Sunday 31st of January 2021

Well be Hearing From The UK Government About The Vaccine Rollout And That EU Export Ban - International Trade Secretary Trussliz Will be Joining SophyRidgeSky. SkyNews 8.30am.

Coming up on Sunday... As the EU imposes restrictions on exports, causing an almighty row about the Irish border, SophyRidgeSky will be talking to one of the architects of the Good Friday Agreement - former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. SkyNews 8.30am.

Well be hearing from the UK government about the vaccine rollout and that EU export ban - International Trade Secretary trussliz will be joining SophyRidgeSky. SkyNews 8.30am.
"It's vital we keep borders open and we resist vaccine nationalism." trussliz says "we're pleased" the EU admitted it was a "mistake" to trigger Article 16 and "we've received reassurance" that the UK's vaccine supply will not be disrupted.

When she was talking about the EU trade deal on Ridge she didn't sound happy about some of the details of it, including paying in for certain EU things.
I love the way mr blair takes all the credit for the good friday agreement when john major and others were responsible for a lot of the work that went into it.
Developing countries are not asking for vaccine but requested removal of patent in order to manufacture vaccine themselves.
People who have the vaccine should have a certificate from GP to allow free movement those who dont have vaccine should be controlled with government rules to protect its citizens.
''We truly did MESS everything we could'' is the true statement.
Tony Blair.
I mean to vaccinate teachers you have to de prioritise someone and your way would be to de prioritise those more susceptible.
There was a call to stockpile PPE, inc eye protection, to ready the NHS for forthcoming pandemics - then Health Sec Jeremy Hunt's team assessed & found it too expensive, so blocked the process! Tory ideology killed in huge numbers!!!

Has Tony Blair been on a course for microbiology.
When did Tony Blair become an expert on virus's and vaccination?
Wants to talk about a mistake the EU made, immediately rectified and owned. Tony Blair wants to talk about the future and how we tackle the real threat of new strains of Covid in the coming years. What a pity we are almost completely unable to hold our media to account.

Sophie Ridge says some people are calling for school staff to be vaccinated as priority . The Labour Party is saying this. Why cant you give us the credit?
Brexit going to destroy the British steel industry. Very damaging to the S pith Wales area. Wonder if Kinnock still supports it? Post-Brexit taxes for steel 'very damaging', says Kinnock.
Truss hints the UK will share vaccines with other countries later down the line It wont benefit people in Britain if we become a vaccinated island and many other countries dont have the vaccine, because the virus will continue to spread.

So nice to see the oracle this morning, aka Tony Blair to take time out of his busy schedule of saving the world to come and explain all the details of the vaccine rollout. Lovely.
Infuriating - Tony Blair is on SkyNews speaking away and not being interrupted at all Ridge treats him completely differently to the way she interviewed.
- Why did the government not act tougher sooner on the borders? Liz Truss - We put in place travel corridors... Ridge - Travel corridors aren't tough they're just saying you can travel to the UK from other countries?

Covid: French President Emmanuel Macron faces criticism for nonsense claims about AstraZeneca vaccine.
Bliar telling us what we need to do in the Future Wonder why he's not including the PS12 billion black hole with Dildo Harding and Serco Test Track and trace which has to be a crucial part of any of that.

When will you criminal be in in The Hague for CrimesAgainstHumanity?
Liz Truss says the government is on track to meet its target to vaccinate all care home residents and staff and expects positive news when Hancock makes a statement next week.
Excellent work by Liz Truss. The possibility of a deal with 11 countries at least 3,000 miles away, most of which we already have deals with, should more than make up for dumping one with 27 countries on our doorstep.

Tony Blair explains clearly how the more transmissive strains has impacted the 3 stages of mitigating pandemic, how we could have still had a separate purchasing agreement within the EU & how the world must act faster to cope with mutations. The leader we needed in this.

Wrong! Comrade Jezza was nowhere near the negotiating and voted against the agreement.
Keir Starmers Kill a Granny vaccination policy is just cheap political point scoring & has now massively backfired.
In Newspeak fashion, Minister Liz Truss falsely claimed that local councils were not facing cuts. She has insisted that the Tory Gvmnt was simply giving councils more flexibility to raise money themselves...

Macron's untrue criticism of the Oxford jab is especially bizarre given the issue France has with antivax sentiment & low levels of desire for vaccine take up ***nulb.
Truss claims border controls were tough. The self-isolation check was ringing a mobile phone.
Blair on Macron's AZ vaccine comments: -'It's obviously incorrect.' -'It's a good vaccine for those over the age of 65.'.
The people who hate Tony Blair over the Iraq War, how do you feel about Boris Johnson and his 100k plus dead?
Truss says a US trade deal is in the pipeline On joining the Trans-Pacific trade partnership she says unlike the EU there arent strings attached to it Those markets are growing faster than the EU market. We need to think about where we want Britain in 2030.

Ridge Do you think well look back & think not being tougher on borders was a mistake? Liz truss Weve taken the right measures at the right time with the virus The UK economy is open & we cant close the borders, you want fruit & veg right?

If we have a surplus of vaccine then we should share, first of all with Ireland as there is a land border but Tony Blair is right that after that we can't be in a position where the developing world is left behind.

Jeremy Hunt was health minister from 2012 to 2018. In that time all health authorities fell into crippling debt, 1000s of nurses were cut from the workforce and NHS wages were slashed. In comparison, Matt Hancock is just an incompetent apprentice!

