Friday 24th of December 2021


Social Media Says

Oh dear.
Uh wanna trade?

What You Really Think

All I get is a substantial peanut.

May I join you? As a garnish perhaps?

What's the dresscode?

Ive got Christmas cheesecake in the oven right now!


This is a bucket. I did nothing but teleport bread. 2 refences 1 username make that 3.

And buckets!



Why was it this to begin with.


At least you wont be racist.

As long as if the person is my profile name youll be doing gods work.

I hate them so I should be good.

I mean, it's a matter of what we mean by eating someone...

Atleast yours wont fight back as much I have to fight 5 grammatically challenged males with anger issues.

Me neither they didnt provide a straw..


Im screwed more than you Ill never be done eating ads.

Me neither.

Same dude.

You think that's bad? My username is my name.

Consider yourself lucky, I've got a lot more on my plate.

Oh no.

Hey, wanna swap??

Tell me about it.

I think you will eat participant number 21 on the best fudge makers list, it aint that bad.

Very, very cautiously. Never trust honeybadger. Even if its dead.

Same. As a matter of fact, do I slurp it like a noodle or chew it like everything else?

You dont, honey badger just castrates you and continues to not give a fuck. Unless an atrocious honey badger does care?

Boil it.

Mountain man, anno 1776? That is rough.

Greetings comrade.

1776 HIKERS??? BRU.

Lovely. Steamed.

Plot twist: Its served on pizza.

I can help! Let's keep it all yellow. Stay hydrated.

Its just a McDonalds cheeseburger, your fine.

I feel ya man.

Sharp doesn't just mean pointy, it's also a flavour. It could be something lemon flavoured, covered in edible glitter.

B O T H.

You have to eat a midget, a underscore and a 14.

In a sequence of numbered ones that range from 1 to infinity you must eat 14.

Don't worry, it'll taste wonderful :p.

I'm here for you friend we can do this!

At least its only one?

You think you got it bad.

One man's loss, another man's dinner, amirite??

Wanna share?

Oh god lol.

I got a nice stew cooking we can share.

Duck duck goose should absolutely be the name of a dish.

And its oceans.

Pussys can also be cats ^-^.

I help plan your funeral.

Damn that's a good user name tho.

Sure, get me a sprinkle chocolate one.

Id just like a regular glazed, heres some money.

You win, thats awesome!

Can we trade?

You can turn into a titan depending on whose spinal cord you eat Edit: I forgot that you would need the serum first.

Id think Id rather eat myself.

Well somebody has to do it.

I can do it for you, dont even sweat.

I love milanesa!

Same ezpz.

A yard.

According to my mathematical, statistical, analytical, graphical, digitial, automatic, analysis i think it is equal to the distance between your mouth and the plate. (= 57 Big macs per bald eagle squared).

Or are you.

Ill trade.

I could use some fuit gumis right about now.

Explosive taste.

If you eat it, it would still be alive in your stomach. That's some disgusting imagery.


Which part? Minute? Major? 7782?

At least it doesnt scream.

That guy thats fine with a 15-16 year old potato.

Just like mom used to make.

I wish I could say the same.

Balls. Big ones.

50. BMG.

Trash bags.

No you just have to eat someone named kody.