Friday 26th of February 2021

8 - Since The Start of Last Season, no Player Has Provided More Assists in The UEFA Europa League Than Bukayo Saka (8). Saviour.

Saka is such a good player. Such a maturity and intelligence for his age. Game changer.
Bukayo Saka's game by numbers vs. Benfica: 100% aerials won 57 touches 92% passing accuracy 5 touches in opp. box 2 tackles 2 ball recoveries 2 shots 2 shots 2 chances created 2 assists 2 good. CLnulb.

8 - Since the start of last season, no player has provided more assists in the UEFA Europa League than Bukayo Saka (8). Saviour.
Saka and Aubameyang will get the headlines, but hats off to this man. Stepping up when we needed him & changing the game. My hero.
Just travelled forward in time and found out how many goals Saka was involved in during his Arsenal career.
YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! Arsenal 3-2 Benfica (Agg: 4-3) We are through to the Europa League Round of 16 Thank you SAKA Thank you Aubameyang Thank you Tierney Thank you Willian Thank you Arteta Thank you the Gunners!!!

Wrighty , why do you only show love for saka and Auba?
Saka just saved a lot of Arsenal from heart attacks.
For SAKA Like for Mount.
Saka with 2 assists today.
Lol I'm going by their logic tho. They think saka is the only player holding us together.
Saka after people said our season was over when we were 2-1 down.
I dont blame Americans for calling football Saka. I finally understand it now.
Foden won't start City's most important games this season and he can only hold one position Saka can easily replace Zinchenko or Riyad and no one would complain I'm yet to see what Foden does under pressure because right now it's too easy.

You don't know ball if you don't rate Bukayo Saka. You're clueless if you think Phil Foden and Bukayo Saka are currently not the best youngstars in the premier league.
Saka and Tierney will not allow any club to get a victory over the Arsenal.
Bukayo Saka might be the greatest player of all time...
Lockdown has been so long that Bukayo Saka has gone from emergency LB, to left winger, to central midfielder, to England international, to right winger, to Arsenals best player.
Ball from Saka.
Exactly where would we be without saka.
We need to have a chat about how good Bukayo Saka is at football. 19 years old.
Thank you Saka. Thank you Tierney. Thank you Aubameyang.
Bukayo Saka is the best teenager in the world right now and thats fact!
The name's Saka. How may I assist you?
Bukayo Saka doesnt deserve comparisons with youngsters. Hes very firmly top 3 right wingers in the league.
Bukayo Saka is a better youngster than Phil Foden.
Genuinely what does Greenwood do Dkm, I see players like foden and saka having an impact of the game all this bloke does is do stepovers and smash the ball wide.
If Saka ever wants to visit Uganda, I will be the one to welcome him.
Saka and Xhaka will only stop playing when they faint Arteta no go gree.
Arsenal 3 vs 2 Benfica . Sliding into the next round fam. God I thank you for this victory .
Imagine carrying a football club on your own at 19. Bukayo Saka is incredible, ffs.
UEFA Chairman right now,thinking of the team to draw with Arsenal so as to eliminate them in the round of 16! SakaArtetaAmadAubaWillianMataPartey.
His decision making, his intelligence, is off the scale for a player of his age. He's a guaranteed superstar. While older players were losing their heads, Saka stepped up - yet again.
Saka was the real game changer...
I dont want to ever hear saka and Greenwood mentioned in the same sentence again.
I would say B. Saka.
My Nigerian brother Saka deserves better than this ass Club.
I posted yesterday asking the question would Bukayo Saka be able to step up again for Arsenal in the Europa League... well theres your answer! He is 19 years old. The kid strives under pressure at just 19 years of age. BukayoSaka87 we love you bro! Our starboy!!Vnulb.

Saka is clear off Greenwood, and there's no cap in it. Pls take note.
Dear Rochas, I need you to return to government house owerri this moment, I want a statue of that Arsenal boy Bukayo Saka. Thank you.
Give Bukayo Saka a blank cheque for his contract extension, give him whatever the fuck he wants...If he asks to live in Buckingham Palace, THE QUEEN HAS GOT TO GO.
Party. Saka. Smith rowe and Tierney are the only Arsenal players with Auba their captain. The rest are jingle bells.
If he hadn't taken off Bellerin, we most likely wouldn't have created that last goal. Lacazette was pulling the defenders towards him and that meant more open space for Saka to operate on the RB/RW. Risky move but you have to take risks when you're chasing a must win game.

Saka wins the CHO-saka-greenwood debate lol hes single handedly carrying assnal football club.
Saka 20/21 > Greenwood 19/20 btw.
Bukayo Saka is generational. Don't argue with facts.
Only Trent Alexander-Arnold (20) has more assists among English players for Premier League clubs in all competitions since the start of last season than Bukayo Saka (18), following his two assists this evening.

They should all call Saka big bro.
Saka deserves a statue...Auba on the double.. Congrats to all gunners.. Shame to bad belle people..
Saka, Tierney and Aubameyang were superb![?]nulb I want more Arsenal fans on my TL we need ourselves this season, if youre an arsenal fan and can see this kindly follow, retweet and reply with COYG lets follow ourselves.

My Love for Bukayo Saka grows after each games. I don't think I could ever love my woman like I love him.
Every Arsenal fan to Bukayo Saka right now. IanWright0 BukayoSaka87 Vnulb.
Bukayo Saka carrying a whole Arsenal club at 19, what a player.
My point still stands, the individual brilliance of Saka has gotten out Arteta out of trouble!
Bukayo Saka every time hes 1 v 1 against a defender.
Brudda stay on your level your stuck with greenwood you wish you had saka.
I love watching Saka play walai. That guy na confirm baller.
Saka is genuinely the best player at Arsenal Football Club.
Bukayo Saka is the best teenager in England , know this and know peace.
It's not like its a small difference, Saka has less than double CHO's.
Stop debating Saka with these bums man.
Because all I hear is Bukayo Saka.

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What a performance.

Doesnt Morelos have 9?

19 yrs old Saka is already the best player at the club and hes carrying us every match what a player we are so lucky that we got him.

Found his level.

The kid shines everywhere!


How come Arsenal play Europe on a Thursday night. I thought Champions league was Tuesday and Wednesday?

1 man team.

Perks of playing in it every season I guess. ***nulb.

Wait for Bruno.

Do you see what happens when no Bellerin! Brilliant fcking goal Aubameyang . Great ball Saka.