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Liz Truss hints UK will share vaccines once the most vulnerable are jabbed. Says it 'won't benefit Britain if we become a vaccinated island' while the virus is still circulating elsewhere.
Watch the CRUSHING HYPOCRISY of BJ saying he will trigger Art 16 without hesitation two weeks ago.
Jeremy Hunt spent 6yrs running NHS into the ground - denying required funds, preferring to force contracts into the private sector. This left the NHS ragged, with a paucity of staff & supplies. When Covid came, UK was ill prepared - key damage happened on his watch!

"They withdrew it very quickly" repeated 3 times blair Yes I know I knocked you over in my wagon, but I did reverse it as soon I realised it had damaged the bodywork...
It's mad that the UK is turning its back on the EU on its doorstep to seek closer trade relations with Asia-Pacific rim countries on the other side of the globe, Liz Truss...
Nearly 95% of councils in England have concerns about the possibility of having to hold 2021elections. marr ridge Localelections in the UK are expected on 6 May 2021 in English local councils including in Hull and EastRidingofYorkshire.

Tony Blair on Ridge: The critical thing weve got to ask now is how we make preparations for the future. This mutation of the virus can happen at any point, weve therefore got to be much faster in how we deal with it.

Blair talks tremendous amount of common sense.
No one knows yet whether the vaccine is a one off jab or a repeat jab and I think we should be vaccinated annually until further studies are known about the vaccination.
On EU Article 16 shenanigans, Blair tells ridge it was a very foolish thing to do.
The pandemic hasnt highlighted a fundamental distrust in government. The pandemic has led to an explosion of conspiracy theories and fake news that has caused a fundamental distrust in government. I hope that can be fixed.

Tony Blair just sod off!!
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Truss drops a big hint that the UK will share vaccines with other countries - both "neighbours" & "developing" nations - once its rollout targets are hit It wont benefit people in Britain if we become a vaccinated island and many other countries dont have the vaccine".

Lauds the opportunity of dropping tariffs and selling whisky to Malaysia with CPTPP Malaysia is a Muslim country and 80% dont drink alcohol.
Oh deep Joy "Bliar" is on next talking peace agreement when he went into Iraq on circumstantial and anecdotal opinion.
.tradegovuk Sec trussliz: This is an issue of life & death! (3seconds later): The most important thing is protecting lives! (2min earlier): We did everything at the right time! 105,571 lives lost to.
Re vaccine issues - Tony Blair on Sophie Ridge is the first person ive heard clearly articulate the issues.
's hypocrisy on Ridge is quite breath-taking! Quick to dismiss any notion that he was 100% wrong in supporting Remain with his 'Yes, Sophy that was then but this is now ...!' No question that his support of Remain HUGELY helped drive the Leave vote so thanks for that!

"The equivalent of storming out of your local coop and going to Fiji every time you need some eggs...".
Boris Johnson allegedly influenced by Carrie Symonds Allegra Stratton Liz Truss is a rising star. Worthy of promotion Not really seeing that.
Tories in gov always makes NHS cuts What did Jeremy Hunt do to the NHS and how has he got away with it? openDemocracy .
Whats going on with Blairs sound? Has he got some children playing in the background?!
CPTPP "Have you done an assessment of how much this will boost our GDP?" Liz Truss..'these things are always difficult to assess'. So no.
Sophy not taking in any waffle this morning from TonyBlair. On Ridge. Her hair looking immaculate. The break did it good.
Ridge How many CASES of the South African & Brazilian variant are in the UK? Liz Truss Lets talk about vaccines instead shall we, we love it, were the best. Its unwise to talk about new variants NO FOLLOW UP FROM RIDGE.

Blair claiming he negotiated the Good Friday Agreement. I think you'll find that was Mo Mowlem and her envoy, Jeremy Corbyn. Blair just signed the bit of paper at the end.
Why isn't Saint Blair of New Labour in prison in The Hague for WarCrimes and CrimesAgainstHumanity?
Tony Blair says the EU's behaviour over NI was "very foolish" & criticises Emmanuel Macron for his comments about the Oxford jab saying "its obviously incorrect". Not often you hear Blair on the same side as Tories/Johnson & the opposite side to Brussels & Macron!

The virus is not ahead in countries that went for ZeroCovid! UK will remain in variant versus virus indefinitely unless UK goes for.
We have left EU for heavens sake! Don't have to keep re-justifying it.
, as much as I hate to say, from the Blair interview, proves that Blair is anprime example of proactive leadership. On the contrary Johnson is the prime example of reactive leadership!
2nd COVID-19 vaccine should be 21/28 days not 12 weeks. My 2nd appointment is even more than 12 weeks. Why is the government acting against the scientist and manufacturers recommendations.
OMG Sophie ridge is such a negative Tw*t. looking for a negative with UK's excellent vaccination efforts and Liz Truss's epic achievements with international trade deals. Why can't the MSM relish the positives of Great Britain?

What You Really Think

EU Border control rubbish, EU foreign court rubbish, being spouted about new trade partnership with CPTPP. No idea of value of this deal IF agreement to join goes ahead. Truss full of BS, no detail as usual.

It is Stay at home, Protect the NHS and save lives. You really must try harder to learn your lines!

Truss: We have been very tough on borders... Just another.

What will the ERG loons change their name to so that they can rubbish the Asia/Pacific trade pact?

Are you anticipating some big announcement about CPTPP by Truss?

China will probably take back all investment in London 40% assets hmm I suppose that is dependent on BorisJohnson takes control of his party...China is already against London. They may want revenge...Then the illegal importing That caused a epidemic outbreak...hmm...

Maybe you could ask her about Saudi arms sales .