Sunday 16th of August 2020

Rolando Romero Wins by Unanimous Decision Over Jackson Marinez 3/5 Nulb.

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Ole on Sergio Romero: "He is in a goalkeeper department with one of the best from the last 10 years. "It says a lot for Sergio that he always plays well. Hes motivated and concentrated.".
Justice for Romero.
A big blow for Manchester United ahead of their Europa League semi-final against Sevilla, with the news that David De Gea starts ahead of Sergio Romero.
Oh Harry hmmm. Romero will be comfortable in knock out games then boom he's benched in semis.
Romero when he gets us to 2 semi finals but gets dropped both times.
Thought Bailly deserved to keep his place, and feel a bit for Romero.
Agree with Romero. Matic not so much, Fred has been our best player post covid. His performances versus big teams was immense, I expect the same tonight.
Romero, the ultimate professional and an outstanding backup treated very unfairly once again.
Romero gets us to another semi-final and still gets dropped for De Gea for the 3rd time...
No Romero or Matic, didnt expect it.
Sergio Romero needs to leave ManUtd, this disrespect is too much.
Romero has been done dirty. De Gea howler inbound the neet.
De Gea instead of Romero?? what is Ole thinking??
Not starting Romero will be a mistake (again).
De Gea recalled. But why? Romero doesnt deserve this treatment he gets from Ole.
DDG just cost you a semi final and you say you feel sorry for Romero and blah blah blah you make the same decision again..??? Copenhagen last week show se Fred nuh ready and you start him again kmt coach ya want coupe hard box.

Given how United struggled for balance/control vs Copenhagen,I'd have thought Matic would start today.The decision to drop Romero for DDG is probably unnecessary.DDG hasn't been the same since Ole stripped him of captaincy after his Newcastle post game interview. It's on Ole.

Why drop Romero for DDG and Bailly for Lindelof. Hope they do well.
Romero should be gutted. Keeps happening time and time again. This has been his competition. Trust him to continue to do his job. Same switch that cost United in the Fa cup. ***nulb.
Romero robbed??
As a ManUtd fan I really want us to win so bad especially when it is Sevilla but Still yet Romero Deserves Better than this, Solkjaer needs to Man up.. De gea for league, Romero for cup games.
Romero 4 de gea. Matic 4 fred.
Gotta feel for Romero!.. Wouldn't be surprised if he leaves come end of season!..
Romeros been dropped.
Bad call on dropping Romero over De Gea.
Idk why Romeros been dropped but can see why he may have started Fred.
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Harsh on romero. Really hope de gea doest throw in a soft 1 tonight.
Brazilian artist Romero Britto visited this woman's restaurant and treated the employees poorly. She then went to his Miami exhibit to purchase and destroy one of his works. Never go to my restaurant and offend my people. I respected you as an artist.

Feel really bad for Romero.
Matic for fred and Romero for DDG wtf you playing at Ole.
Romero will be on the bench look like.
It's just a confirmation that Romero will leave next season. It's a disrespect towards such a good goalkeeper who works hard to led his team in all the cup semifinals but always get dropped by De Gea. And De Gea always dissapoints us.

I hope United get absolutely smashed for dropping Romero!
I honestly think Romero and Matic should be in this line up.
Carabao Cup Semi Finals- De Gea FA cup Semi Final- De Gea Europa League Semi Final- De Gea Despite Romero playing all through these competitions, Nah, Ole didn't try here, atleast have faith in the guy that brought us this far.

Romero is our cup keeper and it's unfair on him not to play.
I don tire.. Should have just stuck with Romero.
I dont agree with Romero being dropped ,this is his tournament, Ole has to show faith in him , plus Matic needed to start in this game in CDM , both Pogba and Bruno attack with more free flow when Matic is behind them , they trust Matic , I hope the changes work for Ole !

Why drop Romero? We loosing this Match Again.
De Gea ahead of Romero.
Wanted Romero to start ngl and Matic over Fred, ahh I dunno about this semi-final you know.
Key changes are De Gea in for Romero and Fred for Matic. I can see why Ole has gone with De Gea and perhaps Freds dynamism sees him start over Matic? Strong enough line up to get the job done nonetheless!

So much at stake and scrutiny will be on his shoulders, at least if its Romero people can shrug their shoulders and brush it off as a performance of a backup keeper.
If De Gea makes another mistake today I will not blame him all they blame should go to ole the amount of disrespect on Romero is just 2 much.
I have heard Leeds want Romero so Henderson is coming back to fight for the No1 shirt with DeGea.
Dont know how I feel about this lineup tbh, I feel for Romero but this is one of them games where we might require some physics defying saves from DDG. Every other area is what I kinda expected. Just want a W please!

