together!". I just sat there in disbelief at the number of guys that nodded to that statement. I still regret that I didn't call him out but I was a kid.


Its extremely common everywhere that isnt a big city. Small towns in every state support trump pretty equally.

It was so frustrating growing up in the South and other white people would say blatantly racist stuff to me and assume I would agree with them just because I'm white.

I'm from the south but I've lived up and down the country and honestly it's bad everywhere. People say things in public in Boston that will get you laid the fuck out back home.

I grew up in the South and it was bad then. I dont doubt it still is but I have to say theres a lot of it the west too. Maybe its just my affluent suburb but I refuse to wear anything flag related for fear of being associated with that crowd.

I hate that people assume I am MAGA because Im white in a conservative state.

This. Im a middle aged white male and theres way too many people who think Im going to be comfortable with their shit just because I have some grey hairs.

Fat bearded dude here. These chuds always think I'm one of them. Boy does the mask drop fast and I fucking hate it.

Had this in my old job I just started asking him to explain and explain what he meant but it didn't work He also hated women.

Its like someone looks over to you and says "black people amirite" as if you are gonna agree with them due to the color of YOUR skin. The amount of disassociation we have to do is crazy.

Mid 30s woman here and I have had to make it very clear, politely but firmly, that I am *not* your safe space for racism/bigotry/misogyny. I recently had an experience at a team happy hour in which two men in upper mgmt were very loudly discussing how "West Coast liberals" were ruining the entire country and moving into conservative states and taking their "stupid woke ideology" with them and trying to ruin those states too. I simply stated that I grew up on the West Coast and it was actually quite a nice place to grow up. This grown ass man in a business suit puts his finger up in the air to stop me and declares very loudly directly into my face "We are NOT discussing this subject. Politics has no place in the workplace." Ummm wut? I didn't even say anything charged. One mention that I don't fall in line with their agenda and suddenly I'm a threat and a troublemaker. Meanwhile I just have to sit there and listen to them call progressives stupid, woke, libtards. Gotcha. And *I'm* the snowflake .

I'm a latino immigrant who moved here 10 years ago and look like another white person. The old white men say to me when they think I will agree with them is absolutely disgusting. They get very uncomfortable once I tell them I'm one of those immigrants they're shitting on yet I'm a professional with a good reputation who has made something of themselves early in life.

Same here (white girl). Some guy behind me in line started complaining to me about Asians like he thought he was funny.

Quite a few times ive had someone just approach me in public and say some shit about the minorities around us. And when I look at them and say "wtf im not racist" they get all flabbergasted and say "IM not racist!" Like wtf dude? What do you think that word means? And furthermore WTF LED YOU TO THINK I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT?!

Seriously, all these geriatrics at work going off about other colleagues. They're so sure I'm thinking the same. Fucking vile when they talk to me.

I must look like a racist because racists feel *very* comfortable sharing their feelings with me. I've had so many strangers start a conversation with me and within 5 minutes say some hideously racist thing like "oh *you* get it.".

This shit right fucking here. I have a Mexican wife too, idk why these toothless hillbillies approach me thinking I'm going to share their inequities.

Especially when they are close family members.

And depressing. Can we add depressing please? Its really been giving me a daunting feeling of hopelessness about things thats hard to overcome.

Deeply disappointing.

We need the Germans to come up with a new word for this bc this is bullshit.

Yep. And i also find reddits obvious racism equally embarrassing.

Its that feeling of "oh god i hope other people don't think I'm with them".

It's like the Frank Zappa quote: Hey, you know something people? I'm not black But there's a whole lots a times I wish I could say I'm not white.

I like to think their white is a subspecies. So revolting.

The whole idea that you are in the same category as every person with light skin is based on racist pseudoscience. Race is a social category, not a biological one. It puts Australian aboriginal people in the same category as afro-caribbean people. That is not a scientifically motivated grouping of human populations.

Yeah, as a queer woman Im fucking terrified of the next few years.

My husbands family started joking about killing minorities. These people have/had jobs in which they have power and carry guns. They also believe they are always right and no one should ever disagree with them (including saying hey lets not joke about killing minorities). They arent joking and people should be scared. I went no contact. These people are insane and also literally believe the Earth is flat, women need to do as they are told and be loyal to the family, antivax, trans people shouldnt exist, etc.

They wore masks in public back then?! I kid, of course. But everything you said is accurate. The level of hate these people carry around with them is scary. Because it's irrational and random. And that's how people become indoctrinated and "snap," so to speak. I've always been an Independent, but historically leaned Republican. Not anymore. I can't even stomach the idea of voting for one of them. And that really all started when Obama first ran for office. But the more I read up on history, the more I realize I should have been outraged long before that.

Amazing to find out someone you've known for 20 years wants to put you in a concentration camp because you aren't white.

> Conservatives between 1992-2014 weren't like this; Uhhhhh Did you ever listen to AM radio during this period? You don't remember McCain shutting down the bigoted racist woman at a campaign event in 2008? All the Tea Party and birtherism bullshit? All the anti-gay bullshit? As much as we talk about dog whistles and "saying the quiet part out loud," the GOP and conservatives have been saying a lot out loud even back in the 80s. Welfare queens? Nah, this isn't just a Trump thing. It's a right wing thing and we can trace it all the way back to not handling Reconstruction correctly and letting racist traitors right back into the fold and into positions of power. Edit: typo.

I feel it's important to disabuse people of this idea that the bulk of the GOP was ever not racist anti-democratic authoritarian christofascists. They've always been this bad.

Its crazy we are at that point. My parents were the same but when they saw J6 they changed. They took down their trump yard signs. They still lean too far right but its a step closer away from full maga cult.

I dont understand the responses in this thread. Why would I be embarrassed by something someone completed unrelated to me said? I think its bizarre that some people here think of their skin color as like, their group - its the only thing that explains why someone would feel embarrassment from this. I find it pathetic when people get so wrapped up in skin color that they use it to discriminate against others, but no - not at all embarrassed.

This. I don't really give a shit more of the actions of other white people compared to everyone else. That said racists can get fucked.

Jeebus, theyre real? I assumed Assholes like that were limited to online & MAGA events.

Ive started asking people why something they had no control over (skin color) makes you feel superior to someone. They didnt choose to be born black and you didnt choose to be born white but because of that inbred racists feel superior. Its the most idiotic thing in the world.

Yes, taught we are a land of immigrants, America the melting pot. Our Scottish ancestors immigrated, but then now okay to be racist. Ignorance is just sad.

That prospective blows my mind. To think this country basically just started being fair is bonkers.

Rupert Murdoch has retired. Fox is controlled by foreigners. In fairness, the Australians don't like the Murdochs, either.

I remember that period. I was so confident that he would not win. I distinctly remember telling my wife that he was going to lose because surely Americans were not that stupid? Turned out I was the stupid one.

Right why would I care what some other people do because they happen to be white Imagine asking black people are you embarrassed that some other black people do ______ Such an absurd question. And even more absurd are those that are embarrassed because some racist fucks are white. They dont represent me.

Just wanna say fuck that other guy theyre just mad you bring up a fair point against this white guilt narrative.

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