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Wednesday 1st of July 2020

Leroy Sane's Move From Manchester City to Bayern is Done, Reports.

Sorry some of yall dont like my hair. Or teeth ... which are my actual teeth btw. Good thing I dont put my effort into trying to please everyone. I like it. Chile Im 16 this year, let me live. Im trying to stay sane in quarantine. Enjoy the.

I will fundraise for the police officer after he is suspended and doxxed. He shouldnt have to just sit there and wait to be pulled from his vehicle and killed. Every sane person knows he did exactly what the rest of us would do.

Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich, here we go! As reported by cfbayern total agreement has been reached between Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Paperworks time for the player - hes going to sign until June 2025.

Bayern Munich have agreed a deal to sign Leroy Sane from Manchester City, sources have told RobDawsonESPN.
Sane going to Bayern for PS55m is peanuts in this market. He is going to rinse the Bundesliga.
Sane is a terrific signing but the impact is destroyed if we lose both Alaba and Thiago. I'm not going to relax for a good while.
Bayern Munich have agreed a fee of PS54.8m with Manchester City for Leroy Sane, with the German set to sign a five-year deal at the club.
It is sheer hell being a Trump flunky, isn't it Kim? You have to pretend a sane, sober, intelligent man is in "cognitive decline" while defending the man who thinks injecting bleach cures disease. Now 4 years of "no he dint sell out to Putin" is out the window too. Sheer hell.

Sane to Bayern was inevitable. He always wanted to play more for the National Team and playing first team for the Greatest football club in the country is almost like a direct license, especially with the German National team.

49m up front for Sane looks a steal for Bayern.
Michael is mad. Im sane. The end.
Leroy Sane is expected to undergo a medical at Bayern Munich on Thursday or Friday. ]Plettigoal].
Sane is a better player than Grealish.
Sane was signed for PS41m.
Done deal: Total agreement reached between FC Bayern and Manchester City for the transfer of Leroy Sane for under 50m ]FabrizioRomano].
If Bayern are really looking to sign Leroy Sane for PS35m, it sounds like they will be wasting their time.
Leroy Sane's agent is currently in Munich. The player is expected to undergo his FC Bayern medical on Thursday or Friday. Sane is still in Manchester at the moment ]Plettigoal].
Bayern got Sane for cheap...
Pls don't call me dumb because this is a serious question, why didn't Bayern wait for Sane's contract to end? Wasn't he going to be a free agent?
Bayern are paying 49m up front and 11m in add-ons for Sane, with 10% of the future fee if Sane moves elsewhere in future. Sane is due to fly to Germany shortly and may not come back to City again. ]SamLee].

Bayern to City about the sane deal.
Id rather play Sane than Mahrez wtf.
Sad to see Sane leaving the Premier League but in the circumstances I dont think this is that bad a deal for Man City.
Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben replaced with Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane. Go and look at the fee, thats how you recruit.
Are 'very happy' with the deal theyve struck with Bayern Munich for Leroy Sane - 49 million up front with 11 million in add-ons. ]SunMartinB].
Dr. Fauci on coronavirus cases surging in the US: "We're now having 40-plus thousand new cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around and so I'm very concerned.

Nah FFS. Man City are confused Bayern Munich strike deal to sign Leroy Sane from Manchester City for PS41m.
Great business for city with Sane offer. 50m for a player with one year left and doesn't want to play for the team.. Huge business.
Saying Sane isnt loyal because hes leaving. Is well & truly bitter & bit crass.
Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich is complete. ]cfbayern].
Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich is a done deal ManCity will receive a fee of under 50m. ] cfbayern].
54 mil for sane ??? 50mil for sancho doesnt sound so stupid all of a sudden.
Sane to Bayern? Quality player. Would love him as an option at Liverpool.
Bayern Munich's front three for next season. Bloody scary. Gnabry Lewandowski Sane.
Sane to Bayern Munchen can they crown them league champions already.
So thats Sane gone. And with FFP relaxed over the next season the club better fucking start spending some money to sort this shit out.
Leroy Sane's transfer to Bayern is a done deal, according to Bild.
Well all the best sane off you fcuk onwards n upwards CITY.
Today marks the 3 year anniversary since the N.Sane Trilogy was launched peeps Since 2017 the N.Sane Trilogy has sold more than 10 million units. To everyone who bought the game on PS4, Xbox, Switch or Steam thank you It's been one of my favourite games of this generation.

