School Bully Steals Eats Younger Girls Lunch

Thursday 1st of June 2023

The School Bully Steals And Eats a Younger Girls Lunch at School But Later Gets Caught Slippin While Shopping at Walmart...

Social Media Says

School Bully steals eats Younger Girls Lunch school later gets Caught Slippin while Shopping Walmart...

What You Really Think

She ate them paws.

F*** that.

Same demographic.

The downfall of society coincided with the proliferation of crocs.

Caught her in wqlmart.

Lil Mama made it happen! Lesson? DONT BE A BULLY!

Little man said fuck her up!! Lol.

Uh, oh, that poor white guy is going to go to jail for this.

Tf are they feeding her bro?

They were throwing them thangs werent they? Hahah not really aiming but just throwing!!!

Why yall gotta post black women fighting?

Shes had enough to eat.

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