Saturday 3rd of June 2023

Whilst The Philip Schofield Saga Obsesses The U.K. Media it Might be Worth Noting Than Canada is on Fire.

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Unless Phillip Schofields ex-lover contradicts version events TheSun BBC, then time stop this relentless persecution whos lost everything looks right edge doesnt seem have committed crime, Govt minister.

media given anything like same scrutiny just Johnson they have given Schofields would never have reached bottom of political heap alone top. WHAT focus some length enablers politics media1/4.

sorry news bulletin which leads with words Philip Schofield, given else that happening country world, gets turned off.
They Selling Schofield Down River Distraction Forgetting Schofield Complicit Demonising Meghan Markle Jeremy Corbin Masks Work From Home Etc Keep Pressuring Schofield Will Burst Save Himself Honour Within These Turncoats.

Dear BBC, I don't care about Alison Hammond, Holly Willoughby Philip Schofield. care about cost-of-living crisis, knees government whose default position relies lies obfuscation forgetting lasting damage Brexit.

Interesting entire British press asking compassion Philip Schofield. Just like they pretty much leave Prince Andrew alone justify still having royal perks. There seems pattern there.

horrified hear Schofield liken himself Caroline Flack this morning. Made feel nauseous.
time stop piling this human being.
What think about Cheryl Cole baby with Liam Payne shed known since Philip Schofield, obviously.
want die, because that where have lost everything Should press Philip Schofield?
This tweet everything that's wrong with world. Piers Morgan asks people stop "relentless persecution" Phillip Schofield with these actions towards Prince Harry Meghan Markle? They didn't commit crime. rule one, piersmorgan?

Good morning that Phillip Schofield revealed those late night snap chat calls doing runner very (soft lights lets vape )etc ..guess point clicking watching this with Holly Willoughby..another Martin Frizzel production that's aged ummmm.

'Why Phillip Schofields lover film showreel your studio?' This Morning boss Martin Frizell confronted News' Leo, amid scandal over Phillip Schofield's affair with younger male colleague.

true IMO. mother-son bond strongest there Schofields biggest sympathisers would have ordinarily been middle-class white women. victim same their sons would
have zero empathy Phil Schofield. But. also sick death hearing about now. There very many more urgent matters attend to..this also descending into witch hunt.
Phillip Schofield interview minutes sighing huffing, full self pity trying gain sympathy from public. feel sympathy all, however feel sympathy young involved this.

Philip Schofield saying felt like Caroline Flack totally unforgivable this interview done made look more guilty.
Truss cost PS70bn day. Michelle Mone owing PS232m uncharged. Sunak allows more than PS60bn year corruption PS150 dodging. Phillip Schofield hear. Mighty convenient. Followbackfriday actually followback.

Phillip Schofield? Really? there news adult people today plug interview from your mate amolrajan? wanted celebrity gossip would listen elsewhere. Come better adults.

Question Chris, would saying same Schofield school teacher younger former student?
TUNE!!! Schofield vs 2Unlimited Proper throwback.
They exposed what already there.We watching media some people have spent years abusing dehumize Meghan calling Schofield mental health consideration.They continue expose themselves next week tomorrow they would back Meghan's neck!

Everytime news channel it's Schofield, distraction from shit this country becoming.
Carefree Holly Willoughby relaxes with beer beach Phil faces music back home.
Phillip Schofield using disposable vape literally during News interview feels like separate watershed moment.
just update list people hated attacked Jeremy Corbyn: Philip Schofield Nick Cohen Geraint Davies Peter Mandelson Boris Johnson.
What pathetic bunch numpties luvies. proper stop covering yourselves.
Dear bbcnews, only people think should leading your hourly news with Schofield story those whod front public hangings cheering events rest more interested Govt wasting money judicial reviews avoid scrutiny.

Philip Schofield debacle gone far. adult having workplace affair with another adult inappropriate, hardly illegal. Obliterating their life career front millions deeply cruel, fear Schofields wellbeing.

self-indulgent unprofessional. News Alison Hammond breaks down This Morning over Phillip Schofield interview.
Phillip Schofield used ITV's huge platform torture Meghan Markle. Phillip Holly daily spread hate misinformation about Meghan. They loved British against Meghan always worked help charities always gracious loved public events.

anybody sticking Schofield even innocent until turned would feel that your young wouldn't expect take measures safe guarding your kid? young girl would outraged this.

Phillip Schofield when being questioned about downfall professional personal life.
Using position power influence young people sexual ends grooming. Schofield position power status Yes. meet young Yes, influence this Yes. definitions word Schofield groomer. Whether.

Phillip Schofield said: know I've done something wrong utterly relentless'. Phil. Grooming pedophilia does tend annoy people some reason. Can't think why.
want Phillip Schofield just shut same told price Harry Meghan Markle shut
Arguably little more significant than Schofield saga, also posing question; going help Russia Europe back from nuclear brink?
nothing with homophobia. Schofield groomer.
want die? Because thats where Sorry Philip Schofield using abusive boyfriend playbook?
Phil Schofield's replacement announced Holly return confirmed SEEMS LIKE SQUEEEEKY CLEAN HOLLY, WHO,S SMELL ROSES UNTOUCHABLE,,,,,.
There's deffs element homophobia about this Phillip Schofield thing mainstream media.
Philip Schofield "journalist" buddies treated Harry Meghan like criminals while they pedophiles phone tapping criminals. seeing karma come Schofield beautiful. Piers Morgan Wootton needs look out.

support Phillip Schofields mental health narrative hits differently when youre Meghan Harry fan.
missing something this whole Schofield story? Because seems that done have affair about lying fairly common when comes affairs. sure justifies public crucifixion media pile career.