Hup hup sane.
If they had been Dems, they are the only two who are sane.
Now you mention it, sane is way overpriced.
Sane, Gnabry and lewan Oh my.
Barca loaned Coutinho to Bayern and put 150m buy option fee on him. First sign I knew they wouldnt sign him even if he had pulled Messi Ronaldo stat. That club is ran by a German Igbo Man. They dont spend anyhow on players. Sane for 50m.

Sane due to fly to Germany shortly and may not come back to City again. Cant play for Bayern until next season but looks like weve seen the last of Sane in a City shirt. City and Sane clearly wanted to get this done asap.

Gutted sane has gone to munich he been a bit of a fave since he broke on the scene in Germany, and its a massive loss the the prem league, and massive gain to Munich, sane and davies">alphonso davies down the left hand side could be devastating.

Leroy Sane's move from Manchester City to Bayern is done, reports.
Done deal: Bayern Munich strike deal to sign Leroy Sane from Manchester City for initial PS41m By.
55m for sane, daylight robbery.
While your club's last season budget was a little over what bayern paid for sane.
Sane to Bayern for PS40-50m will probably be the steal of the window. Incredibly good value for one of the best young players in the world. Wont be shocked to see Koulibaly to City now announced. Clubs with big ambitions dont waste time unlike us.

Bayern signed Gnabry, davies">Alphonso Davies, Goretzka, Coman and Sane for PS73m.
This club paid PS44m for Mangala, PS32m for Bony, PS52m for Mendy... and is now letting Bayern have Sane for PS44m. That's fucking criminal. I'd rather force him to sit on the bench for a year than allow Bayern this win. If Txiki wasn't Pep's best mate, he'd be long gone.

Hazard was deadset on going real madrid too he had a pre contract agreement and could've went on a free like sane.
Sane exit means we now Top 5 wingers in the league.
Sane deal complete finally lets gooo idea from.
Gnabry on the left, Sane on the right Lewangolski in Front. Don't know which London club is getting thrashed by Bayern Munich next season but I'm glad it's not Arsenal.
Id rather Sane for PS50m than Werner. Good buy that for Bayern.
Sane for 45m but Sancho is 120m Wtf.
60m. Bargain for Sane.
I love this Sane to Bayern News.
Frightening. Sane & Gnabry tearing it up.
Everton paid more for Alex Iwobi than what Bayern Munich have paid for Leroy Sane. Raul.
City could have had Sancho and Sane as their wingers...
Man City bought Stones and Mendy for a combined fee of PS101m And sold Leroy Sane for PS44m. Txiki.
Bayern lining up with a front three of Sane-Lewandowksi-Gnabry next season. Wow.
PS44 Mill for Sane. What a bargain!

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Qrr ylb fy ndy kbyr khyr.

It started...

Fucking pagan pussyole yute.

Been a long time coming.

Sane to Bayern?! C'mon the team was already unbeatable.

This was bound to happen. Although, I would have loved to see him succeed at City but that was never going to happen. He wanted to go to Bayern and probably that was his dream. Btw what is Bayern and Inter is upto ? It seems they are playing career mode in Fifa.

Bundesliga is farmers league and bayern is a great team now. Sane is a hero. He and Kompany made MCity Champions.

Oh course he left who wants to play with a team that won't be playing for the Champions League?

Bayern in FIFA would be the.

How I wanted this talent to be in Manchester United..


The only Sane move.

Costa for Jesus next?

I hope you can see what your mates are doing.

Wrong move. Sane.

The left side of Bayern's team could beat some relay teams in the Olympics.