Sunday 10th of January 2021

Rams QB John Wolford Was Put on a Stretcher And Taken For Additional Observation After injuring His Neck in Today's Game Hope He's All Right.

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Football Saturday: 1:05 PM: Colts at Bills 4:40 PM: Rams at Seahawks 8:15 PM: Bucs at Washington Football Sunday: 1:05 PM: Ravens at Titans 4:40 PM: Bears at Saints 8:15 PM: Browns at Steelers Football Monday: 1. Alabama vs. 3. Ohio State The best 3 day stretch of the season.

Rams QB John Wolford was put on a stretcher and taken for additional observation after injuring his neck in today's game Hope he's all right.
DK Metcalf is NOT happy early on against the Rams ( NFLonFox).
Rams D Rams D vs vs 49ers everyone else.
Yoooo the Rams defense very oc I see why they ran it on 3rd and 13.
Rams win, we avoid both. Im with you.
Rams 3 and out Im calling it.
Hahahaha Rams against Seattle in playoffs.
Texas Highschool Football dissapointed me today. I was expecting Duncanville snd NorthShore to win today. They both played terrible football and lost. I guess my Grayson Rams will move up in the National Rankings. Can anybody say National Champions?

Jared Goff was active today as the Rams emergency QB. He broke his left thumb two weeks ago. Goff has entered the game after John Wolford got hurt. ( NFLonFOX).
Our defense is a UNIT!!!!! Keep it up RAMS!
Rams better hope he can comeback cause hes the heart and soul of that d-line.
Rams really giving the seahawks pressure.
One more score from the Rams and the game is over. Seahawks are offering very little on offence, even without Donald the Rams are holding them to 3 and out.
Rams defense having fun w the Seahawks.
Keep On Em Rams.
The Rams offense is begging Seattle to win and they cant even complete a pass.
20 on the Rams.
If the Rams hang on its a fucking miracle.
That Rams defense is no joke.
BANG MFING BANG LAR/SEA 1H Ov21(1.25u) Told WindyVip Im not playin around today. Rams 3 holds and we have a 4-2 day on our hands. *FIRST 12 DMs ONLY Rest NFL Playoffs (all sports) - $25 50 day VIP - $35 3 Month VIP - $50 2021 VIP - $99 nulb.

Rams are so fucking ANNOYING.
Rams still getting pressure on Wilson without Donald in the game.
Rams do the ugliest celebrations.
If we play the rams Ramsey vs Adams gonna be fun to watch.
That Rams front still dangerous even without AD out there...
Browns might win, but I had Rams beating Seahawks. Theyve been shutting them down all season.
Why the Rams uni look pissy?
DL Aaron Donald (ribs) is questionable to return.
Big loss for the.
The Rams defense has been elite.
LA Rams led Seattle Seahawks 20-10 at half. Second half it's 20-13 but twice Rams are three and out. Same as last game. Second half Seahawks got better, Rams got worse. Rams need to step up defense to stop Wilson and offense score touchdowns. We'll see.

Rams are basically giving this game away - lol Com hawks.
Rams defensive Star Aaron Donald heads to the locker room with an apparent rib injury in the 3rd quarter. Can the Seahawks comeback down 20-13 with Donald out for now?
Rams should get JalenHurts start spreading the news... please put some heat on howie roseman and Jeffery lurie.
Thank god for the Rams defence.
I got give Rams defense a lot credit their doing really good.
Rams DT Aaron Donald is QUESTIONABLE to return because of a rib injury.
Aaron Donald downgraded to doubtful with a ribs injury, per the press box PA announcer. Rams initially announced him as questionable.
Rams head coach Sean McVay told me John Wolford will be the starting quarterback today versus the Seahawks with Jared Goff backing him up just two weeks after Goff had thumb surgery.
Except rams have talent.
Rams QB John Wolford has been taken away from the stadium in an ambulance, per the AP.
Jets handled Rams defense a lot better.
I knew the rams secondary would give Russ trouble but damn.
Nobody on the Seahawks offense is serious rn. Rams defense is good but these dudes stink on low.
Rams QB John Wolford has been taken in an ambulance to a local hospital as a precautionary measure, the Rams said.
The Fox broadcast is talking about how well the Rams have drafted. The Lions interviewed Brad Holmes for their GM opening. He's the Rams director of college scouting.
& Seahawks : Round 3 - Battle in Seattle. L.A. clinging to the lead in a game where both teams know each other well. It's win or go home this time.
Wilson and the Seahawks are real off today this should be an easy win rams dont even deserve to be in the playoffs.
***nulb how did these Rams lose to the Jets?
I knew you would come least I hoped you would>nulb.
Is the Seattle O-Line this bad or is the Rams D-Line this good? Or a combo of both? Because Russell has been running for dear life the whole day.
The Rams D-Line is on Russell Wilsons ass.
I don't understand how the Rams don't at least try Cam Akers, who played some QB, as wildcat QB. Even if it's just for a few plays?
Anyone else cant stand Troys very biased commentating on the hawksams games?
Rams playing like the Broncos with Peyton Manning.
Rams defense serious out there.
This rams Defense is hungry.
I cant wait for the rams to win this game.
How about we just say both the rams and seahawks should be out of the playoffs.
The rams ain't fuckin around.
Niners fans should be pulling for the rams tn ironically.
When the Packers get the rams.. please note the difference in motion to quick game and time that Rodgers will have on drop backs. Its amazing how Seattles front just cant block and how the route tree is so predictable.

Rams locker room.
Rams defense always give Russ problems.
Why are the Seahawks playing like total shit against the Rams? THE FUCKING RAMS.
If the Rams or Niners get him the division is over for 5 years. No question.
He needs to play! I demand it! If not, I want to talk to the Rams and NFLs Manager!
Going from Colts vs Bills to Rams vs Seahawks got me like.
Rams defense is playing great.
The Rams look like their uniforms were left home and theyre using some semi pro teams unis.
A RamsNFL UPDATE: Rams up 20-13, mid 3rd quarter.
Aaron Donald heading into the locker room for the Rams.
Watching the rams is like watching the eagles.
Russell Wilson after every play. Courtesy of the Seahawks o-line.
A WR reverse pass should be on the menu for the Rams soon.
The Mariachi Rams bringing a fan favorite.
These Rams unis are hurting my eyes.
Haha Jalen Ramsey PBU with ease!
Ragin Cajuns representing the cULture in the NFL Playoffs nulb RB Raymond Calais Jr for the Rams WR JaMarcus Bradley for the Browns OL Kevin Dotson for the Steelers.

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Always playing dirty.

Is NegligentFootballLeague Injuries like this need to stop and are preventable. WTF these are people not commodities.

So when can he come back?

Hope he's ok.

That you?

Might be a Jefferson fracture.

Goff has the mobility of my grandmother...who died in 1986!