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Sunday 20th of September 2020

Heres The Running Order For This Mornings Show...

Labour leader Keir_Starmer says if BorisJohnson "knew what ]his deal] said" then why did he "miss-sell it to the country?" He says if the PM did know his deal had a problem it suggests "even higher levels of incompetence than we saw over summer".

"The idea we're in September scratching our heads saying "Oh, didn't expect children to get colds...I cannot believe that can happen" says Keir_Starmer as he attacks the government for problems getting people coronavirus tests.

'Would you support another national lockdown?' Keir_Starmer says he doesn't think "another national lockdown is inevitable", but it is "more likely because testing is all over the place", and the govt. "doesn't know where the virus is".

I have checked with my Chief Advisor and he confirms that the PS10,000 fines for lockdown will not be applied retrospectively.
Papers are reporting that No 10 is alarmed by the numbers the isolation rules. Where was this alarm when Cummings and their other advisors were flaunting the rules? It seems yet AGAIN, the government are following the slogan Do as I say, Not how I do.

Keir Starmer - Boris Johnson has to answer the question: did you know when you signed the WA what it said? And if you didnt know what it said then that means even higher levels of incompetence... ".
- What about having a mini lockdown coinciding with the October half term? Prof. Susan Michie(Independent SAGE) - That's much too late... the next two weeks are absolutely critical... we need to act now.

Just watched 2 interviews with Starmer and I still haven't got a clue on how he stands on anything apart from being against a wealth tax so his very first pledge he's a total shambles.
Fuck off MattHancock, bleating on about peoples behavior... people wonder how theyre going to feed their families, keep our roofs as we go into SecondWave SecondLockdown because if 150K aint enough for BorisJohnson then imagine the rest of Us on minimum wage manage.

Please Sophy call Hancock out for saying NHS test & trace!. It is NOT NHS test & trace, it is SERCO!.
Dido Harding said 1 million people a day request tests, how many are you doing Matt Hancock 200,000 get a test Marr Only 20% . a mere 20% of people who request a test are a actually getting one Hancock said on ridge hes proud of his team-nulb.

Why is it that Kier Starmer (on Scottish Independence) is all about distraction. Starmer's 'Don't because of the pandemic' is just another version of May's 'Now is not the time'.
Wait, Keir_Starmer shocked theres been no COBRA meeting... Should he not have said this instead No ifs no but no equivocation about schoolsreopeninguk ...
'You're a vegetarian - what's the thinking behind that?' Keir_Starmer says he became a vegetarian years ago "on the basis eating meat wasn't the right thing for the body and the planet" but admits he misses "bacon sandwiches, chicken curry".

Matt Hancock claimed to be following 'the science', but when challenged that one of his own SAGE scientists had said the late lockdown caused many extra deaths, the Health Secretary refused to accept it! He is cherry-picking science to fit his agenda...

Keir Starmer on Ridge: the PM has to answer the question: did you know when you signed the oven ready deal what it said? And if you didnt then that means even higher levels of incompetence than weve already seen this summer.

There's an expectation that gvmnt appointments for snr exec roles are undertaken with transparency, are competency based & the most highly qualified person gets the job How has Matt Hancock handed the new Institute for Health Protection chair to Dido Harding?

Matt Hancock replaced the standard method for recording Covid deaths with a measurement that only counts those who "died within 28 days of their FIRST positive test" - discounting huge numbers. Obfuscating the numbers only helps those hiding the real figures!

Wonder if Sir Keir backs the Labour council in Enfield banning meat?
If the Tories response to Covid had been like New Zealand and we had had relatively few Covid deaths, then yes fair enough Starmer should support the govt. But the UK has the worst Covid death rates in Europe and it's been and still is an absolute disaster.

Raab went over like a soggy tea-bag in USA. Govt must U-turn on * the law in very specific & limited ways if we can fudge it* nonsense by dropping InternalMarketBill Chap5 altogether. .BorisJohnson: you have no mandate to make UK a rogue state.

'Why is it okay for 30 men to kill grouse but it's not okay for seven children to feed ducks?' MattHancock says there are "a number of sports that fit within the Rule of Six because of the distance, because you're further apart".

On RidgeOnSunday Sir Keir Starmer claims the summer wasnt being used to prepare tests. This is incorrect. We expected an increase in demand and we increased capacity over the summer.
Would you report someone for not isolating when they should? "Yes, and everybody should" says Health Secretary MattHancock. "The way that we control this virus is by the chains of transmission" and following basic rules like "hands face space" saves lives.

