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Saturday 18th of July 2020

Today we Have Lost a Heroes' Hero.. Thank You God For John Lewiss Life of Service. Let us Continue to Try to Walk His Walk of Truth. Rest in Power.

So much could be said about this man, but rest in power is all ive got. rest in power john lewis.
John Lewis dedicated his life to the betterment of this country. He is an American hero. We lost a giant today. May he rest in power.
Lost another living legend today, rest in peace power to john lewis.
Rest in Power John Lewis. A true giant of the civil rights movement. He said of the black lives matter movement on CBS "This feels and looks so different, It is so much more massive and all inclusive. He added, There will be no turning back.

The ways Ive benefited from the work and struggle and presence of Rep. John Lewis are incalculable. We live to carry on his legacy, build on and expand it. Fuck this is a tough one. Rest in Power, Peace.

We love you John Lewis. You will so be missed. Rest in power - we will continue the good trouble in your memory.
John Lewis: Be hopeful, be optimistic. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. We will find a way to make a way out of no way. May he rest in power.
Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Do not become bitter or hostile. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. We will find a way to make a way out of no way. -Rep. John Lewis Thank you, sir. Rest in Power.

Rest In Peace and Power, John Lewis.
Rest in Power Congressman John Lewis ...He was actually the commencement speaker for my college graduation at HamptonU 15.
This is soooo sad man...Rest in Power Papa shirandula. You were a true hero.
Rest In Power Representative John Lewis. Thank you for your incredible sacrifice towards advancing the cause of racial equality. Your legacy lives on in the hearts & minds of the millions of people across the globe who continue to fight for civil rights freedom & justice for all.

Godamnit not John Lewis. Not him. I grew up my entire life learning about him. I've always wanted to meet him. I don't know why but he always inspired me. Rest in Peace and Power you heroic king. I hope he can finally catch some rest in the stars above. The fight will go on.

I simply have no words to express the magnitude of this loss. This is just too much. Rest in peace and power JohnLewis.
Rest in Power John Lewis Thanks for everything!!!
Thank you for teaching us what getting into Goodtrouble looks like. Rest in Power John Lewis.
Rest in Power. Your legacy and spirit will live on.
The immortal Rev. C.T. Vin was one of the greatest freedom fighters this nation has ever seen. He was also Martin Luther Kings favorite preacher, and a man of remarkable rhetorical force and moral majesty. It was my great honor to call him friend. Love you Doc. Rest in Power!

We have lost a legendary leader, civil rights icon and change agent extraordinaire. John Lewis altered the course of history and left America a much better place. May he forever Rest In Power.
Rest In Peace, love, and power good and faithful servant. Thank you for the examples to follow. We will not despair, but with hope will continue the goodtrouble with you now in spirit. We will.
Today we have lost a heroes' Hero.. Thank you God for John Lewiss life of service. Let us continue to try to walk his walk of truth. Rest in Power.
To the extent that this country is a democracy, it took people like John Lewis to make it one. Rest in peace, rest in power.
Were going forward following your shining examples. Rest in Power.
We lost two great civil rights icons on today! There are no words to express the magnitude of this loss. Rest in power JohnLewis and RevCTVin.
Rest in power JohnLewis.
Heartbroken that our American hero John Lewis passed away. It was an honor of a lifetime to have served in Congress with Mr. Lewis. A candle of hope and light went out today. Actually, not a candle, more like a 10,000 megawatt power station. May he rest in peace.

No words. Rest in power. You were a true hero.
What a life. Rest In Power John Lewis.
Thinking about Rep. John Lewis playing with his cats always makes me smile. A strong man and a gentle soul. Rest in power.
John Lewis was and will always be an American hero and champion for civil rights, who inspired us all to make good trouble in the fight for justice. Rest in power, Rep. John Lewis.
John Lewis was an American hero who bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice. On this day - before lucymcbath was a fellow congress member in Georgia - Rep. Lewis urged Lucy and me to get in goodtrouble. Rest in power, John Lewis.

Rest in Power to one of the most amazing leaders of our time. Thank you Congressman John Lewis for all you have done for your community and for this country. There arent many like you.
May the golden gates and the arms of our ancestors stretch out wide to you Rep. Lewis. You were a Titan of a man for your entire life. Job well done brother. Those that come after you, came laying wreaths of hope. Rest in power. One of the best Americans to ever walk this earth.

