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Tuesday 11th of August 2020

The Murdoch Method: Morrison's Failure to Prepare The Aged Care Sector is a Failure by Anonymous Federal Bureaucrats. Meanwhile, in Victoria, All The Blame is Attributed to DanielAndrewsMP Personally. Murdoch And His Editors Operate One Giant Protection Racket For The Liberals.

University of Memphis president Dr. M. David Rudd on our show this morning: The AAC has made a commitment to move forward. We will revisit if there are new issues.".
Sun-Herald says $100m loans & grants to NSW by Morrison govt for infrastructure related to social housing is historic. Only in its lack of ambition. Think of post WW2 housing boom and Rudd GFC stimulus: almost $6B to build c.20,000 homes & upgrade c. 80,000. Thats historic.

This is who Hastings voted in, in 2019, with a bigger majority than Amber Rudd. And I, who stood as an anti-corruption candidate, was accused of splitting the Labour vote. Pathetic.
Amber Rudd, Andrew Neil and Nicky Morgan allegedly are in the running to be the next chairman of the BBC. Who would you prefer? My preference is Andrew Neil. Please Retweet.
Very true, Mr Rudd. You are absolutely correct.
Oh no! Why did the Premier abandon his post and travel to the RMH to personally issue a totally inappropriate fine? He shouldn't have! Rudd also should not have personally electrocuted apprentices.
Rudd throughout more than ScoMo. And that's allowing for inflation.
Pul Rudd creampie.
Holt, he just done disappeared. Nah Turnbull then Rudd. Julia wasnt a PM she was a woman!
Peter Garrett lost his Position Kevin Rudd Apologised to the NATION for the Death of 3 Over 100 Deaths in AGED CARE richardmcolbeck still the Minister ScottyfromMarketing SAYS NOTHING to the NATION.
Whitlam, Rudd, Gillard, Turnbull.
Rudd, Gillard, Whitlam, Turnbull, Keating, Fraser.
Gillard was a dream compared to Rudd.
Kevin Rudd.
I saw this thinking it was made in 2020. It's unrealistic! Reese can't make a decision to save her life. Paul Rudd playing Paul Rudd the sensitive guy woman fantasize about but don't want to be with. And Owen reminds me of me; polyamorous yet trying to be monogamous. Skip it!

Other candidates are Amber Rudd, Nick Morgan and George Osbourne!! Imagine one of those as chairman (chairhuman for all the woke).
PNE's Declan Rudd is looking forward to working with new keeper coach Mike Pollitt - the fifth during his time at North End - when pre-season training starts on Thursday.
Kevin Rudd What is it about the far-right's deeply personal rants about Dan Andrews? Yet no similar personal treatment of Berejiklian and Dutton over the Ruby Princess or systemic aged care failures. Victorians are going through a lot and they need our support right now.

]NEW POST] China & US War in 3 Months? - The former Labor Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd has come out in a piece he wrote in Foreign Affairs Beware the Guns of Augustin Asia.
Rudd followed by Gillard followed by Turnbull.
Rudd, Turnbull, McMahon.
For context - another grand aunty's account of Cootamundra given to local ABC just after Rudd's National Apology in 2008.
Shameful, on top of priests getting jobkeeper...remember how the Libs carried on when the families of dead people received a GFC stimulus cheque under Rudd/Swan...this is nuclear in comparison.
Rudd/Gillard, Turnbull.
"Neglect of Aboriginal services is worse than Rudd claims, since 2014 ... the Government has either enacted or foreshadowed $1 billion in funding cuts." Still, media swallows Morrison's "innocent failure" spin.

Except for my cousin, Uncle, YesPaulScrivens, PaultAltazin, Giamatti, Weller, Rudd, Bettany, Thomas Anderson, Heaton, Orndorff.
Rudd and Turnbull. I don't really remember Keating, but I'd put him 3rd.
Something my mum taught me years and years and years ago, is life's just too short to carry around a great bucket-load of anger and resentment and bitterness and hatreds and all that sort of stuff! "Kevin Rudd" Shadmehr, Tajrobeh Kon - 2016.

ALSO, Paul Stephen Rudd. Goodnight!
Ugh, Turnbull should never be given opportunities to speak about welfare/equality. Neither should Rudd, Gillard or any ex-PM. They all had their chance & chose to fuck the poor give other people platforms.

Theres so much to love in this little clip: -Danai dancing -Tessa laughing -Mark having no clue whats happening -Renner being Renner -Rudd being Rudd.
Cant split Rudd and Turnbull.
Gay paul rudd movie.
I pictured a Rudd Gillard Rudd human centerped thanks arsehole.
The Rudd method.
1. Keating 2. Rudd 3. Gillard.
Gillard or Rudd. Hard call.
Rudd, Gillard, Turnball.
You people have some real problems correctly attributing accountability. Rudd wasnt responsible for dodgy employers during the pink batts thing, and Andrews isnt responsible for security companies cutting corners.

Who did you knife Rudd, Julia Rudd ?
"Murdoch's not an idiot, he doesn't own newspapers for profit, he owns them for power": Kevin Rudd...
Turbull would have to tie with Rudd I think.
The british owe us some gunboats and rifles . We have enemies among us . I endorse the Rudd Concession .
Its a tactic- ramble on and basically either bore or confuse the questioner. Either way outcome achieved. Rudd did it as well to great effect.
Rudd-Gillard plus Turnbull too.
Heard that before! In Gillard yrs & 2nd Rudd Govt daily papers & TV news full of Debt spiralling out of control & budget free fall Labor had added $23.4 billion in 1 yr By Mar 2019 - Coalition had added an average of $54.4 bn each of previous 3 yrs Nothing in MSM about that.

