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class="u-nolinkc" href="">Wait until they add class="u-nolinkc" href="">a tip jar for class="u-nolinkc" href="">sending the email.
class="u-nolinkc" href="">Wait until you find out about class="u-nolinkc" href="">Ticketmaster charges.
Convenience fee.

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Technically it's payment for prioritization (VIP queue vs pleb queue), which is a thing with large mail volume senders (more volume -> more infrastructure -> more expenses).

Don't be so rough on them. ~$0.43 is not much for *instant* email delivery (which should literally defy special relativity), I'd easily pay just to see how it's done.

It's pretty common buying tickets for concerts.

What you dont realise is that this is almost exactly the same as what banks do when you transfer money from one account to another - and they charge you $15-20 for it. In fact banks do less work, because when you orde4r online, you have to fill out all the details yourself (and if its wrong, accept all the balme yourself). All banks do is run a program to send off the money.

Wait until you see German ePostBrief. It's pretty much a private email service that doesnt mesh with the global network of email servers and asks money to send emails Why would you ever want to use it? Because it is considered as legit as paper mail, so you can use it to send anything that needs to be "proven to have been received" and can withstand this in a court of law. But of course the mail company of germany (yeah theyre privatized) had to put such a price on it. I think it's the same price as a physical letter, and a double kicker? If you sign up for it, senders may use your ePostBrief instead of physical mail (theres a way to detect the existence of it by entering your address in the mail database) in any cases, it's like a blanket agreement to have all your physical mail become emails (if the senders use it that is, it will never subsede the physical mail servicd ofc).

Just wait until places start making you pay for picking up a food order instead of using delivery.

And its probably automated as well.

One of my highschool tried to charge me a fee to send me a pdf.

The absolute balls of steel on my college to call me for donations after all the bullshit like this.

My university wants you to pay a yearly donations of like $200 after you graduate to be an "alumni" and have access to some stupid fancy restaurant on campus. The average price in that restaurant is $15 for not even that good of food. $15 gets you like a plate or spaghetti. The most expensive meal is almost $60 for a 12oz steak and some veggies. Every time they email me or call to ask if I want to become a doner I polite till then to fuck off and stop harassing me. Yet, every fucking year I still get that email and phone call and every year I tell them to fuck off and they keep coming back like some type of STI or some shit.

Somewhere, a middle manager is masturbating furiously.

It's funny because implementing the delay is technically more expensive than the instant method.

Maybe there's no sleep. High E-Mail workload is done in batches. At a certain point, you encounter trouble when workload spikes. I could imagine that there's a cost for delivering fast. If you pay a price, your mail goes to the next batch. If not it's queued for later. Just an educated guess tho, could perfectly just be yet another way to make more money. Knowing the total mailvolume at that time would tell it.

Is that sleep in imperial microseconds?

That's.. Not how it works in production.

It's probably just added to a batch job that runs every couple hours I mean, hopefully.

120 hours to deliver an email seems excessive.

Why DID e-mails use to take a while to send? Did everyone just add a delay?

Don't forget the random multiplier since it's 2-4 hours.

Yikes, thousands of hanging threads?

No no, they make the coder implement it so that you can change it in the admin based on various marketing schemes. Join now and get your first month of emails sent for free after only a 30 minute wait time!

That's not what they're saying. They use an emailing service. You can wait with everyone else, or pay to skip the line.

2-4 hours so Sleep((random.randInt(120) 120) x 60 x 60).

Ooo there's Bridget!

In an Internet barrel roller. Can confirm it works like this.

It's a series of tubes.

Electrons cost money.

Looks like they stopped washing away the bad internet.

I guarantee it doesn't cost them nearly 50c to send an email.

That's not really a better explanation, it's just kicking the can down to the 3rd party service being the asshole.

Do you buy product keys and resell them or are they for your own product?

If azure, google cloud or AWS took 50 cents to send an email a hell of a lot of businesses would be bankrupt lol. For 50 cents I could set up a full on VM for about 3 days to send emails with a script or something.

Mate, you're a gullible idiot to them who they're ripping off. Why would you even use something like that unless you're sending thousands of emails per hour?

I used the free version of TurboTax a few years ago. I got to the end and they told me the last form I needed wasnt available on the free version, which they could have told me when I did the questionnaire at the beginning. I started over using a different program instead of paying their bullshit fee.

You don't shop at places that use email queues? Would you shop here if they just said "email, 2-4 hr" without an option to skip the mail service queue?

They will have this type of fee structure when the item is time-sensitive, like concert tickets. I've come across something similar when trying to get tickets on the same night as the show.


Its cute how everybody with basic JavaScript knowledge thinks they know how the real tech world works. Hint: youre wrong.

Ah yes lets block all threads.

Yeah at a weird scale where you have a lot of customers but a shitty email server it's possible, but unless they're sending out batches in the tens or hundreds of thousands 2-4 hours is way too long and $0.50 is severely marked up.

Could also be paying to flag the email as important for a faster response. But A B testing showed consumers would rather pay more for their email to get through faster rather than pay more for their email to be responded to faster. Even if the end result is the same either way.

They almost certainly use a mailing service that controls timing for spam and engagement reasons. Most websites these days are not one big box with all the stuff running together.

It's one of those situations where trying to give people what they want only upset them more.

Why can't both be automated?

That sounds like something that has to be processed by a human, if it takes weeks.

So every food delivery service.

Just so you know this account is being monitored for pedophile activity. If you're doing nothing wrong, continue on. If you proceed to delete any posts after receiving this message, a warrant will be pit out for your arrest based on your IP address. This message was sent automatically, contact the moderators if you have any questions.

Oh please. Its a series of pipes!

Let's not defend this. Mass marketing emails to hundreds of thousands of users can absolutely be a technical challenge. This is not that, this is clearly after purchasing something. If you are having email as a bottleneck for the number of sales you can handle them you are selling an absolutely ridiculous volume. There is no technical justification for this, it's obviously just to increase profit margins.

As a software developer, I can not possibly understand how you could defend this practice with a technical answer.

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