Wednesday 9th of December 2020

You're Now Ready to Roll - Now, Prepare to Rock! Which Skin Are You Equipping Your Warthog With?

Social Media Says

The House, in a major rebuke to Trump, easily passes defense bill with veto-proof majority on a 335-78 vote with one member voting "present." Trump plans to veto the bill over his unrelated concerns that it doesn't roll back protections for social media firms.

Roll something. Read something. Don't be afraid to do tha same thing twice. Its called practice.
Just speedran Cyberpunk. If you mash X repeatedly at the title screen, Keanu appears and says "Ugh, fine, I guess you are my little Cyberpunk. Come here" and the credits roll.
The GM/GN chat serves as a daily roll call for those who are on the Elder Council. Very exclusive.
Roll is tricky. Someone calendaring 300 ES is going to affect the book.
You blessed my camera roll.
Oh yeah I hate them both sooo much but Jamele Hill already gets a lot of hate for playing the race card all the time so this joke coming from her initially is just an eye roll reaction.
Who said my camera roll wasn't already this though?
U just need to roll ur back bone then lift ur butt bone :).
Alrighty since were all out here doing giveaways here's one from me! FOLLOW ME LIKE WILL ROLL IN LIKE 3 DAYS OR WHATEVER WHEN ITS TRADABLE! GOOD LUCK!
The Burbank School District has pulled To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, Huckleberry Finn, The Cay and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry from its shelves. First, they won't teach the history, now they won't teach the literature. This just makes me sad.

I'm not a famous, high-priced, presidential lawyer like Rudy Giuliani but I've never farted during a court hearing, I've never had brown dye roll down my face, I've never been in a hotel room with my hands in my pants with Borat's daughter and I wear a mask in the courthouse.

1. roll or bap, 2. dressing gown, 3. snicket or alley (depends his narrow), 4. crust.
Charlie Cox is reportedly reprising his roll as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in 'SPIDER-MAN 3'! He is rumored to be Peter Parker's lawyer in the film. (MultiverseMurph SpiderMan3 Daredevil).
I hope this gets appreciated by main stream media. Thank you for tweeting this info as we prepare for the covid vaccine to roll out.
My camera roll after every sunrise.
Lol...slow your roll trying to force people to take this when in the UK people are already showing side effects from taking it.
Thats a weird photo! They didnt even roll his sleeve up to apply the injection?!!
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court rejects last-minute suit from Republican state House Reps led by Daryl Metcalfe to roll back certification of the vote. This leaves the Texas challenge before SCOTUS as the only active court challenge to the state's results.

Roll, Robe, Alley, Bread Butt.
Winter is near, but theres still time to get vaccinated against flu. Flu vaccination saves lives so roll your SleeveUp and get your flu shot today. Find a location near you.
The promised neverland Its in Netflix and crunchy roll, plus Its short unlike most other animes.
Sounds like me at my friends wedding smearing a fat glob of horseradish or some shit on my dinner roll and immediately crying bc why is the butter so spicy.
Roll robe alley butt.
Roll, robe, alley, heel.
I really thought stop, drop and roll was going to be used a lot more in life by the way they emphasized it in elementary school.
You're now ready to roll - now, prepare to rock! Which skin are you equipping your Warthog with?
Georgia Republicans outline a plan to restrict mail voting and roll back the election laws that contributed to the state's record-high turnout in the presidential election unwinding rules the party itself put in place.

Ill roll a blunt with a neo.
You make it more costly boring for people to organise things the way they want to, like EU funds delegating the mgt of those funds to London fund managers, Its like eroding a coastline. Roll forward 10-20 years. Most people have complied.13/.

Know that every time Im in my camera roll I go back to it and stare proudly. Thought Id share that.
1. Roll 2. Dressing gown 3. Alley 4. Crust.
1) Roll 2) Dressing Gown 3) ginnel 4) The shit part Anything else is wrong.
On a roll!
It most likely wont affect it they wouldnt roll out a vaccine that will affect the population that bad.
FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE x LINKIN PARK - THIS IS HOW WE ROLL I put my childhood of listening to LP to the test! Check it out! Thanks to RossOfTheYear for his camerawork/driving, & Morgan for encouraging my ridiculousness!

I used to just think of nonbinary, but I've ended up in enough spaces where both are used that i think of both lol. My first assumption is usually still nonbinary though since i follow a lot of people who talk about gender fairly frequently.

Roll on 2021.
Damn, woman, you on a roll! And I am here for it!
Man just roll me.
Is on a fucking ROLL today. It's his party and he'll cry if he wants to.
What Seniors Can Expect When COVID Vaccines Begin to Roll Out by.
One of them days... roll on bed time.
My camera roll has taken over my storage so time to spam a ridiculous amount of tiktoks :).
He is an A.I. unit that all the organics fear. That said if we do run in to intelligent alien life I would love to see what their equivalent to Facebook is if it exists. Also I could see the MAGA folk instantly roll them aliens in to a conspiracy guilty or not.

1. Roll 2.Dressing gown 3.Ginnel 4.Heel.
Depends on the magics initiative roll.
Orange Chocolate Crescent Roll Pull-apart Bread.
Bread roll, dressing gown, alley(way), back bread.
Dukaan Growth Hack N 1: One of the key advantages that we've got for choosing "Dukaan" as a brand name is an existing monthly search volume of 33100 for the keyword "dukaan" And then we crushed the SEO ASO part - exactly the same way how we roll.

