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Monday 14th of September 2020


Reece James hit that like he'd just read everyone's Tariq Lamptey tweets.
.KurtZouma's outstretched leg volleys home a delicious Reece James corner and we've got ourselves a two-goal cushion! Happy, Mr. Happy?
Reece James is a way more complete right-back than Trent but people aren't ready for that conversation.
A SCREAMER of a first Premier League goal for Reece James.
Reece James has more pl goals (1) than wan bissaka career goals (0).
Reece James take bow! The Chelsea full back set the match alight with this wonderstrike. Watch live.
Reece James saw Lamptey get an assist and got pissed off immediately and said who do you think I am.
Peep Havertz (29) Reece James was further forward than him on average, he needs to be played as a 10 from now on otherwise hes wasted.
Trent Alexander-Arnold has more goals against Chelsea in the PL (2) than Reece James has goals for Chelsea in the PL (1) Which one of them is being told to "Come outside"?
Reece James when he saw Lamptey get an assist.
Lamptey>Reece James.
It's funny how Chelsea sold Lamptey and kept Reece James.
Lovely piece of commentary from Sky Italia on that Reece James goal: He put the ball where your Nonna used to hide the biscuits...
That shot by Reece James.
Imagine netting a goal of the season contender on MD1 REECE JAMES you Beauty!
Wan-Bissaka trying to replicate that Reece James goal in training.
Reece James has more goals this season than defensive striker Firmino.
Tariq Lamptey showing why Chelsea shouldn't have let him go. Reece James showing why they did (reluctantly).
Trent has the same amount of G/As (3) against Chelsea alone as Reece James has in his entire PL career.
Tariq Lamptey is better than Reece James but Chelsea fans are not ready for this conversation...
I dey celebrate Reece James goal baba.
WOW, REECE JAMES ( NBCSportsSoccer).
Reece James take a bow son.
Reece James stats pls.
Reece James scores his first Premier League goal for Chelsea and sets up their third against Brighton 10 minutes later. A game-changing contribution.
Reece James seeing Kepa lose all his clean sheet points on FPL.
What a goal from Reece James.
Anything BHAFC can do... It's an absolute screamer for Reece James' first Premier League goal for CFC! Watch on Sky Sports PL Follow BHACHE here: Download the SkySports app!
After that Reece James and Zouma combo, it was game over.
Reece James has champions league goal also.
[?]nulb Reece James is the 6th different player aged 21 or under to score for Chelsea in PL since the start of last season - joining Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Pulisic, Tomori & Abraham.
Reece James dey gimme 10 plus points for FPL but HARRY KANE se menfa me jimii nko eish.
Dear football fans, let's be honest here. Who's better between these two? Retweet for Reece James Like for Tariq Lamprey.
Reece James MOTM.
Reece James is clear of bissaka and Arnold.
Reece James, good LAWD. what a hit.
Reece James has tested positive to be better than Aaron Wan-Bissaka!
SCOUT: Owned by just 5.1%, Reece James has already matched last season's total number of attacking returns (two) in one match, recording a goal and assist against Brighton.
Zouma, Reece James and Jorginho all scored But Kai Havertz couldnt even play an off target.
BHA vs CHE Team Performances Kepa : Irreparable Alonso : Putrid Christensen: Solid Zouma : Impeccable Reece James : Real Deal RLC : Shaky Jorginho : Copious Kante : Kante Mount : Committed Kai : Effortless Werner: Fleeting.

TAKE A BOW REECE JAMES. Chelsea (-185) leads Brighton 3-1 but Reece James goal cashed the over (2.5).
Fuck it, Ill do it myself - Reece James.
Reece James at CDM might be a sign for the future.
Reece James just swung his dick in Lampteys face.
Freaking hell, what a hit by Reece James.
I have Reece James in 4 of 5 leagues and frankly Im pissed about the 5th one.
Reece James said.
People saying Reece James is better than Wan Bissaka after one game is the same people thats saying dont judge Haverts after one game...hypocrites.
Reece James, Kanye, Mount and now Werner, terrific motors, they can run for days look like.

What You Really Think

There's only one Rocket on this planet: RONNIE O'SULLIVAN.

This goal was amazing.

Lamptey - Reece > TAA.

NEW GAME ON !!! [?]nulb[?]nulb[?]nulbnulbnulbnulb[?]nulb[?]nulb[?]nulb >> England >> Premier League >> MATCH OF THE DAY Brighton vs. Chelsea 2 ( AH -1 ) 2,00 ( 1 - 3 ) COME ON, CHELSEA AH - ASIAN HANDICAP BEST TIP If You Liked This Bet, You Can Help Us With a LikeVnulb& Retweet.

King James strikes again.

Wow people are really desperate to find chances to talk shit about Liverpool players.

I really need to get to 13k followers before wednesday kindly follow me. I promise to follow back ASAP.

Masih tegang ga rilek goal hoki.

Brighton thought they had a chance.

AWB is better.

The fact everyone in this chat is mentioning Trent and comparing James to him shows that Trent is the best RB in the league and has set the benchmark.

Hes clear of AWB and Trent combined.

Tf they signed spooge when they already have the *MATERIAL*.

That left foot.

Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Chelsea 56' Reece James long range goal.