Thursday 5th of November 2020


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Idiocracy - the PRO League.
And defund education.
That and they have a completely perverse moral system where they believe that it's ok to do any harm as long as you're on the right team and you don't get in trouble for it.

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Yeah, Im half expecting to tune into a wrestling match and find Randy Orton and AJ Styles discussing economic And foreign policy in a calm and considered manner.

Nailed it.

*Right now.* It's not who we *have* to be. We can no longer sit by and hope others will do the work we need to do to truly make America great again. Science over fiction. Love over hate. Justice over fear. These are simple concepts we can all rally around as a nation.

Sadly, I conceded the same yesterday. I had high hopes and faith for us. If Trump legitimately wins this election, theres no more question this vile country is what the people want.

No it's what THOSE people are. It's fucking ridiculous.

Country has really started to go down hill. Remind when we had the Roosevelt's and Truman's.

Its all Bidens fault. Just look at that deficit!!! - Republicans in 2 months.

I saw a post on the conservative sub Reddit that listed many of his ridiculous accomplishments of his. One of them was won the war on coal even if thats something he did do, I would consider that a huge loss in terms of climate change and absolutely no reason to celebrate it.

And Hillary is just walking around freely! Why won't someone lock her up!??

"Lock her up!".

I know its cold comfort, but as a non-American its a relief to see these sentiments expressed. It is truly astonishing that this conman may yet win a 2nd term. It is frightening that otherwise reasonable people would even countenance voting for this human excrement. At least a fair proportion of your countrymen can see that.

Fuck you, got mine.

Most white supremacists are impoverished and uneducated. Rather than lift themselves up, bringing the rest down is a better solution in their eyes. And as apocalyptic minded as they are, a scenario where general chaos emerges plays into their fantasy narrative of survivalism as a romantic pathway to rise up as alphas in a field of unprepared sheep.

They got three increasingly partisan judges on the supreme court. If you use narrow mind goals, it's very successful for Trump's base.

More lib tears, please. Revelling in the suffering of others is the only thing that distracts me from how much of a shit show my life is /s.

Who built the cages Joe.

We have a much bigger problem than who the president is. This election should prove without a shadow of a doubt that trump is a symptom, not the disease itself. Of all roughly 140 million Americans whos votes have been counted at this point, 67.7 million have said they feel trump represented them and their interests .. after watching him as president for four years and during a pandemic.

It's like the entire party got PTSD from the '84 election and never recovered. Meanwhile, people like me who weren't even born then are like, "what the fuck is *wrong* with you??".

America needs to game over and start again.

Both parties suck.

Cappy Hake Yad.

Crappy Yake Gay.

Tribe before country.

Yes. Thats what I dont understand. Certain industries are not coming back, certain jobs are not coming back. Things that have been automated to be done by a machine for a few bucks a day is not going to ever switch back to manual labor. People trying to turn the clock back are just going to cause us as a nation to get left behind. We need to heavily reinvest into education if we want our populace to be ready for the digital age. Or we can not, and in a few generations we will have a very compliant and stupid workforce for the rich elites.

This is *stupid* hard under our system--any way to get rid of it involves forming a majority that includes a ton of the people that benefit from it. There's a reason we try to set up parliamentary democracies whenever we engage in "nation-building." Our shit is an antique joke.

Or...theyre calling it like what even a blind person can see and some are just too comfy, heads lodged in asses, to see it for what it is. Could be that too...

Quickest recovery from a recession in US history, gas prices went from 3.31 in 2008 to 2.20 in 2016 with it never going above 3.70, greatest lowering of unemployment in decades, marijuana getting legalized in multiple states. Fixed the first part for you. Also, dont forget an all-time high in wealth gap in the US, loss of healthcare for tens of millions, disrespect across the entire planet, and cuddling up to dictators. The economy is in the toilet, Trump is anti-weed, gas prices are solely from a flooded market and was even up all 3 years before Covid compared to 2016, and only lower taxes for those making hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. You've been brainwashed by the propaganda experts at Fox News.

And this is the problem with the conservative mind. It was not Obama's recession, it was Bush Jr's. It was not Trump's booming economy, it was Obama's. Trump crashed it hardcore, and next year will be a recession. If Biden wins, it'll be blamed on Biden. They can't snap their fingers and make instant changes. It takes years, unless you horribly mismanage a pandemic. Then it only takes 6 months. Gas prices are lower because oil is overstocked and not worth as much. The oil field workers are out of jobs. The middle and lower class only got a tiny tax break(which is staying). Cooperations got billions and made billions more during the pandemic. Citizens got $1200 8 months ago... Those are the better things you want, huh?

$5 gas, highest unemployment rate - Bushs economy and war. Anti marijuana agenda conservative - congress. High job growth of in the small sector or jobs unable to support people. Covid screwed the economy and jobs - trumps. Weed - States. Low gas prices - covid demand was low. Trump supports low taxes by cuts to essential services we take for granted, so robbing us of what our taxes paid for to give it to the rich and corporations!

Do you want to know how I know youre either not American or youre 14?

Malcolm X himself had several radical shifts in his life--maybe it's a new testament vs. old testament thing, if you catch me.

Republicans retained the Senate and I wouldnt exactly say the Supreme Court is Democrat/liberal.

The senate is up in the air and a slim majority which is not likely at all doesnt do shit for progressive goals.

Yeah I don't think the Democrats are at that stage yet, though.

If only this was a dream come true :( Edit: I didnt know some people hated having free healthcare and higher wages was a problem???? Crazy...

For who? The clan? If thats the case, yep, gotta agree.