Saturday 17th of October 2020


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When I was a young boy. My father took me into the city. To see a marching band!
Shout to my parents for going into HotTopic, letting me wearing invader zim hoodies to family event, and encouraging me to explore my individuality even if they didnt get it.

What You Really Think

We out here!

People instead took me for a gang member who's team colors were black.

Goths and emo kids are basically the weird cousins at the family reunion. Black is a staple for both.

I guess all Alt-kids look the same to OP.

]They both are totally different ]().

Ever met a racist goth kid? Also Trench coating isnt goth.

Black is definitely more emo, whereas goths tend to dress with dark reds and purples as well as black.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again, scene dudes on MySpace were the original Instagram thots.


Bless u lol.

Not alone there brother.

Having an income is just me having the alt phase alt kids deprived me from and killed my confidence in my youth because I was 'too tan' for the aesthetic.

Ok im not here to teach psychology.

Can you be more obtuse?

Fr, they liked the colour black in style terms. they were usually pale asf tho, like vampire white, dk what people are on about here.

Well, yeah...but no one with reading comprehension above a 2nd grade level thinks OP is saying they're the same thing. Obvious joke is obvious.

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