I love Paul Rudd.
Close between Rudd and Julia Gillard.
Fabled 2-stroke tuner Stan Stephens joined the shift towards 4-strokes in 1994 when he produced this cool Yamaha for the national Singles series. With an XTZ 660cc motor in a Harris chassis it was used by Barry Rudd on the short circuits & taken to victory by Jim Moodie at the TT.

1. Rudd/Gillard/Rudd 2. Whitlam 3. Turnbull.
Depressing comments on here attacking Rudd. Seems many are quite happy that a mendacious Murdoch is kingmaker in Oz, USA & UK. I think same folk would be happy living under a dictator.
Nope. But with Rudds platform, hes one person who probably could get something real happening. Thats not going to happen on Twitter.
When you making so much money a vacay is probably the last thing you think of.
Side note: I admittedly put Rudd in much, much worse company than he maybe deserved, but turns out he was on a bit of a spree at the time? Story: Response: Collection of responses.
Me on my wedding day knowing the groom isnt paul rudd.
This is the issue, Mr Kenny. Increased authoritarianism (and Presidentialism) from Prime Ministers. Rudd, Credlin, now Morrison.
A two page letter Kevin Rudd sent a boss who had not yet started about two sentences I wrote about him whinging about the Greens/CPRS mess amidst the 2019 bushfires.
Rudd! Just Rudd! What a dick.

What You Really Think

Absolutely. I'd love to set up a think tank about how we can handle this bullshit and provide balanced news reporting to the people of Australia.

Keep up the great work Kev - need to rid ourselves of the Murdoch virus that has killed democracy in this country .

Kevin The failures by Andrews are the cause of the problems in Victoria's aged care sector.

Speaking about failure... Remember?

Is that the same as when you failed to prepare the Roof Bats policy and 4 people died?????

Personal experience: I wanted to get a lady out of private aged care two Mondays ago. I was explicitly told you cannot DHS Victoria is in Charge & has refused permission I threatened legal & media action. Thirty minutes later I was told DHS Victoria hv approved your request.

The LNP will never need a state run media as long as Murdoch has them on his payroll. 70% of our media is bias and 20% is to timid to say whats what - leaves a meager 5% who actually report news and inform debate.

The Rudd method.

Still bitter.

It cost Morrison 10 million dollars of taxpayers money for this trash to be printed.

Deeply distressing: NSW Health email told Newmarch House not to use PPE around all residents NSW Health told staff at coronavirus-stricken Newmarch House not to use PPE unless they were around aged care residents who had tested positive or were showing symptoms.

Depressing comments on here attacking Rudd. Seems many are quite happy that a mendacious Murdoch is kingmaker in Oz, USA & UK. I think same folk would be happy living under a dictator.

You obviously did watch last night with bolt attacking the PM. Short sighted.


Do you have a private secretary monitoring the Murdoch media for you? Or is this a hobby?

I watched the first two episodes of The Rise of Murdoch and it is gobsmacking. You can draw reflection of exactly how dirty politics is being played here in Australia. We are under intense propaganda for me very angle. It is a must to have aparallel Media or we are doomed.

Two words for those COALition neo-cons from the NewsCorpse Party criticising the Vic Govt: ***RUBY PRINCESS*** ...those in glass house shouldnt throw stones...

The Andrews Government is elected and paid to deliver correct governance and process They failed in this pandemic in so many wasy lets not delfct away from the heart of the isues.

Replace 'Covid' with 'Rudd' in that article and you'll realise what happened to you. ScottMorrisonMP is doing a great job at leading this country.

The big trouble is that people actually believe the Murdochracy.

Whats Dan covering up for you slimey?

You are correct about the Murdoch Machine but given the proposed google tax was suggested to the Federal Goverment by Newscorp perhaps there is the old quid pro quo. BUT NO ONE is talking about it. We are all mugs!

Fair enough, the ABC, SBS and channel 10 etc are one giant protection racket for Labor. I am not a Liberal supporter but it is only fair that they get some MSM support.

In 2007...

And Andrews is an excellent crisis manager . pigs ass !!! Aged Care problems are only in Victoria. If it was Feds stuff up there will be the same problems elsewhere...

Their only saving grace is that they dont personally believe in the swill they produce; merely writing it because thats what the boss says to and to keep them in a pay check.

And least we should be glad that young generations don't read papers.

Not to mention our Island was infected by the RubyPrincess debacle by the RubyDutton's border farce incompetence, we don't hear anything about that from our MSM.

3/5 nulb10.5 per cent or almost six Sydney Harbours of Australia's water foreign owned 3/5 nulbChina now the single biggest foreign owner of Australian water at 1.9 per cent 3/5 nulbFarmers struggling to afford water due to hiked up prices by overseas buyers.

Youre full of it Kevin. Surely you must concede Daniel Andrews must take responsibility for the mess Victoria is in.

SadlyMrKRudd, you are 100% correct.

The buck stops with, uh, we'll have to get back to you on that one.


Give it a rest Kev spend you time productively and maybe help us in Victoria the premier doesnt give a rats.

G'day Big Kev, you must be the mouth piece for the looney left wingers.

OMG you Left Wing Looneys hate it that we have a free press in this country calling out corrupt politicians like CoronaDan.

Its not only Murdoch these days.

The press are very selective with reporting failings they certainly were responsible highlighting your failure to manage the team you led for a couple of terms your team would have been too busy back stabbing to manage Aged Care or anything else to do with the pandemic.

Yet only happening in Vic ..

The Ruddster on about Murdoch... again...

Funny how is seems to be the private aged care in most cases, Anderson's failure is to take the help offered and instead outsource the security to ill equipped private security that has now see a second wave bigger than the first that have seen many avoidable deaths.