Wednesday 5th of May 2021


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"Would you say I have a plethora of ~~men~~ pinatas?" Edit: remembered it wrong, thanks u/Bearfan001 and u/TedTheGreek_Atheos.
Haven't seen the movie since I was like 14. I think it's about time I experience it as an adult.
Hands down my favorite line in any comedy ever.

What You Really Think

"Sew like the wind, very old one!".

Came here to make sure this was referenced. Frequently does this speech come up in my life.


One of my favorite movie speeches EVER.

And the U.S. battled for Texas and we got it from Santa Anna.

We dont have beer, just tequila Whats tequila? Its like beer.



DEAR!!! little buttercup SWEET!!! little buttercup.

You and I will settle down in a cottage built for two! Oooooohhhh... Dear little buttercup, I love you...

Won't you stay a while?

Came here to say this. DEAR little buttercup.

I will never get to a 3 Amigos post fast enough to make this comment (or any reference frankly) first.

I remember watching this as a kid, but I don't remember laugh at this joke. Then, one day as an adult, I just suddenly remember this joke out of the blue, and I start laughing horribly. My co-workers were wondering why I was laughing when I wasn't even looking at anything funny.

Here it is in all its glory.

You know pretty soon, that deep yellow moon, will light the way back to the one you love.

*sudden realization* It's real. What? Uh this is real.

Well two of them are still working together.

I just read Steve Martins memoir. If you havent, you should. Its a good read. If you prefer audiobooks, he reads it and that makes it fun.

Papas instead of famine.

Cinco de Mayo *actually is* an American holiday, in the greater sense of "America." The battle it commemorates essentially represents the defeat of Europe's last major attempt to colonize the Americas.


Add Airplane to those two.

How was I supposed to know where he was?

Excuse me are you the singing bush?

Are you sure that you know what a plethora is? I would not like for someone to tell me they know what a plethora is, only to find out that they have *no idea* what a plethora is.. got me a sweater!!

Which ever you choose, im sure its a very nice sweater, boss!

And prune many small hedges.


Now tell us we will die like dogs.


(hesitates, smiles uncertainly) ... Oh sure, felixlightner, you'll have a plethora of comments.

What's tequila?

Tequila is like beer.

Dear little buttercup, wont you stay a...

Then sew like the wind!

Wow. The INfamous? INfamous?

I still say hes more than famous, hes INfamous to mostly blank looks now that and Caw, caw, look up, look up.

Im not sure if the claim that cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day is part of the joke or just someone who didnt know. Either way, it can be read as the former so it works.

So if I'm drinking tacate, it's fine.

I was looking for this comment.

Do you even know what a plethora is?

The three amigos ... highly recommended.

The Three Amigos. Came out in the 80's, plot is similar to Galaxy Quest or A Bug's Life if you've seen either of those. It's got some incredible lines and top notch comedic performances. Highly recommend it.

The Three Amigos.


No shit.


Martin Short, Steve Martin and Chevy Chase.

When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

I suppose you are going to ruin ET for me by saying he was just a puppet. Thanks. Nice username though.

Right, Cinco de mayo was the day that Luniz got it's spanish language translation of I got 5 on it. Now typically too long for spanish audience so they condensed it to Cinco and relased in may. Hence Cinco de mayo the official song of the day. Tengo Cinco en eso!

Three Amigos!

Well if it helps them point Mexico out on a map, is it a bad thing?

A plethora of Pinatas!

As a Mexican, I approve of this movie.

Aw...geez this can't be racist! ..can it?

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