]Self] This is my Isaac Clarke Cosplay From Dead Space! Ive Spent The Last Two Years Creating This Dream Project!

Tuesday 1st of June 2021

]Self] This is my Isaac Clarke Cosplay From Dead Space! Ive Spent The Last Two Years Creating This Dream Project!

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That means the world to me honestly!! Its still one of my favorites and why I spent so much time on this!
> because this was my favourite game for a long time Do you mind giving me a short 2-3 sentence explanation of why? I've seen a lot about Deadspace over the years, but it seems a bit scary. And I'm a huge wuss that hasn't enjoyed scarier game in the past (Resident evil games scarred me as a child).


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Yeah it's criminal tbh.

Have you seen the animated movies?

He can make a short film now.

The negative part of that game is it took lot of parts of several sci Fi horror movies such Alien and that movie which started the Professor Grant from Jurassic Park as a tribute and displaying it on theaters would look like a rip off of several movies. on the opposite a video game is interactive with its players something that movies cannot do.

Necromorphs scurrying through the vents, whispers and creaking metal. That game had such amazing ambiance.

I'm having some traumatic flashbacks. This game terrified me to no end. Took me over a year of playing little bits at a time to finish it.

I hear Isaacs raspy breathing.

Twinkle twinkle little star...

Twinkle twinkle little star.

Its kind of difficult, I have a slit so that I can see past the el panel but its better than nothing!

Not well.

Matt at Dim Horizon studios is a huge nerd and tries to scope out the coolest spots for cosplay, he had been dreaming about shooting a dead space Cosplay here for years and I just so happen to have recently finishing to arduous task and it was the perfect location!!

Holy shit me too! Amazing work!

Yeah man that pretty amazing! Good job and such a good gaming series!

Same. Never played the game, but I saw the image first and was surprised when I read that it was a cosplay.

Yeah Idk, zooming in still has me thinking its game capture...


When in doubt, stomp it out.

If that's true, thank you so much! Among my favorite series ever, especially the first two. Nothing else quite like it. Those 0-gravity fights blew my mind as a teen. So cool!

You sir, worked on a true masterpiece of a game.

Why can't they give us the 4th game?


Its a real place called Sloss furnace factory in Alabama we traveled there to shoot these photos!

Not great but better than nothing.

Maybe I should have, I never want to see overbearing about my work.

Its an awesome place my photographer took me to this old furnace factory for these photos! We had to travel a bit for it but it was worth it!

I... holy shit.. Im speechless.. As someone who has loved these games since their release... I teared up reading this. Thank you so much.

I need to but its definitely difficult to get into the field.

Absolutely! I worked extremely hard to recreate the health bar, Id love to share that.

It took many months across the span of late 2018 to a few months ago, this took an immense amount of work but I love the opportunity to bring these characters to life so its definitely worth it!


Definitely worth a play through!!!

I had never been its such a cool place!!

Does it have the health meter on the back?

Theres no filter this is the actual photo.

I do we got a bunch of really cool shots! I will post them tomorrow morning since you guys seem to really like this cosplay which is fantastic!

Youre to kind!! I wish I could have been able to create a necromorph to go along with this, believe me i wish I could have spared even more time to do so.

We had a great photo shoot if you guys want to photos I can post them tomorrow!

In what?

The cake is a lie.

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