Matt Hancock told private firms to 'join us' as he sets up his new health body. 'The best way through' is to partner with private firms...by handing them cash that would otherwise have strengthened the NHS. Reminder: Hancock took money from private health firms!

We should all report our neighbours for the rule-of-six, MattHancock tells us unequivocally. Just two words, Hancock: Dominic Cummings. Was he sacked for the rules? Or did you all throw a protective ring around him? Rank hypocrisy.

Papers report that No 10 is alarmed by the numbers the isolation rules. But they were so unalarmed when Cummings did it that they let him do a media conference in the No 10 garden ( Special Advisers' Code too) to defend himself destroying trust.

Starmer isnt a threat to the Murdochs and the Rothermeres of this murky world, he is an ally, and a friend of theirs will never be a friend of ours Tories Out? Yes. Starmer In? No. NEW one from me for today.

Matt Hancock says PS500 to self isolate now !! Bit fucking late Ireland 302 week Australia over PS400 a week PS250 a week for all your bills !!
'I would apologise, I would make fixing testing my first priority.' Keir_Starmer has called on Boris Johnson to apologise on testing and to reinstate the daily coronavirus briefing.
Hancock gave young people the message Dont kill your Gran A terrible & cynical way to offset blame from Gvmnt delays, bad policies and absolute ineptitude onto the youth - who don't have a platform to defend themselves. Despicable The blood is on Tory hands!

'Why is the testing system overwhelmed?' MattHancock says there has been a spike of people who don't have coronavirus symptoms asking for a test, leading to "enormous frustration" among those who did have symptoms and couldn't get one.

- How many actual people are being tested at the moment? Matt Hancock - 226000 people got tested yesterday. Marr - That's about 20% of those asking for tests.
How could Keir_Starmer possibly predict future financial policy when every man and his dog knows the economy is going down the toilet which makes it impossible to guess. If you have no revenue how can you budget.

'If the SNP win a majority in next years Scottish elections, should there be another independence referendum?' Keir_Starmer says another independence referendum will be "divisive", but discussions should not take place during the pandemic.

Its very true that Marr is far tougher interviewing Labour MPs than the Tories. Hancock got away with a stream of uncontested lies whereas Steer Kalmer was supposed to have come supplied with a full Labour Manifesto. Not a good look for the BBC.

Having watched Hancock on both Ridge and Marr it is notable how much better Sophie Ridge is at interviewing.
There is a minority of people who don't stick to the rules.
Matt Hancock proclaimed the 'world-beating' app being made to Track & Trace in the UK. He said there was 'no alternative'. A month later, the app had failed, he said that he had "backed both horses"... It is nearly October, The 2nd wave is here, where's the app?

So Keir_Starmer as basically just said that BorisJohnson should agree to and accept any of the EU Demands, even if that means surrendering Northern Ireland. UKLabour really just don't get it, they refuse to back the.

'What does your data show, are people following the Rule of Six?' MattHancock says people have become more relaxed with social distancing over the Summer, but "now is the moment when everybody needs to get back to the Rule of Six.".

- Will you apologise for the shambolic testing system? Matt Hancock - No, my team have done an amazing job.
Sunday Keir Starmer round of interviews Marr , Ridge etc, Labour no clear position on : Brexit , ScottishReferendum , steps to take re Covid19UK on supporting struggling businesses. Ie no policy as labour2020 opens !

Matt Hancock promising to strain every sinew again which means that everything that can go wrong again will go wrong again.
Blame the neighbours, blame the public...whatever you do, don't blame those who are in charge of this debacle of a response to covid! Cynical ploys by Boris Johnson & the Tories to try and deflect any blame for an inevitable 2nd wave!

What You Really Think

Here's my running order: 09.00. Don't turn on TV Happy days.

Watching Sophie with Hancock, great job - and that Piers Morgan is how you do a great interview - probing yet respectful, fact based yet revealing.

Wow first time watching you and really rubbish unstructured though rather pushy questions to Starmer. Awful.

Need to push hancock on childcare as it stands im on nopay for as long as restrictions in place northumberland need grandparents to help out please push this.

Any chance asking Hancock about possibility of Shielding being brought back?

Looking forward to this.

Ill watch it later, I cant face an (increasingly beleaguered) door MattHancock first thing on a Sunday morning, although Im willing to bet that hell mention following the science more than once!

Can you please ask one of them, how many people have recovered from Covid19. Some positive news would boost the country and allow for a light at the end of the tunnel.