Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

Ball Game. Raps Win!

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Ball game. Raps win!
years today, first game league history played between Toronto Huskies York Knickerbockers. NBA75 Listen players floor that relive memories that opening game. Raptors visit nyknicks tonight 7:30pm/et TV.

School School.
History Mecca Presenting nyknicks 2021-22 Nike City Edition Jersey! Knicks Raptors NBA75 Classic Game Matchups throughout landmark 75th Anniversary Season tonight 7:30pm/et TV.

CAREER-NIGHT Anunoby drops POINTS Raptors over York! Game Week presented Bell.
Successful NBA75 night Game Highlights TangerineHoops Watch.
Refs screwed that game remember.
"It's Garden. protect Garden costs" Barrett what most frustrating part tonight's loss Raptors.
Nice have back!
always. might argued that offensive downfall some raptors playoff teams unwillingness consistently shoot looks great this team does look more willing shoot 3s.

Knicks lost raptors Yikes.
career-high from OAnunoby lifts Raptors anniversary rematch first game history.
Raptors beat Knicks Madison Square Garden, without Pascal Siakam their superstar Scottie Barnes?
like shouldve been years ago.
Looks like Bulls also beat good Raptors team road.
Raptors with Khem Birch floor over last games: minutes. Raptors with Precious Achiuwa: minutes.
Just finished watching Raptors-Knicks game delayed start. really impressive effort road. Battled back from down with just over min. left career best pts. 26pts mins. Tight rotation, FVV, Mykhailiuk, Birch, Flynn bench.

Getting revenge years later.
Knicks Raptors.
Numbers don't lie.
Circle 4 bulls_nikki Hoodie7Melo bellzlmao SportsCenter casualtakeking BullsGotNext cthebeast21 boi_gawd SimonovicBurner.
mean, Raptors don't enough credit their defensive schemes. example, despite having players taller than 6'9" they lead fewest points paint allowed just 39.0 game, just head Miami.

raptors twitter person with followers less.
KIDDING ME?!?!??!?!
Huge Raptors NYC!
Knicks clicks.
Last Raptors NFTGiveaway 1923 unique Raptors about unleashed! 1Follow tlraptor 2 [?] 3Tag friends 48H.
Raptors shorthanded celtics lose 39-11 fourth quarter marcus smart slandering star players????
Like told other guy, regression these other players coming minute Siakim steps foot into starting lineup. gets shots game those shots shots less everyone else. It's just simple math.

raptors madison square garden tonight without their 20-year-old superstar.
Toronto Raptors, without their best players, just beat place Knicks. Thats wins this young Raptors squad. always kept this account strictly baseball, maybe start talking some Raptors over offseason? know.

Anunoby scores career-high Raptors take York! Anunoby: PTS, REB, 3PM Gary Trent Jr.: PTS, STL, 3PM Fred VanVleet: PTS, REB, AST.
Petty Lmaoo.
Gimmie dat.
Raptors take down Knicks extend their win-streak four.
Watch your head.
Raptors excellent good Monday night RAW.
Heat, Raptors, Nets fire.
were still East 5-2. Randle needs chill out, that that games like that, thats here. teams wont shoot like Raptors tonight every night. Definitely concerned with defense, well alright.

DeMar DeRozan tonight: PTS 7 REB 15-20 FG 3-4 first 30-point, 3-three game since last year with Raptors 2018.
Always tough beat when Gary, combine points. Thats tough.
Locked Raptors 1048 woodleysean breaks down super impressive Raptors York with Scottie Barnes, which included career-best points from Anunoby. Spotify: Apple: YouTube.
gotta keep faith times. guys talented
Anunoby fuels Raptors road MSG.
Livers provided LIVE coverage from Pacers PacersSpurs Pacers snapped their four game losing streak ready take nyknicks Knicks will win.
They said Scottie, win.
Wait till they playoff DeRozen then theyll realize Raptors traded Kahwi.
Continuing with raptors just because they amazing birds here Long Eared rare here Extra bonus, with babies.
Sheeeshh! Okay, Coach.
Your sure was!!!!
Gents Apple. Looking good. Matt, throat seems better. guys terrific. Good Job.
Take closer look Raptors 2021-22 City Edition uniform!
Raptors beat Knicks with Scottie Siakam, DeRozan drops Celtics.
Raptors their STRAIGHT they beat York 113-104 Garden! Anunoby: PTS, 3PT, REB Gary Trent PTS, 3PT, STL Fred VanVleet: PTS, REB, AST Svi Mykhailiuk: PTS, REB, Game Week presented Bell.

words. Straight business. gtrentjr.
that owns Toronto with Drake KingJames left east Raptors 73rd season finishing (35) KDTrey5 peat chances 6/13/19 (17) days later signs with nets 6/30/19 Lakers (17th) ring (35) 10/11/2020.

Just dont move either Gary Scottie bench likely Pascal Precious. Trent confidence bought Putting bench catalyst regression dont need that.

minutes into Raptors broadcast before "potential superstar Anunoby" uttered. Preseason contagious.
GEICO SportsNite emacSNY IanBegley discuss what went wrong Knicks their game against Raptors, including poor execution half, potential injury issues team might faced with.

Look these makes. Look foot work. Anunoby nice this summer. This would game changer Raptors. take much pressure Fred.
Both teams play hard both ends. raptors defense insanity.
Final: Raptors 113, Knicks 104. Knicks 15-point lead fall season. Indy, Milwaukee road trip coming Barrett Randle 22-9-5 Walker Anunoby (career high), rebs Trent pts.

Raptors waltz into Gotham Knicks with knockout.
Huge comeback wins Bulls Raptors tonight. NoDunks episode will must-watch/listen tomorrow!
Knicks have gotten credit their offense this season, their subpar defense came back bite them again loss Raptors tonight. scored 38-22 third quarter, allowing shot 55.6% 7-of-14 from downtown that frame. just MSG.

tell gassed. always impressed athletes immediately after game, exhausted, breathing hard, still interview speak well. incoherent after cardio. Lol.

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Lzm lzm ttnzl blHsb.

Own them freaks.

Look at this bro. Kinda cringe dont ya think.

I love the pressed Knicks fans. Bing bong.

This is perfect.

Tibbs gonna have some raptor ass next time best believe.

Give this social media manager a raise. Talk about salt in the wound.

Ahh mira que comicos.

Yall cant even come up with your own content, truly sad to see.



No sabia que eras fan de los raptors.

Knicks pack hitting.

Good tweet lmaooo.


How about those Knicks actually win a title in my lifetime.



They rocked!!! Go Raps Go!!!

Well see yall again, keep that same energy.

This man is happy to be used.

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