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Sunday 24th of May 2020


"I dont have the details of that journey" says "We put the questions out there on social media in the hope that you might be able to find out the answers to them and youre coming on the programme and saying you dont know them. Why not?".

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps throwing himself under a bus this morning, a multiple car crash & trainwreck.
Yet more evidence of the breathtaking arrogance of this govt busking it on even after she posted the questions she d ask on Twitter he s making it up as he goes along & clearly couldn t be arsed to get properly briefed. What a disgrace he is.

Grant Shapps post and : "Peggy hold all my calls".
"I think most of these questions have been answered now." insists Dominic Cummings remained in the "same location" whilst going through "14 days of isolation" - saying "guidance didnt say you must only drive a mile to do that".

Shapps: Cummings followed guidance & stayed in the same place He drove 260 miles Shapps: Yes, but he stayed in the same place when he got there everyone.
2 weeks ago my 81yr old mother died from She hadn t seen or held any of our family in 8wks. Because WE abided by the guidelines set by YOU not to travel or allow us to see our mother. Shame on you for supporting.

in contempt of parliament and in contempt of the UK .
What most people will find deeply offensive about this interview is that after all the sacrifices he s telling us that we misunderstood the rules. He s trying to gaslight the country collectively live on tv. And we re not falling for it.

When will the Prime Minister show his face and explain to the British Public why Cummings is still in What sort of PM throws his Transport Secretary at a major Crisis?
Damming report in the Times today. The Govt allowing 20 days to elapse before going into Lockdown has cost 10s of 1000s of lives. Dominic Cummings story comes just at the right time to bury this.
Brazil has the highest death toll in South America. UK has the highest death toll in Europe. USA has the highest death toll in the world! What is it about nationalistic, ego-driven leaders?
Secretary for State of Carcrashes.
Are you going on the record to say the two new allegations against Dominic Cummings are not true? - says its "not true" that Mr Cummings travelled back up to Durham on 19th April, but adds he doesnt know about the second claim.

So many questions that require answers by this part time Prime Minister. It s time for him to step up, take responsibility & answer to the electorate that he s let down so badly. 19.
Alastair Campbell - Boris Johnson cant even tie his shoelaces without depending on Dominic weve now got a spineless, nodding dog cabinet simply because Johnson wants to keep one person in a job.
Grant Shapps given questions in advance by so he can give straight factual answers. Says instead I m transport secretary so doesn t need to give people facts. Ends interview laughing and smiling. The breathtaking arrogance epitomises this Government.

The key to this is that most people have gone to great lengths to stick to the rules - to save lives - as commanded by the Government. clearly did not. It s that simple. If he stays, what s left of the Government s credibility goes.

Steve Baker: "the lockdown law in practice is virtually repealed" This is dangerously misleading. To be clear - the lockdown rules still apply to you lot, just not to us.
Steve Baker MP - How are the police supposed to enforce laws when theyre now subject to such wide this means the lockdown in practice is virtually has to go.
More incompetence shown by Westminster Government. knowing he was going on 2 biggest Political shows of weekend, , knowing he will be asked questions on , and he didnt think it reasonable to contact Cummings or about the scandal?

On less than an hour ago saying & Wakefield isolated in a property adjacent to his parents in Durham with his sister & niece dropping off food. The question remains who fed this child??? If neither parent was competent to feed their child, how could they drive?

Grant Shapps - Dominic Cummings followed guidance & stayed in the same place - After he drove 260 miles Grant Shapps - Yes, but he stayed in the same place when he got there.
For many months Tories have reduced their availability for interviews across the whole of UK media. This is stark on Sundays where only one minister is sent out, briefed to deflect. No scrutiny - the Tories are hiding, none more so than Boris Johnson. Where is he?

Shapps knew the questions he would get on both and but has singularly failed to get answers from Cummings. Hes wriggling like a maggot on a hook.
Grant Shapps (aka Michael Green & Sebastian Fox) denied using pseudonyms & having a 2nd job while being an ...then confessed that he had been lying! Not one of his personas wants to be defending Dominic Cummings on the UK air waves right now.

Now Tory MP Damian Collins, Chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, has joined Steve Baker in calling for Cummings to go.
HOLD ON - You go to the place you re going to stay for your two week quarantine? So, nothing wrong with any of those people heading to second homes then? Or moving to go to family?Not as long as they then stay there for 14 days?

The British people made huge sacrifices during lockdown to protect each other from the virus. We deserve answers. The Prime Minister needs to come to the press conference this afternoon and explain.
From lockdown to meltdown .... "I dont this is going to go away unless Dominic goes" "Everyone else understood Dominics slogans to mean stay at home" says Conservative.
definitely some irony at play here that the Transport secretary Grant Shapps is showing everyone how to do a car crash.
Grant Shapps insinuating on that he hopes Dominic Cummings observed 2 metres of social distancing if he entered a service station between London and Durham. This is for someone exhibiting symptoms. The government is saying its own rules don t mean anything!

struggling on now trying desperately to divert questions notified to him yesterday into conversation about A55 dual Oh a car crash in motion.
"I dont this is going to go away unless Dominic goes" "Everyone else understood Dominics slogans to mean stay at home" says Conservative and "mums and wonder why hes been able to do this". He thinks the adviser should resign.