Big decision to start De Gea instead of Romero after what happened last time. No chance he messes this up surely.
Awful awful decision to drop Romero.
Why De Gea and Fred now ? It's should have been Romero and Matic now Well all the same red na red let's go Com'on lads let do what we know how to do best Win! Win!! Win!!!
Romero is our cup keeper. why is he just being dropped out of no where? what has he done to be dropped?
Bc Romero not starting is going to cost us again. FFS after the season De Gea has had, Romero deserved fo start.
Na our Man United XI: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, Lindelof, Williams, Fred, Fernandes, Pogba, Greenwood, Martial, Rashford No Romero MUFC GGMU Dnulb.
Romero not starting - DDG best not be dropping clangers.
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Why not Romero?????
Romero probably on the way out if deano is staying tbh. Still unfair to drop him though in my opinion.
This is a big slap on Romero tho, why starting DeGea?
Livescore: Man United vs Sevilla Europa League Latest Score, Goal Updates, Team News Read> De Gea MUNSEV Auba Romero Manchester United Matic.
Im really peeved about Romero being dropped again for an out of form Dave. Asking for trouble.
Only have a problem with De Gea starting instead of Romero!!! Hope he has a perfect game!!!
De gea has no right to be playing in this game could be very costly, Romero deserves better. But anyways cmon LADS.
You dont respect Matic and Romero!!! Its a shame.
Lmaoooooooo. Him bench matic, bench Romero, I hope we win but we look like we gon lose.
Im assuming this aint you guys.
Romero benched just like in the FA Cup semi-final and no Matic.
Romero, even!
No the bigger call is DDG over Romero.
Romero deserved this. After 5 years in the club and still being consistent.
I love De Gea but Romero should have started. The latter feels like a saint - he deserves better than what he gets at United. Hes far better than a lot of other clubs first choice keeper.
Disrespect shown to Romero Midfield is going to get overrun Williams is going to be targeted.
Ole Gunnar isn't serious. How do you bench Romero, Matic and Lindelof in this game? Romero has taken us to semis and now can't be trusted? This is madness! ManUtd should be serious.
Come on Romero should be starting...
What has Romero ever done to Ole? This would be the third semi final De Gea is starting ahead of Romero Weve lost the previous two God help us.
Bro why the bench Romero tho!
Almost 100% lineup that, still a bit unfortunate for Romero but Dave will always have my support.
I feel so sad for Romero He fucking started this Why did ole have to bench him...? And i hope his plan with De Gea goes well.
Not worried about that one. Fred beens decent. Matic comes on just in case. What I am worried about is DDG for Romero - praying hard that he steps up tonight.
See 76k people are tweeting please look at the 8weeks RememberMyNoah a wee child from.
So I just spoke with Rudy Hernandez, he said with a guy like Romero, he would literally just have him shadowbox for the first month, if he was working with him. Wouldn't even let him in the heavy bag, till he worked out some flaws. Young boxers, take shadowboxing seriously...

Romero should be starting ffs.

What You Really Think


He lost bro.

Stop lying, rolly lost that bitch.

MARINEZ beat Rollie like Castillo and Maidana beat you in the first fight. Instead of helping your fighter, you just made him look like a straight bitch in front of the boxing world. You hurt boxing as fighter and now as a promotion.

Rolando did not win this fight!!!!!


Give that belt back!! robbery.


Oh Really? Call the cops, worst robbery in history?

Rolly is a joke.

Don't let Rolly on social media...he gonna become a head case if he says what the fans think.

You did a disgrace to boxing tonight...forcing a fighter on us who none of want to watch fight again (Rolly didn't do anything but eat punches) you robbed boxing & a young fighter who should be in the mix. You got the W but you gained no fans. Shit was garbage.

Hell nah Marinez clearly won.

How much yall paid the judges? Rolly got his ass rolled.

Lmao yall robbed Marinez. Fucking disgraceful decision.

Such BS he lost that fight and any elite light weight are all eating his ass up. All that he talks about Ryan Garcia lol Garcia destroys this bum.

Pre determined score cards.

Youre really going to post this like he actually won that fight? Your boy got straight tagged up the whole fight. The fans know when the fix is in, just read the comments.

I'm so glad I stopped watching boxing after Maidana vs Floyd 1. It's a joke. Mayweather is always paying off the judges. He's a cheater and same with his squad.

When will the rigging of fights end floyd!?

Fck you Mayweather. Marinez won!

Fucking absalute robbery.

Getting floyd mayweather flash backs dude robs robs.

Judges gettin that paper.

Way to disrespect the sport, the fans and steal money from Marinez. Your boy got his ass handed to him.


Erase this stupid bullshit , hes a clown and terrible fighter.

Romero got punch in the face all night and won.

Robbery. Yall paid them judges no doubt.

Bullshit. Robbery is an understatement.



This fucking bum lost thank the judges KingRyanG don't fight this bum you'll kill him.





Money Talks I guess. Worst robbery I seen in years.

Lol k. Marinez whooped that ass.

He asked if he was winning because he missed half of the punches.

You know he lost that shit like you did to maidana lol.


Martinez clearly controlled most of that fight. Sadly, it was a fixed fight. I guess Mayweathers boy is set free bc Floyd paid the judges.

What a joke.

Boxing so corrupt bro and yall didnt even try to hide it.

Thnks to the deep pockets of Floyd. No way he won that fight!

Death of boxing is all in the judges hands .


BULLSHIT! Your boy got schooled!

Bull shit this is why boxing is becoming a joke he clearly lost smh.

What a fucking joke.

Who paid the judges?

Roubado isso ai hein.