Sunday 13th of December 2020

RL Stine Gives Himself an Award Yearly.

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Goosebumps books were like popcorn for me back in the day. When I was in like grades 3-5, I would tear through a goosebumps book in 30 minutes. Man I loved them so much.

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Wheres that Neil Cicerega goosebumps song when you need it.

I have a full set (60 ) first collection waiting for my niece when she is old enough to read them.

That's pretty neat.

What the hell is a custom book.

My girlfriend in college waited on the guy for dinner one time and said he was a complete asshole, so now idk how to feel.

I wrote to him in the second grade and he sent me a bookmark and a letter saying he enjoyed my unique spelling and was glad i read so many of his books.

Does your username check out?

This is indeed an enigma.


I dont get it.

I give away all my books, there's no point of them collecting dust on a shelf if someone can read them and benefit.

He could award it to Jack Black and have Jack award him the Jack Black Award for Actors Named Jack Black.

I mean you can give yourself your free weekly award and that's pretty much the same thing.

]I always go back to twin peaks when I'm in need of guidance, motivation, self-esteem, happiness; I can basically find anything I need in that show]().

Hope you are doing okay! Get some help if you need to. People care about you!

You do know you can just buy banana stickers, right?

Nows the part where you give yourself Gold.

He is the antiqueen.

When the movie came out and had him as a wacky character played by Jack Black, I suddenly wondered if he was real or if it was just a pseudonym used by a bunch of writers.

The More you know.

RL Grime has him doing introductions on his Halloween Trap set mixes. Guy is chill.

Who's in the tubes?

Well aint that cute.

The more you know.

He also wrote ]101 Wacky Kid Jokes]() under that name.

My school had this exact program, and is also the reason I started to love reading. I remember that you got more points if you read longer/harder books, and started reading those just so I could try to gave the highest points. Then I accidentally got addicted to reading.

I thought the same exact thing. We use those Magic Keyboards at work, and other than offering that hip graphic design aesthetic, they're useless and awful to type on.

I mean isnt that apple's shtick? "were the creative person's computer".

I read his autobiography as a kid - IIRC, he types with one finger.

/MechanicalKeyboards master race.

That's nice.

I've read through the dummy series and it still holds up.

No but I regularly fall asleep to the show.

I loved that shit as a kid! Now I'm going back and reading them in Spanish to help with learning the language as an adult. Honestly it's been so fun and brought back so many great memories! How I got my shrunken head was the one that really got me.

I just read Stay Out of the Basement yesterday and got chills at the end. You think they're okay and then it hits you with another twist.

No I'll never read them again.


Yes it is. RL Stine played Mr. Jack Black in the movie.

I concur.

I tend to agree.

Night of the living dummy was my favorite.

Haunted Mask is the only one that still freaks me out as an adult.

You deserve a metal.

I agree it's really impressive that he was able to write as many classics as he did.

Maybe I don't really see it.

I had a poster with a bunch of the books on there and I'd cross out all the ones I read through.

He was also at the end of the Goosebumps movie.

Yes, yes he did.

And now we wait.

You must be a skunk trapper because skunk trappers hard boil eggy to use for bait.

Man I think I'm gonna write him as a 20 year old man.

He is quiet the autor.

Depends talk to your local secretary of state office in the US.

A Twitter screenshot.

What a fucking legend.

That's neat.

I mean you're not wrong.

Your not the first person to say that, I looked him up and I knida see it but not for sure.

Fair enough.

Interesting. I read a lot of the Goosebumps series and I never heard of Fear Street.

I know right!

Your the third to say this and I still don't see it.

Yes he does.

That's sad too hear.

From what my friend said Red Rain was pretty good.

Yep, Red Rain was the book. It read just like a Goosebumps book just with swearing and some more graphic scenes. If you like his writing youll like this.

Totally agree. Context is everything when it comes to stuff like this. On point as always, my dude!

I mean who knows how long he's been giving himself this award.