The British public deserve answers on Dominic Cummings behaviour. The Prime Minister needs to come to the press conference this afternoon and explain what happened. There cannot be one rule for Boris Johnson s most senior adviser and another for the rest of us.

No sympathy for Shapps being wheeled out as the Government s punchbag. If he doesn t enjoy lying, then he shouldn t have joined a Government of liars, led by a liar PM, whose signature policies are based on lies.

Our survey.
A must read today on 19 the days and weeks of dither and delays by the Government that cost thousands of lives.
A 13 year old child died without his parents by his bedside because of the lockdown rules. While that was happening Dominc Cummings was ignoring the lockdown rules and travelling to see his family. Sophy Ridge asks "How is that right?".

didn t put under any real scrutinising pressure (actually quite friendly) yet this performance is likely to go down as one of those disingenuous, amoral, conflating performances. Utterly blas on the national uproar over Dominic Cummings?

Poor old Grant Shapps.
Gove: "Caring for your wife and child is not a crime" Public: What about the lockdown rules? What about the efforts made by the whole nation to isolate the virus? What about the single parents who had to deal with more extreme circumstances?

Respecting right now. Shapps should have expected this. Esp straight after the show.
Cummings car has GPS tracker and his phone. If you want the truth of where and when. That s what the police would have checked if I did it.
No Grant Shapps the A66 is not more important than asking about a senior government adviser breaking the rules and undermining the public health message in the middle of a pandemic. has owned you because what he did was indefensible.

The Tories are gaslighting the UK. Whilst people missed seeing their dying loved ones, missed funerals, made sacrifices, the Tories are saying Actually, you misunderstood the rules just to save Cummings.

"Look at the office of the prime minister questioning and police force in Durham" says "undermining the police and breaking the rules" is a "very serious matter" & the PM needs to explain his advisors Dominic Cummings actions.

bet he wished he stayed in bed. First, grilling by now getting grilled by .
articulating the position from his constituents point of view and actually doing his job. At last a Conservative MP who realises you can t defend the is due for showing some independence of mind.
Shapps would rather talk about his transport plans on but instead chooses to publicly disgrace himself by defending Cummings. He pretends not to know all the details, despite being v sure which bits are fake news. Oh just fuck off, you dishonest, irresponsible prick.

In a few short months, Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings have wreaked utter havoc on the UK. Accountability thrown out of the window! Another 4 1/2 yrs of this, unless Parliament can do something. Moderate Tory MPs, are you proud? Is this what you signed up for?

He had the questions from 12 hours in advance. Couldnt answer because hed forgotten already, or wouldnt answer because of his own character flaws or trying to curry favour by defending the indefensible.

Isnt it nice to know that Nick Robinson and Laura Kuenssberg are paid 550,000 per year (combined), every year, by us under threat of imprisonment! Theyll continue there damage limitation exercise.
"I had hoped" to talk about "things Im an expert in" says Transport Secretary "Im sure its very disappointing not to be able to talk about the A66 as much as youd like on the programme".
he came back to london and hasnt been back like that is ok? He was travelling about the country during the lockdown.
I said the other day that Steve Baker had an axe to grind, it s now become apparent.
Shapps is going to need a new alias to go with his new arseholes.
I almost feel sorry for him . Total car crash on and now.

What You Really Think

Really great interviewing (cross examination really) ... very professional ..thanks.

I saw the tweets last night, thought you were making it too easy for him. But watching that interview makes you wonder if is capable of managing his brief.

It is only the media who care about this and it is because Cummings helped to deliver Brexit. Get rid of the chip on your shoulder.

"He has put out a statement " then quickly corrected it to Downing Street. Cummings unelected is basically in charge.

Surely all these MP s could have delivered food to facilitate Cummings to self isolate at his home in London shame on him.

The arrogance of this government is unbelievable,how does they ? Where is the PM, under which Rick is a hiding under. Are we really so less important to Cummings, who the hell does he think he is? Boris, regain your spine and get rid of that creep you call an advisor.

I feel a bit of a cough coming on so have decided to travel 200 miles with my family to our second now I know that it s ok to do so. Thanks for clarifying the rules. The memo is out folks, lockdown is over.

why are you dealing with this - shouldn t DomCum himself or Boris be targeted with these questions? In fact, where the hell is Boris? Nothing Prime about him at the moment.

Brilliant work Sophie. Grant Shapps, oh dear oh dear oh dear. The poor demeaned humiliated man.

The interview felt like he hadnt been briefed at all, in no opinion.