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You grow the avocados yourself. Can't afford bread or electricity, so no toast. Throw rotten avocados at the landlord.
"Well minimum wage isn't designed for class="u-nolinkc" href="">people to live on their own, get class="u-nolinkc" href="">a roommate (or 5)!" Ignoring that when it was enacted, it was designed *exactly* for class="u-nolinkc" href="">a class="u-nolinkc" href="">person to be able to live on their own, ***and*** support class="u-nolinkc" href="">a whole damn family on it!

Because everything else makes the policymakers' donors money, but more wage would cost them more than they pay the lawmakers not to raise the minimum.

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Asking the real questions. min wage should be $25.

Because minimum wage isn't tied to inflation. although this could be the law at any moment our rulers refuse.

Corruption. Corporation don't want to pay higher salaries, and they bribe politicians to keep the minimum wage down.

Well just be a man and live in your car if you cant afford rent. Youll even have extra money to buy yourself some things. >! /s of course !<.

You shouldn't be paying taxes at all if you earn minimum wage honestly.

You're right, min wage full time doesn't "take home" $1,256 that is their gross ($7.25*52*40/12=$1,256.67) At that income rate their tax will be very small but still only taking home like $1,100/mo which is rich compared to many countries but in the US is poor as F. Anyone in the US with an internet connection and a high school degree and preferably no felony convictions can almost immediately get a job right now for $15/hour or more. Min wage should be higher but right now it's becoming less of an issue because of labor shortage.

Bold of you to assume someone can afford to leave.

Bruh on 7.25 people can't even afford to leave their own state. They know they got us locked down.

What's awesome is the same people who support this kind of shit spent the last 50 years giving us a reputation for being hostile to immigrants, ensuring that we won't be well-received anywhere else if/when we do decide to bounce outta here.

Good luck, theres people in Canada making six figures that cant afford a house.

I think they're trying to milk us dry, so that they can leave the country rich.

They're trying to enslave us in it. And it's working.

No. They're trying to make you desperate enough to commit crime. Then you become a tool for their free labour in the modern day enslavement system that is Prison.

Maybe we can form a caravan.

For real. Was looking into how to gain citizen in Spain last week.

Nah. They decided to make USD as valuable as company scrip.

That's if their is country willing to welcome us.

I already did.

No, the rich want the poor to die off or become indebted - aka indentured - servants.

Livable debt is exploitable once something can be exploited, people will exploit it (I'm referring to lenders, not the poor) I don't know the end game but that's the current stage we're in.

You have to pay like 2200 or more to denounce US citizenship, still cant afford to do that on minimum wage.

They want all the empty houses so they can upgrade to hotels on Boardwalk.

They still tax you when you leave too.

They did a 7.25x40=290. Then 290x52=15,080 for the year. Then 15,080/12=1256.667 per month. You did 7.25x40=290. Then 290x4=1160 per month. Both equations are valid in their own way but how many weeks each month has varies. So the only real way to get the correct number is 7.25x8=58, then 58xDays this month, but once again that number will vary month to month. No matter how you do the math though 58 dollars for a day's work is a steaming pile of horseshit.

The average rent in the US only breaks $1800 for four bedroom apartments. For a two bedroom it's around $1200. Wages are too low and the rent is too high, but op is also a liar.

Right I can't even afford to move to a cheaper place, even if I could find one.

And you typically have to make at least 3x the rent.

And minimum credit score requirements.

I'm pretty sure most of the world realizes the US is not the utopia it tries to portray itself as. There are absolutely countries that are worse off than we are though. I have a buddy in Iraq that's a doctor, and he's explained in detail why he wants to move his family to America but can't. The reason he can't is because the medical training he got in Iraq is insufficient in America, so he'd have to go back to school here for at least 4 years to be in the same spot he is in Iraq. He'd have to spend thousands upon thousands to relocate, and then take out student loans to go back to his career. That's not worth it. This country is fucked. I'll never argue against that point.

Marketing. feels over reels? Americans prefer comforting lies to uncomfortable truth.

What do you do? I've been trying to find something I can do from home but I have no idea where to even start looking.

Even the often stated median household incomes are a joke, only propped up by multiple incomes, roommates and side hustles. Most people don't make more than 35K a year.

Yes please please share what you do!!

And they'll pay a few bucks to have your body hauled away, spray some air freshener and put a new person in there for 20% more.

"JuSt MoVe To ThE mIdWeSt Or ThE sOuTh" Yeah, and get paid $12/hr for a job I'm making $18/hr where I'm at in exchange for rent that's only about $300/mo cheaper? No thanks.

Texan here. Average rent where I am was 950 before the pandemic. It's 1,300 now. And my area has been jerking itself off about being sO aFfOrDaBlE for years. Meanwhile the 2020 median income here was 29,000.

