Friday 9th of April 2021

My First instinct After Hearing an Animal Has Escaped From The Zoo is to Call in to Ray Hadley.

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My first instinct after hearing an animal has escaped from the zoo is to call in to Ray Hadley.
Is the Coalition really so weak that they can't stomach a few days of attacks from Murdoch columnist and shockjock Ray Hadley without folding? Shows how much influence these right-wing commentators now wield over government.

JUST IN Listeners have told Ray Hadley visitors at Sydney Zoo are being denied entry with reports an animal may have escaped from an enclosure.
Ray Hadley is an ex-cabbie who conned his way into a football commentating career and subsequently landed a job on talkback radio. Seriously. Why people listen to the prick about anything is beyond me.

Ray Hadley is a loud mouthed, opinionated ignorant git and will probably be offered a senate spot.
Surely Scomo is on Ray Hadley 2GB873 this morning.
Ray Hadley again failing to ascertain the full & true facts.
So do you consider asking the Government questions about the vaccine roll-out bias? Would you prefer the PM confine himself to answering questions about the footy with Ray Hadley?
Does the Sydney Zoo get many Ray Hadley visitors? Has he escaped? Note: Sydney Zoo is not Taronga Zoo but some thing in Western Sydney.
Im shocked that Ray Hadley listeners got it wrong RIP Mogli.
Listeners are visiting Ray Hadley at the zoo?
Ray Hadleys team now being referred to as listeners.
Shocked to learn that whoever called into Ray Hadley with reports of an escaped animal was wrong.
Wotsa ray hadley visitor?
My first instinct is to think the escaped animal may, in fact, be Ray Hadley.
So by reportedly did 10NewsFirstSyd mean a tweet about a caller to Ray Hadley? The zoo said they had no information but they went with it anyway? Ping ABCmediawatch I guess.
Well that is sad and awful and absolutely fuck Ray Hadley and his *listeners*.
Ray Hadley must be made to pay for his unwarranted killing of the chimp.
For a minute I interpreted this that Ray Hadley had escaped from the zoo. Shame about the chimp though.
Ray Hadley listeners : How DARE they deny me my right to be eaten alive by an escaped animal!!!!
If you have an animal roaming around the zoo instead of Ray Hadley listeners at least the average IQ will go up.
Ray hadley here, sending a warm and friendly 'ni hao' to all our Korean listeners out there.
*looks at trends* 1. Israel Folau who? 2. Ray Hadley who? ...that is all.
Look I don't like Ray Hadley either but it seems a bit rough to describe him as an animal escaped from his enclosure.
Zoos denied entry to Ray Hadley listeners because they don't accept feral animals?
There the Liberals go, scurrying to the Murdoch far-right again on climate. Five years ago, they backed Turnbull for PM. Now they bend over backwards to appease the climate-denying fringe, even announcing his demise on-air to Murdoch columnist Ray Hadley!

Has ScottyTheVaccineBungler escaped into Ray Hadley's zoo?
Can we line up to tranquilize Ray Hadley, will they sell tickets for this event.
"Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, in this country " ScottMorrisonMP speaking to Ray Hadley. So where is this justice for CEO auspost C_Holgate , the one you humiliated & bullied out of her position? Exonerated by the Maddocks Report!

Of course they did. I've made the suggestion before, but I'd encourage you to pretend to be Ray Hadley next time you try to get them to show up. The LNP love talking to Ray about women's issues. He has great insights based on his life experiences!

JUST IN: Ray Hadley get visitors at Sydney Zoo and exclaim.
Ray Hadley a jealous whiner, sued & censured multiple times with little formal education - has the audacity to denigrate Steven Miles' education "you're not a Dr, you're a WANKER" Peter Dutton a cruel & spiteful man lacking in empathy "Hahaha" Auspol Kimick4 .

Who would visit Ray Hadley?
When do we find this unacceptable? This is the national broadcaster. If it was Ray Hadley, that would be different. No unscripted questions.
Ray Hadley, Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine - yep those trolls of social media. Youve got to be kidding me. Anyone who has to use the word genuine is never genuine.

What You Really Think

My first instinct is to think the escaped animal may, in fact, be Ray Hadley.

He runs NSW lols.

Wuhan bats have escaped? Run for your lives.

I mean, you've got to check if he's still in his studio-cage some how.

Mine too, and I'm in Adelaide.

That happens a lot. I was working in a school that went into lockdown. In no time, he'd been called by parents after their kids texted them about it. Great.

I'm surprised the animal didn't call Ray and complain about the traffic on roads in western Sydney, I mean it's a joke and when is this government going to get serious about building freeways rather than all this namby-pamby...

Every time I just remember this thread for a classic 'Ray listener' story.

These are the people that hang off his every word. Coalition voters.

Ray is your go-to Baboon guy.