Wednesday 13th of May 2020


Rams new.
Rams WR Cooper Kupp announced he is changing jersey numbers from 18 to 10, the number he wore during his college career at Eastern Washington.
Rams, Chargers, Buccaneers, Browns, Falcons, Patriots Rank these new uniforms from Chargers to worst.
The Rams be like "would you like to sign up for a My Best Buy Rewards card today?".
Whoever designed The Rams new jersey should be arrested immediately.
The have also unveiled their new training center.
Details of the Rams new uniforms.
the worst part was is that the Rams old uniform werent even bad. Like I get why they changed the Bucs and Browns jerseys, but I dont get why they changed the Rams logo and uniform.
Imagine being a rams fan, trading away all your picks for Star players just to lose the super bowl lmao.
Rams gonna be the flyest 6-10 team in the league.
WhY WouLd ThE RaMs Put ThE NamE oN tHe ChEst? ItS a NamE TaG.
You wont want to miss this.
The Rams have contracted the firm of Graphic Design is My Passion and will continue to work with them for the foreseeable future.
Honestly I hate how Rams fans arent loyal at all and nobody likes them anymore.
The Rams uniforms look like jerseys you make when relocating a team on Madden.
This was a great look. Check out the Cowboys playing at the Rams in the playoffs on a sunny day at the Coliseum in like 75 I think. It was the week after the Pokes beat the vikes on the hail mary.
Rams: Hey, can we copy your homework? Chargers: Sure, just change it a bit so it doesnt look obvious. Rams: Okay. ... ... Chargers: Dude, wtf?
From this morning: Unverified Rams Uniform Leak Surfaces.
All of twitter @ the graphic designer for the rams lol.
The LA Rams introduced new uniforms today and fans are ROASTING them. Reactions:.
Level 3 Rams.
What the Hell are the Rams Thinking??
Rams fans need to stop freaking out about their new jerseys. They need to freak out because Jared Goff is their franchise QB.
Rams unis look a little Chargerish or do the Chargers unis loom ramish lol.
Worse than the uniform is all the media types telling people how awesome they if we have no eyes.
The helmet is badass, everything else needs to be scrapped.
Nasir Adderley in the new Rams uni.
Not sure why the Rams felt the need to commemorate this on their new jerseys but hey, I guess thats why Im not in marketing.
New Rams jerseys are straight gas.
Only good thing about the Rams new unis.
You know Im a Rams and I think theyre really cool.
The Rams had to release Todd Gurley once they realized what uni colors they wanted. Bone on bone would ve just been too painful for him.
Rams new uniforms and logo are gross.
did it better? Like for Chargers RT for Rams.
Chargers or Rams?
The Rams have released their new uniforms.
Let s be.
Eagles fans don t count rushing Tds, ever since their Qb got injured trying to run one in against the rams.
I m convinced that the Rams hate their fans.
If you say the rams block me.
The new Rams jerseys arent as bad as people are making them out to be.
oh wait thats why I thought I had seen these Rams jerseys announced already.
An idea for : use gold pants to go with bone jersey top. Getting serious 99 Rams vibes with that combo.
Los Angeles Rams unveil new uniforms for 2020.
Rams Fans get on here and vote.
Rams New Jersey s are solid but the similarity to the chargers new unis, which are slightly better, is awkward.
Those Rams jerseys stink.
Yuk!!!! Glad im not a Rams fan, ugh!!!!
The Rams new uniforms said:.
The New Rams Jerseys look like a random Madden Generated Setup.
I just came in here to see all the roasts and disappointed Rams fans. Not disappointed.
Being a Rams fan rn who liked the idea but hates the execution.
Rams rebrand so weird. Theirs is iconic, they ll change back in a year or 2.
Rams helmet. How can NFL let them.
Rams Boosie Red Lobster Unreal Engine 5 Khloe Kardashian Greta Thunberg Stevie Wonder New Mutants Manafort Bill Russel.
The rams Jerseys are straight trash now.
That s why the Rams put a name tag on their jersey.

What You Really Think

Im just gonna become a fan. Bye.

Ok, I guess. Im still old school Roman Gabriel style uniforms! Dont care for all the new flashy stuff!!


Play dough.


Number is bad. But at least they finally matched the helmet blue. Could be one of the better looks in the league if the number didnt have a random gradient.

They re ugly.

This is so awful like who tf really said yea these look good let s use em smh.

What an atrocity.

They design these using word art on PowerPoint?? Tf are these????

This is what ikea would look like if it had a football team.

Terrible! Wow.

The Rams continue take organizational L cap management and now this disaster smh.

How to you get a computer graphic design job with the rams and design.


God awful terrible!

Feels almost.


Only they could mess up some of the greatest uniforms in sports. What a miserable franchise.

The yellow looks like highlighter and the number design looks like my 2 old daughter tried to water paint.


Looks like Chinese knockoffs of the throwbacks.

Not too shabby.

That s doo doo baby.

Pretty sure I saw these in college.

Are they planning on having the team help landing planes at night or just to blind their opposition? Cut that highlighter yellow is too much.

Honestly not bad.

Complete trash.

That shit really some hot ass.

Bro they need to stop.

Looks way too childish for some reason.


As a Niner fan, the Rams have always been my sworn enemy. One good thing Id say about the team is that theyve always had one of the best uniforms in the NFL. This garbage gives me no reasons to say anything at all good about them.

They had one of the most iconic in both white and navy only, AND the royal blue and yellow from the LA Rams era were a lot better than.

Wow. Should ve just stick with the OG logo and uniforms and they would ve been set.


Those numbers are heinous.


Not a fan.

Coping the Chargers I see.

These will age like 80s eventually people will ask, what were they thinking?

Who doesn t love Highlighter Yellow?

Finally got uniforms that match they helmets.

Created on Microsoft Paint.

These are awful.

Somebody fixing to be fired.

They ve never recovered from this, have they?

My opinion is that the Ramsay trade fucked them and they have to give their fans new uniforms to try to cool them down :).

I love them!!!

Bone color is what made it perfect.


Trash asf. Looks like some pop Warner shit lol.

Stop playing.

So the new home field strategy is the blind the opponent?

Im now a Rams fan.

This is so bad, like really bad.

So, absolutely horrible in my honest.

Innovative and refreshing.

Looks like ikea sponsored.

Super ugly.