Yeah about that my apartment in Oklahomie cost $1245 a month and its not even a state with a coast.

Not anymore.

That's what they want. Making homelessness a felony which takes away your voting rights while they are profiting off your imprisonment is the goal. I'm running out of reasons to keep going on. I swear, when I've run out of reasons, I'm burning all this shit to the ground. No matter how poor you are, arson is always an option.

I'm Prison Mike!

Make sure it's worth it tho.

How tf is a 10% increase justified?? I'm guessing they don't even bother trying.

This is a math take I havent seen before and I am LOVING it. This is how you need to look at that .15 raise they give you. Id like to add the taxes portion though. $1.05 / 0.78 = $1.35 Thats what you need to stay even with a 10% rent increase.

Already done.

Banning roommates?

Dude. I never considered starting with a shed. This is going on my list of goals.


Just sell it all to land developers and move on to the next grift.

Foreign investment groups buying up houses is a bogeyman. Even if they were buying up all the property they would have zero reason not to rent it out. High prices are caused by lack of development, that is all.

We bought a house just before the market started creeping up in our area about 7yrs ago. We wouldn't be able to qualify for a home, now. We couldn't qualify before 7yrs ago. We got lucky, and I know that. We can only live comfortably because my in-laws live with us. Now, they can't afford to move because of the COL. (And I'd rather be struggling than still have them living here in MY House.) -It scares and sickens me that these statistics are laughed off by out-of-touch boomers running the country, and there's damn near nothing we can do about it.

That sucks the company I work for just gave everyone a 10% because of rising inflation. Not related to our yearly review either, every employee 10% immediately.

You grow the avocados yourself. Can't afford bread or electricity, so no toast. Throw rotten avocados at the landlord.

Avocado toast * daily latte = amount of lube required to make it not hurt.

Choke the landlord?

Landlords will have $556 mortgage, and charge you 4x so they can pay the $556 mortgage, live the high life, and work on buying more rental properties to screw over someone else. Renting is servitude.

> move to the midwest ]nervous minority noises].

$17-25 starting pay?? Wow. For what jobs tho? A lot of companies around me wouldnt dare pay $21 unless its like a mid to senior level job position. I mostly see $15 as the starting pay.

I thought that was high.

Crazy to think that someone makes 7.25$ a freakin hour and the government is still like, hey lemme get some of that. Lol.

Depends on how you do the math. But ya, its pre tax.

You just have to move to the most remote bumfuck area you can find.

Because these memes are by clueless teenagers, karma farmers, and people who fucked up their lives so bad that theyre making minim wage at the age of 25.

It isn't even the minimum in most states...

True, most people make more than minimum wage.

You really just wrote all of that out and thought all of that out and sound so confident, .yet, you don't know why Minimum wage was made in the first place?? It's absolutely supposed to be for one person working minimum wage to be able to support themselves AND THEIR FAMILY. And when you think about it that way, it becomes a lot more fucked up. See, you've clearly fallen into the "minimum wage isn't supposed to provide what other jobs and careers provide." They got ya. You fell for it.

Look up the reason a minimum wage was implemented in the first place.

Yeah it's really depending on apartment size and location I can find one bedroom apartments here in the Midwest for $600-$800 a month pretty easy.

>Its comparing the extreme low end of wages with the extreme high end of rent. As much as I'd like it to be, I don't know how this would be true. I mean average is an ambiguous word - does it mean median, mean, mode? - but it almost always represents *somewhere* in the middle, leaving both the high end and low end to different calculations. As far as the distribution of people making minimum wage, I really don't know. The US Federal minimum wage is criminally low, and cities in any state without a higher state minimum is likely to be crawling with minimum wage jobs. IIRC the whole country's cities are seeing a *rapid* incline in housing and other costs. I mean idk. I'm in Canada and while we *certainly* have our own problems, I am rooting for things to change in the US. Y'all deserve better.

Dont worry, a funeral is only like 7k, so its cheaper in the long run.

The taxes on my mortgage have gone up a grand total of 50 buck in 2 years and yet the rents here have gone up nearly 400 dollars in the past 8 months. It's 100% greed.

It's because living with a roof over your head is a commodity. Capitalism Kills.

Probably not a lot where rent is $1875.

Anybody that works for Dollar General for sure. That places is the worst.

Montana is 49th in income but rent is almost on par with Seattle and San Fransisco.

Yo. 4700$? Thats wild. Like wild. Thats more than all my monthly expenses combined. And I rent a 3 bedroom house, in Austin, own 3 vehicles, 2 dogs, etc.

I think you worded that wrong you just said that your entire income should go to rent.

What country?

If everyone moved to the inexpensive places they would become expensive.

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