Monday 13th of April 2020


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A throwback to impersonating his dad Chris Tarrant. Will make your day.
This is what happened during that last ad break before Charles Ingram won 1 million. Possibly the longest 50 seconds of Charles life. continues tonight 9pm on ITV and.
Its time for the Ingrams to face the really tough questions. continues tonight 9pm on ITV and.
Just before settling down to enjoy the final part of & preparer a rather special treat for this Fridays episode!.
Can we get Matthew McFadyen doing a remix of Craig Davids Seven Days as Charles Ingram please?.
Seems the Ingrams are to try to appeal against their Millionaire coughing con convictions after 17 years. (Via for ).
Based on the trial, I dont understand how the jury couldve found him guilty BEYOND any reasonable doubt. 192 coughs on that one show alone, as well as the coughing that happened on other contestants right answers..
Great timing ITV. Broadcast a dramatisation of a crime involving coughing during a pandemic where coughing is a symptom.
If you want to decide whether Charles Ingram is innocent or not, watch the actual footage, not a TV dramatisation..
Never forget the greatest millionaire contestant who used his phone a friend lifeline to ring his dad and, well just.
For the record, those are not our curtains..
Inspired by and due to having nothing better to here are some of my favourite waves from hopeful contestants on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.Starting with this dainty effort from Brian..
is the best show Ive seen without dragons, magic, and swords in a while. Very well made. Now excuse me while I go back to watching shows with dragons, magic, and swords..
I think I fancy Matthew Macfadyen.
Just 2 pt out I used 2 know Phil well+he was NOT part of Celador bt a freelance floor manger who was exceptional at his job+extremely experienced. I hve no judgment myself on guilt or innocence but wld say was brilliant+prtryed u bth well! Is dog bit true as thats horrific?.
Tecwen Whittock mustve been so annoyed that day, he knew most of the answers. If hed got through hed have made some money and not have had to deal with any of this drama.
Are we all now wondering if they werent guilty now ? or is that just what excellent drama does ...
Charles Ingram and Diana went on The Weakest Link and got done absolutely dirty by the question.
Ive seen a photo of Paddy Spooners room of facts which he didnt leave for months to train.The syndicate took at least 5million and put hundreds of people in the chair!.
cant be the only one who thought that as hell and kinda badly written. Im down to see the play though.
Nahhhh they didnt do it. Im not having it.
Take a bow everyone who was involved in . Gripped by every single episode and just superb from start to finish..
Whilst Michael Sheen is getting all the applause, can we take a moment to shout out Matthew Macfadyen who absolutely stole the show for me. Made me like and care about Charles Ingram..
Lol wouldve been funny if the prime minister of the time showed to.
Worth remembering that the quality cast of - not to mention James Graham and Stephen Frears (who started off at the Royal Court) - are British theatre animals..
As much as I enjoyed the brilliant Im pretty surprised people are making guilty or not guilty verdicts on the basis of a SCRIPTED drama series that even says some events have been changed for dramatic purposes at the start of each episode.
Behind the scenes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Brian Appleyard for the Sunday Times Magazine 9 Jan 2000 (2/2).
No doubt about it, IMHO..
I was utterly convinced The Ingrams were guilty but now after seeing that I dont have a clue!.
Would have been good to hear prosecutions closing speech too since it was clearly strong enough for a jury to convict..
Music for has been ace - real sparkle and dramatic sensitivity with some clever sprinkles of the WWTBAM theme in there - of course it was Also fantastic production design, writing, s uncanny performance etc.
was an absolute treat..
You wont need to ask the audience, phone a friend or even take 50/50 to know the answer to this one. They are a Major fire risk and harmful to wildlife..
Youre innocent. Jury got it wrong. Retrial..
I made a fancam of as Chris Tarrant in because of reasons, v. important reasons.
Britains Favourite TV Gameshow Moments. You can have that one , well split the profits 50/50. Air it around Christmas time..
has been a brilliant watch.
After studying the media and working in it for a bit, the media like ratings and will do things from a point of view that gets people talking because the more people talk about a show, the more people watch it = more ratings. They still cheated, and made it obvious.
Never forget the greatest Chris Tarrant compilation of him mimicking every caller..
Even on the pretty sympathetic reading of the case as presented in , I still think they did it.
Anyone else thinking the Ingrams are innocent purely based on how bad ass Helen McCrory is?.
Easter is made for Michael Sheen doing his homemade version of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE for Graham Norton, using Judi Dench as his phone a friend..
I think Helen McCrory in could convince me that the Earth is flat, the moon is made out of cheese and 5G caused COVID19..
Michael Sheens portrayal of Chris Tarrant is beyond brilliant.I swear if he was asked to play Meghan Markle hed pull it off..
Really enjoyed Michael Sheen will rightly get the headlines but the entire cast was immenseDont let the last episode fool you, the Ingrams were guilty as sin, but I know that doesnt make great TVHopefully will put out the original documentary at some point.
Cant find enough superlatives to describe how good was. Must watch television!.
Loved program but personally dont think went deep enough 3 x 1 hour episodes not enough to get full picture should be 2 episodes on planning,her and brothers appearance on program on actual show 2 episodes covering trial been in my opinion guilty as hell.
was excellent, and the TV we needed right now. But watching it reminded me of the most stressful phone a friend:.
Next Wednesday at 9pm I invite the entire nation to cough for The Ingram Family on their doorsteps.
sneak peak of s BAFTA acceptance speech for.
This is the best content Ive seen.
was brilliant, particularly the attention to detail. Only shame was Ep. 3 putting questionable doubt over their guilt. If you watch the Martin Bashir documentary, theres no two ways about it. Regardless - superb. you nailed my old man (not literally, I hope!).
Martin Sheen wasnt very good in was he?.
Waiting for Helen Mcrory to say, forgive me if I dont break out the.
Well just leave this Read Sir Alexs account of his experience in 2004.
That other contestant is a right snitch.
who the fuck killed their dog pls respond.
Impressed with the three-part drama series, Quiz on ITV this week. Strong acting and compelling viewing throughout..
no doubt.
Its of no surprise that I absolutely bloody loved Clever writing however, results in a possibly hard done by Major. Of course they did it, dont be fooled by TV dramas..
Charles Ingram.
Finished watching on . The sheer irony of airing a show based around coughing at this time nonetheless, great watch!.