Sunday 23rd of October 2022

Man Utds XI Vs. Chelsea (4-2-3-1): De Gea; Dalot, Varane, Martinez, Shaw; Casemiro, Eriksen; Antony, Fernandes, Sancho; Rashford Guess Whos Back.

Social Media Says

Jadon Sancho better. good enough.
That comes from Sancho's sloppy pass it's first time he's done that today. First-half similar Spurs that mufc have been dominant, impressive Sancho been weakest link.
Impressive start mufc Casemiro's passing been masterful far. Need much, much more from Sancho, though.
Sancho should baggin with listening unreleased Millian.
United fans want Sancho Ronaldo's number shirt. What pathetic shameless fanbase.
Sancho Chelsea highlights Scary Hours Kennington where started.
Bringing back sancho fail comp.
Sancho still uni.
Arteta trophies with squad that 11th league. Ronaldo, Fernandes, Antony, Rashford, Sancho, Casemiro, Varane, Martinez, Shaw, Eriksen. think expectations should higher, yeah?

Sancho been very poor years hardly hear criticism about from media. Pepe heavily criticized even though been better than him.
Jadon Sancho deserves arrested impersonating professional footballer.
this Sancho slander see? This nothing joke. cant possible.
Fred been worse than sancho was.
season being made, late Sancho.
they really sign Sancho That flop pass floppy Disk
late Sancho back selling StockX methods.
Fred coming Sancho. He cant have complaints about being substituted, shocker.
soon Sancho overhit that pass turned fourth official instigate sub. Sancho hasn't been effective. Fernandes takes place left wing, Eriksen Fred
Chelsea fans took this piss Pepe only Sancho perform like this slander. only Pepe British passport.
Dortmund Sancho United Sancho half time?
Can't believe resort playing Bruno left. Jadon Sancho needs wake
Sancho drops 1/10s every week fans cool with
HALLOWEEN FLYER ORDER YOUR DESIGN Halloween HalloweenTop10 HalloweenCostumes octomber.
Sancho becoming worryingly average.
Sancho doesnt nearly much hate should.
Jadon Sancho walk from City. Didnt flirt with him, didnt sway him. Walked kid, Dortmund free, with back clause. been absolutely awful since getting back England. months whats good at?

Where sancho will cook under ppl. anything looks worse.
Which team feel will take title home Comment others MasculinitySaturday Special Service Unit,Ardhi house, Arsenal, Chelsea 3,De Bruyne,Msando,Haaland,Dear Men,Reece, Martha Karua, Cucurella ENGvAFG Trossard, Eliud Sancho Potter koulibaly UFC280 Trossard East.

solved wingers problem. Both Sancho Antony just some foolish boys don't know what they there
Sterling sancho aren't real footballers dawg, they should doing freestyles with arrdee central streets south london.
Dont ever compare Sancho Saka. There levels this game Saka about levels above Sancho.
telling fans 2019 that Vini would become better player than Sancho.
Sanchos comfortably been worst player rightfully come off.
Sancho should've stayed Bruno wide lol.
Rash ford kept himself quiet. literally Sancho this half.
These were trying Saka Sancho debates, even same level.
Sancho's decline crazy, always looked dangerous Bundesliga trust basically nothing every single game.
Sancho been poor, Rashford have 2000 chances last games still haven't scored one***.
Another rubbed performance from Sancho.
Imagine Ronaldo performing Rashford Sancho playing
plays couldnt tell sanchos from ends.
Pulisick would've been coming sancho yank.
Bigger problem lack goals million Sancho antony they need better return while rashford needs chances.
This Sancho waste money.
really cant win. Sancho then comes Fred.. SMH.
Sancho been cold very scared attack while.
Ever since that Fred Sancho change, whole harmony going forward been disrupted. midfield been open. Casemiro being absolute beast wouldve easily conceded now.

When will iqbal, garracho pellestri on... Fred Sancho
Garnacho over Fred Sancho would have been substitution. Radical sure sometimes need find fuck around same time. Ryan Gravenberch playing football nappies. brave again.

Garnacho Pellistri offer worse than what Sancho Rashford have displayed tonight.
worse than when Sancho pitch because this silly Fred boy.
dont understand dont start rash left with sancho isnt working rashford isnt working
Jadon Sancho Manchester United career Games 47 Goals Assists want take George Best, Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldos iconic number
trying sancho Cooked.
tire this game. Imagine substituting Sancho Fred, when need goal.
dont even wanna tweets anymore Sancho leaves choice.
late Sancho.
blame Sancho don't win.
Tears sancho cant help tweet
Jadon Sancho's game numbers Chelsea: minutes 65% pass accuracy 10 possession lost 2 possession won 1 shot 0 chances created 0 take-ons attempted strong display.
Sancho started believe himself, actually have dynamic attack.
Sancho been weakest link first half. Otherwise, we've bossed Chelsea.
Sancho bad, even footballer biggest flop ever.

What You Really Think

Should be replacing bruno not Fred. Feels like another midfield error by the manager based on the city game where we need a plan b and plan c but I hope I'm wrong.

Not Ronaldo.

We're all United Tonight, aren't we?

Why removing Fred.


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