May flights of angels sing Congressman John Lewis to rest. May he Rest In Peace, and Rest in Power.
Deeply saddened by the passing of Rep. John Lewis. His life was proof that one man or woman can make a profound difference that will last long after their time on this Earth. Rest In Peace. Rest in Power.

Well remember this moment with Congressman John Lewis forever. Rest in power.
We were supposed to watch eachother come up, now i gotta do it in your name. ALL HELL x MSTT til we're together again brother. Rest in power.
Terrible terrible news. Just heard that John Lewis has passed away this evening. Our heroes. All our heroes. May we live lives that are worthy of what they gave to us. Rest in Power brother Lewis. You gave us all such good trouble.

One of a kind. Rest in Power.
"How long can we be patient? We want our freedom now." Rest in power, John Lewis.
Rest in Power John Lewis Rename this bridge. No longer should it memorialize a Confederate Army senior officer.
John Lewis was a true American hero and the moral compass of our nation. May his courage and conviction live on in all of us as we continue to make good trouble for justice and opportunity. Rest in power, John.

Wow, thank you for your service. Rest in Power.
John Lewis civil rights legend, public servant and American hero. May your example be an inspiration and light for generations seeking justice and freedom. Rest in Power.
.repjohnlewis, your light will continue to inspire us all. May we keep making good trouble in his memory and speak up against injustice. Rest in Power, Congressman John Lewis.
Rest in power king. Congressman John Lewis, a true hero.
I loved this photo. Rest in power.
RIP papa shirandula. Rest in power. You will surely be missed. See you on the other side king!
To one of the greatest youth organizers...thank you. And may he rest in power.
May God accept John Lewis and reward him for all the good trouble he raised during his life. Ameen. Rest in power.

What You Really Think


We may have lost the man, but he left America a better place. Congressman Lewis, we are forever grateful. Rest In Peace.

Rest in peace and the words of people who are in the dark ignore ... your brightness is immense... VnulbVnulb from Chile.

But we don't have protest for this shit.

Too bad he turned to the dark side.

He will be missed but he did his time on earth to change many lives.

Thank you Mr.Lewis for your life and Wisdom you have Blessed us with this SOCIAL INJUSTICE REFORM Poem by a Innocently INCARCERATED ARMY VETERAN is dedicated in your honor.


How is nick.

The Abortion king.

Just found out Mr Lewis passed.. I am so sadden but I realize he was in pain with cancer. Let Mr.Lewis soar in heavens with family ,friends and Dr. King once again. He will be missed but he did his time on earth to change many lives.

The man who changed America, the man who fighted for better America, the man who had to cry of current America.

Term limits !

Rest easy John. Condolences to the family.

Rest In Power Vnulb.

May he Rest In Peace and Power.

The good lord summoned him home last night he earned his wings! !!! Whatever God allows us to borrow at some point he will required it back. We own nothing everything is borrowed. It is going to take a generation of soldiers to fill his shoes. RIP.

Another amazing, intelligent man. Xx Very sad. X.

John Lewis was and still is an inspiration to millions.

Hero just came on shuffle as I saw this tweet.


Rest in peace.


May he Rest in Power.

RIP John Lewis.

Rest in power sir John.

Even tho Im not the best singer today -nulbI learned from u n Whitney Houston I would use you n Whitney songs n sing my little heart out.



I love you MC.

Rest In Peace, And In Power.

My condolences to the entire family I love ,everyone! hate... strings attached...all.

I remember being young sitting in my room singing Mariah songs growing up thanks Vnulbu r some one a lot look up thats something to b proud of god bless u. U r great.

Thank u my queen for support black people. LoveUsomuch!

Rip V.

Give me 1 million dollars. I can change everything. I need 1 million loan. I know nobody help me because I m crazy and a crazy person chance this world.

We also lost C.T Vin today.. both great men.. they made this world a better place.

Rest in peace and power Vnulb.

God bless Mariah Vnulblove u woman u my idol u r legend been listening to u since I was like 12.


Rest in Power.

Rest in Peaceful Power.

Rest in power [?]nulb.

Rest in power.

Rip john.

RIP VnulbVnulb.

Rest In Paradise John.

Rest in peace legend.


Rest in power, John Lewis.

Luv uu.

Rest In Power.

Rest in piece Vnulb.

Girl wyd up! Lets FT? I miss u.