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Sunday 13th of September 2020

Rockets Fans Watching Their Team Fail in The Playoffs Again.

Rockets fans watching their team fail in the playoffs again.
Rockets fans therapy session. Let it all out. This is a safe place.
How Harden leading the Rockets out of the bubble.
A delusional rockets fan once said no bro listen, the small ball works because the lakers have to adapt to it. *While being down 3-1*.
Ha yall thought the rockets could beat us.
Check on a Rockets fan tonight.
Since the Houston Rockets acquired James Harden in 2012: 1st Round Exits: 3 2nd Round Exits: 3 Western Conference Finals: 2 NBA Finals: 0.
Portland Trail Blazers had the best offense in the bubble when the playoffs began. Houston Rockets had the best defense heading into the conference semifinals. Lakers eliminated both teams in five games.

Lakers just annihilated a Rockets team of multiple MVPs in 4 straight games while the Clippers got their hands full with a young Nuggets team you just love to see it.
Lakers guard Rajon Rondo says his brother, William, called Russell Westbrook trash and nothing more and gave him the Damian Lillard wave when the Rockets star asked what he said. Rondo said his bother didnt say anything more and he is hopeful there will be no discipline.

James Harden says the Rockets are a piece away.
Rockets in 7! LeBron and AD.
Whole squad came together to close this one out. LakersWin KingJames: 29 pts, 11 reb, 7 ast kylekuzma: 17 pts Keefmorris: 16 pts DGreen_14: 14 pts AntDavis23: 13 pts, 11 reb CaldwellPope: 10 pts.
Rockets got eliminated from the playoffs. took some mushrooms to heal from this.
James Harden and the Rockets have now lost six of their last seven elimination games.
Rockets fans deleting tweets.
Im officially not tweeting about the Rockets getting knocked out of the playoffs.
Men really thought rockets had a chance.
LeBrons reaction during the Game 1 loss. Rockets had no chance after this.
Lakers end the Rockets' season and advance to the WCF.
What's that, I'm hearing? The Houston Rockets are not only incredibly unlikable and frustrating to watch, but are completely shitting the bed in the postseason yet again? Imagine my shock. This is the part where D'Antoni and Morey are shown the door, isn't it?

A Soviet kettle made in 1960s. The rockets start spinning when the kettle boils.
James Harden on the Danuel House situation: "Very, very disappointing." Said it effected the Rockets.
The Lakers beat the Rockets 119-96 and send them home from the bubble. Western conference finals here we come.
The worst decision the Rockets made in years was re-signing Eric Gordon and not trading him years ago when he was worth something. This new contract they stupidly gave him in the off season is money they could have just flushed down the toilet.

Russell Westbrook after making a layup to cut the Rockets deficit to 27.
Any adderall nose rockets tonight?
Rockets and raptors are out good shit.
Extremely tense scene just now in the Houston Rockets locker room. James Harden yelled at GM Daryl Morey, "f*ck your analytics & f*ck your China obsession. I want out." The rest of the team is stunned silent, source tells ESPN.

Rockets are so bad that Dudley got some playing time.
Westbrook really on the bench still looking for Rondo brother in he Lakers section while the Rockets season ending Im really crying.
We saw the end of the Herbalife Rockets tonight.
Jansen blows the save against the Astros minutes after the Lakers beat the Rockets to advance to the western conference finals. Things could have been worse.
Rockets playoff exits since 2014: '14 Lillard buzzer-beater '15 Lost to GSW '16 Lost by 33 to GSW w/o Curry '17 Lost by 39 to Spurs w/o Kawhi '18 27 straight missed 3s '19 Lost to GSW w/o KD (Curry had 0 at half) '20 Lost 4 straight to Lakers after winning Game 1.

Rocket fans burning Westbrook jersey right now. He was not playoff ready this series. Make a trade Rockets.
Does James Harden want Mike D'Antoni to return to the Rockets? "Of course. Of course. Mike has done some unbelievable stuff here.".
James Harden says he feels this team is a piece away. Says they just need to find that right piece to put next to him and Russ.
Back to Houston the Rockets go !
Harden fans can keep acting like Harden didnt shoot 2-11 FG last game and cost the Rockets while Russ played well This series finished after Game 4.
Rockets fans came back to reality real fast.
So, HoustonRockets, please, it is time to let go D'Antoni, his strategy it's never going to work, and each year it gets even worse. 2 Yeats ago he had the bes possible rockets team in many years, and even then he blew it... it is not all his fault, but a big part of it.

Plot twist: Kuzma & KCP just help eliminated Rockets out the Playoffs.
I actually like westbrook but this slander too funny hes still a great player. The rockets play style is just not a good fit for him.
Get them weak ass rockets up outta here already, shuda been a sweep.
About to roll this rockets pacc in a grape swisher.
Lakers advance to Western Conference finals by beating Rockets in Game 5.
Rockets fans stay silent forever and forever.
This rockets pack aint no weed this some dog laced with some fent!
James Harden: "I'm willing to do whatever it takes, especially to win.".
You cant say the Rockets got cheated tho.
Just a reminder from Rockets history: Jeff Van Gundy coached 4 seasons. Rick Adelman coached 4 seasons. Kevin McHale coached 4 seasons. Mike D'Antoni just finished his 4th season.
2016 - they went 41-41 and he missed all-nba despite averaging 29 a game. 2017 - switches to point, wins the assist title, puts up wild numbers to get that rockets team to the 3-seed. (russ got a triple double season playoffs, he aint losing that) 2018 - trophy.

There's a huge Western Conference Semifinals game tonight. Lots of things on the line. Fascinating series stylistically. Plenty of questions. Can the Rockets make adjustments? Will the Lakers lock in for all 48 minutes? Let's see what the pregame show is do-... oh.

WestBRICK for the rockets rn.
The Oklahoma City Thunder have the Rockets first round pick in 2024 and 2026, as well as the right to swap picks in 2021 and in 2025.
I thought AD & Bron WERENT gonna beat the Rockets & it was gonna be the end of the big man.
Lmao why would they ask him that, the man has part ownership of the damn Dynamo.
Mike D'Antoni on whether his run with the Rockets is over: "Well see what happens. I had four years. Hopefully it keeps going, but you just never know." He definitely wants to continue coaching, whether it's in Houston or elsewhere.

Call me crazy but hear me out... Harden requests a trade from Houston to Milwaukee, Houston also trades Russ for even more assets on top of the ones from Milwaukee... a pair of harden and Giannis is plain scary in Milwaukee and Rockets go full rebuild mode.

The rockets were ready to go home!

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