You mean you dont??? i cant let my camera roll stay unorganized for more than an hour.
I cant open my camera roll in front of anyone anymore bc theres so many nudes from starting onlyfans ***nulb.
A roll, dressing gown, alleyway, the heel.
It's how they roll.
I roll my eyes at Jemele Hill fairly often these days, but this was clearly a joke?
You Can Tell Whos From Facebook && Whos Not ! The Ones Who Get Upset When You Quote They Tweet && State YOUR Preference. Lmao Yeah You Needa Take Ya Ass Back To The Book We Dont Roll Like That On Here.

Your camera roll if jungkook was your boyfriend ; a thread [?].
Girls that roll their own joints >>> Sub to OF/ livviluxe for more of this canna-bitch.
In this self-penned 1 country single from 1957, Mr Don Gibson shows his decades-long affinity for mixing country and rock and roll, as well as sadness and cathartic celebration. I pronounce it an excellent midweek pick-me-up, thank you sir.

1. Roll 2. Dressing gown 3. Alleyway 4. Outsider.
Our a la carte menus Ceylon Rabbit Roll is simply irresistible Served with orange cinnamon chutney and pickled beetroot, its just the thing to get your time at Sindhu started, before embarking on a journey of chefatulkochhars traditional Southern Indian fare.

Some are happy about MassGovernor's roll back on reopening. Some are somewhat unsatisfied. "I give it a golf clap," said Cassandra Pierre, medical director of public health programs at Boston Medical Center. "And I think that we need to keep going.".

A roll, a housecoat, a Lane or alley and an outsider.
Pokemon Gachapon Adopts! For the lowest price you get a random design, pay more to autobuy 1 of your choosing! Each roll - $12 CAD Choose your own - $25 CAD Numbers 28 29 and 30 are rare and cannot be auto bought! Paypal only! Dm or reply to request a roll! 's appreciated!

To those who held the line, who never gave up hope, who knew there were warrior patriots fighting for this Republic ,We give thanks to Almighty God that you stood . May TRUE freedom roll like mighty thunder across this land ; Followed by a cleansing rain of peace .

Happy Holidays from CATS! When you see the CATS Holiday Bus roll up to your stop, your fare is FREE!
Van Canadians going from short-season Northwest League to High-A is exciting if Im a BC baseball fan. Theyll see every elite prospect in the system and will now roll from April to September.
Heads are going to roll. RepubliKKKan rats are already jumping.
Cinnamon Roll my favorites.
These two photos being next to each other in my camera roll just makes sense.
Let's just examine that tweet for a minute. By "roll out" do you mean "literally just administered the first jab"? By "continue wearing masks into next year" are you forgetting there's less than 3 weeks left in this one? By "probably" do you mean "if rules aren't followed..".

How the CEO's Roll Needs to Adapt with Scale.
Will this be available to everyone? What is the roll out plan?
You mean having people stand up for the truth, and for courts to expect evidence when judging a case. That's why you are gone. Most people realized the path we were on and kicked you out. As you are good with judges making decisions with no evidence let the cases roll in NY.

With BaltimoreMD making the difficult decision to go carryout only starting Friday lets use this thread to promote your favorite dish in the city. Heres the crabcake egg roll from JimmysSeafood, burrata from VerdePizza & the grilled wings from zenwestcantina!


Its time to roll up my sleeves and get to work on this BBC!!
Roll, dressing gown, alleyway, bread end aka the shit no one eats.
Roll, Housecoat, Alley, End.
Roll, bathrobe, alley and heel.
1. Roll 2. Robe 3. Alley 4. An abomination.
Roll, Dressing gown, Alleyway, Crust.

What You Really Think

Id prefer the legendary golden warthog so yellow hog it is!

Yikes I mean it can be pretty cool. But pink seats and all those colors. Please don't go too far into the Halo 5 theme. That game can be buried I wouldn't mind. Love Halo Wars 2 though!

I don't give a shit about skins for my Spartan or vehicles...its honestly stupid.

Rally hog is the best one.

Forklift Warthog when?

Arctic obv.

Depends if 343 ruins things and puts skins behind paywalled loot boxes.

La verdad no eh gastado mis tokens desde la temporada 1 ya que no ah avido nada bueno. Solo visores y skins de armas.


Swear the U.S. military should work with these dev's.

Where is halo 5 on pc.

Got to go with Corrosion! Love the look of my hog being messed up. Hazard Pay is probably my second choice.

Like this tweet if this is killing halo.

These look like ForzaHorizon projects in my future.

I'm happy that these older Halo games are getting updated. I still love to play these during game nights. Very happy with how MCC has come along over the past few years. Good job 343 industries!!!

Corrosion or Rally.

Some one recreated the Rally hog skin in Forza horizon 4 I think.

Halo: Reach needs vehicle and weapon skins, too, please.

Can I get an early entry beta this Christmas for my best friend? I preordered Infinite for Christmas for him but it wont be out until next year. Itd mean a lot. Hes your biggest fan.

It doesn't matter cuz it will be crimson red from the children I run over.

Now bring back playable elites and a really cool flood mode.

Can't wait to play halo infinite looking for the game.

The Artic is.


Cant wait to have to buy skins and colors for armor its going to be sick !

Antifa out here getting warthogs???

As long as it's not hidden behind artificially inflated loot boxes or any kind of DLC, this is cool.

Do you have any plans to make these vehicle skins permanent on forge? I feel like having set themes for vehicles would be lovely for map makers.

Def hazard pay. Y'all should bring the Jurassic Park skin over to Halo 3 next season.

Hmm, not seeing any with flames or go faster stripes.

Que incrivelllll.

Lmao dead game, spiderman is better.


Just needs a place to store a few Butterfinger bars for the road.