Schofield knew connect with people.
Who is Phillip Schofield's wife Stephanie Lowe?
groomed year old..he lied about everything this only coming gagging order finished. schofield take flack attack think that would fair.
part that baffled with Phillip Schofield, paying legal fees other feels like continuation power imbalance silence him.
Interesting watch press that people should care about Phillip Schofield's mental health,a accused grooming boy, then Meghan should shut about mental health suicidal ideation after continuous attacks from same British press.

Phillip schofield using caroline flacks suicide make people feel sorry most disgusting things ever seen.
Heres thing with Schofield. absolutely none business with much younger adult lied wife colleagues. Morality same theres either evidence illegality there isnt. there isnt, leave alone.

Phillip Schofield care about Meghan's mental health physical safety when spent every morning television flaming hate campaign against her? supposed take easy bcoz caught grooming 15yr boy? "you making people want kill me".

Phillip Schofield didn't have sympathy Princess Meghan Markle everyday suffers racism white supremacy from british royal family their friends right tabloids media's. Phillip Schofield just playing acting sympathy.

could they stop JohnsonTheLiar WhatsApp being news story they didnt have Schofield
Phillip Schofield using Caroline Flacks name last resort blow even him.
Back meds, hydrated exercising regularly those extra brain chemicals here still dangerously close having take about Phillip schofield.
Piers Morgan story about Meghan Duchess Sussex, Phillip Schofield, hypocrisy misogynoir. justification bullying harassing Meghan about convincing Prince Andrew's claims innocence.

You're giving mixed signals. seem suggesting Schofield deserves everything he's getting, while simultaneously complaining about straight getting fired their egregious behaviour.
Schofield deserves shit just doing interview with that paper.
Phillip Schofield after says lost everything.
Cant lie, watching same people unrelentingly trash, dehumanized, bully Meghan Markle plead Phillip Schofields humanity painful another level. Shes faced years daily abuse every format after week chorus support him.

think very skilful actor, that coming video explaining do.' Allison Pearson Nickell react Phillip Schofield silence first interview following exit from This Morning.

Surely knew beard enjoying trappings being millionaire Schofield? ***.
Philip Schofield's 'poor attitude makes sick. Comparing himself Caroline Flack about could get. just won't take responsibility actions.
Phillip Schofield think busting vape midway through trying clear nonce allegations would help way.
Sign gives away Schofield angry with himself, body language expert says.
this what Phillip Schofield means extreme vaping?
Absolutely cannot deal with unseriousness philip schofield vaping claiming groomer.
schofield being pilloried something that should only concern wife?
forbid Phillip Schofield took minus offer Chase.
Govt refuse fully transparent over 200,000 people dead through COVID, BBCNews, ITVNews SkyNews devoting after day, wall-to-wall coverage Philip Schofield. Celebrity, dumbed down news treating public idiots.

Natasha Cannell saying Philip Schofield been punished enough Natasha profits from monetised Meghan Markle hate channel YouTube daily basis YEARS spread lies conspiracy theories about Prince Harry, Meghan their children.

funny people invoking Caroline flack support people like Phillip Schofield saying should left alone then literally their next tweet relentlessly abusing Meghan Markle hasnt actually done anything wrong lol, what world.

Harry Meghan just human Philip Schofield party hounding these innocent souls. Lord have mercy your Philip's souls.
First minutes news devoted Philip bloody Schofield affair, showing creepy doing full Prince Andrew style interview. Meanwhile Tory government continue take absolute piss going on?

Philip schofield sucking lost mary trying convince that nonce?
obligatory television? Maybe school, what happened dignity? Moreover, more they cry, less believable Phillip Schofield: Alison Hammond breaks down This Morning.

orders large coffee press will send reporters interview barista Meghan lied, Grandebut when Schofield (who lied about sexuality years), says didnt have with until above consent, theres interview?

Schofield others tortured Meghan after day. Schofields falling apart after negative press days. Piers Morgan defends this pedophile pleads criticism ridiculed disbelieved Meghans admition that suicidal. waiting Piers karma.

Philip Schofield talking about mental health after weeks relentless media criticism affair with younger work. However, Philip platform bigots abuse Harry Meghan past years without pushback. Piers currently defending Philip.

Alison Hammond crying about love Phillip Schofield, this Twitter likes.
same British WHITE reporters/enablers pleading sympathy groomer Philip Schofield's mental health because suicidal thoughts, same WHITE repporters have relentlessly been bullying Meghan YEARS. Same ones mocked mental health crisis.

only thing I'll about latest Schofield blubfest interview, that point does express remorse cheating wife. feels Holly, lover, himself. family. that's weird. IMO.

Gunna Boosie WearOrange Good Friday SEOKJIN Happy Friyay Finally Friday Suchwita Bagg Harvard Daily Quordle Bread Butter Angel Reese Today Friday Happy Friday Everyone Schofield Oppenheimer IMAX.

Phillip Schofield wrong compare himself Caroline Flack?
finding really painful.".
Grooming from adolescence illegal though. Schofield have qualms accusing random such crimes without evidence? hwle happy deceive people loved years? Yes. trust narrative, good you. sure Clinton innocent too!

think with This Morning show cant tainted, needs rested revamped.' Carol McGiffin shares thoughts future This Morning Phillip Schofield breaks silence bombshell interviews.

Like none these scenarios same. Evidence suggests Schofield this when like 9/10 through family. Thats trying like just getting with young work bullshit. photo evidence cant brought up.

What You Really Think

No its not.

So are parts of the Highlands including a wildlife reserve.

Still? There was news about a 'heat dome' over Canada two and three weeks ago.

Today on radio4 The Phillip lSchofield show.

We are cutting off the branch on which we are sitting. There is no hope.

This and so many other more important matters that people should be focused on. .

Fire is a lot hotter than 32C.

Canada is normally hot in the summer.

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