Wednesday 14th of April 2021

Hey Siri, Explain Structural Misogyny, Patriarchy And Sexism in a Headline.

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Is the No. 1 womens boxer in the world and about to make her MMA debut, but the 2-time Olympic gold medalist says sexism is still a major issue within sport: "It's mind-boggling to me ... I want us to have equal pay, equal opportunity.

Entrenched bullying and misogyny in our politics is not going unnoticed around the world Ex-Australia Post chief accuses PM of humiliation in sexism scandal.
You can't solve systemic problems like racism and bias with technology. We need to dismantle racism, sexism, and xenophobia, not add tools that create new problems like militarization and mass surveillance 1/.

Hey Siri, explain structural misogyny, patriarchy and sexism in a headline.
Ah apologies. And yeah, it feels like a lot of types want to view misinfo as simply data and numbers, when the topic can be as broad as viewing racism, sexism etc. As part of it.
Normal people see a benign picture of the PM & his wife signing a condolence book for Prince Philip. Twitter Lefties see chilling, terrifying, ominous misogyny, literally handmaids tale, sickening & depressing sexism blah blah blah.

As humans we should all be working together for the advancement of the species as a whole and everybody has a part to play. you people have no idea how many years we are setting each other back with sexism,racism,tribalism, nepotism but I guess this is too much to ask for.

And that is the exact implicit way oppression originates from, especially sexism and xenophobia.
Exclusive: Troubled TV show neighbours has engaged a law firm to deal with complaints of racism, sexism & misogyny while actor Sharon Johal who has also spoken out against the show is due to return to set on Monday, story.

Say hello to patriarchy and structural sexism on steroids.
In ThePrint's 50WordEdit: Petition to SC to appoint more women judges is what India needs to address structural sexism Follow the link for more quick edits.
Struggling to find a good reason to buy Y2 daugher a skirt with to wear socks over shorts and trousers. Right from the off little girls don't have the flexibility to move around in the same way that boys do, be vulnerable to their underwear being seen.

I hated seeing this, but then i realized how nice it is to hate some dumb discourse that is actually innocuous and not actually pernicious or getting people killed or Actually About Racism/Sexism/Whatever i wish all the discourse was like the kotor-generational gap or something.

I wonder why Gab is seen as a refuge for racism and sexism?
She's replacing an actual sports presenter though, not a previous player/pundit. There's a difference. I don't necessarily agree with it, but it's not helping the argument to just automatically paint it as racism/sexism. Some of it might be - but some have a point.

One thing that does my head in is men telling women how to feel about sexism, white people telling POC how to feel about racism, straight people telling LGBTQI people how to feel about their sexuality and religious people telling the rest of us how to be moral by their standards.

Black women really need to fight racism, sexism, discrimination, fear the police, fear Black men, fight all their own battles, put up with disrespect and somehow through it all remain cordial, nice, strong, resilient, peaceful and pretty in spite of it all. Shit is exhausting.

How is literally everything in this country rooted in either racism or sexism.
If by compete you mean match physically then no, probably not. But if you mean achieve the highest accolades possible then yes, she competes - and wins. One is sportsmanship. One is sexism.
That was a really compelling argument.
Women publicly urinate naked to fight sexism.
Let's talk about how young autisic girls go undiagnosed because their special interests are considered too "normal." Spoiler: That's sexism.
What do the victims of racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, disableism, fatphobia, imperialism, etc. have in common (other than believing they are being systematically oppressed by the straight white male patriarch)? They are unable to understand that nobody is oppressing them.

What most 'Nigerian ladies project' as 'feminism' is actually sexism. Both are not one and the same thing. True feminism is advocating for an egalitarian society in all spheres of the gender-institution, not criminality.

What You Really Think

Is this for real? Its 2021, not 1921.

Why would anyone want to drive an hour into the countryside to help their relative everyday. Countryside council tax at 50 is the real world story.

Are you really implying that it is a WOMANS job to retire early and care for the elderly. Shame on you - how did you think it was acceptable to run this story, pathetic.

Woah your siri is way more efficient than mine.

This is insane.

Honestly, who is surprised by the Daily Fail anymore?!

This is shocking!!

My mum is 67 this year and still waiting for her pension..

Now Daily Mail blames women for working? We waste taxpayers money by earning & paying tax? From the rag that loved Mosely for beating up Jews?

It's like a basketball circling the hoop and flying away in the end. They are so close to understanding the real problem.


This is so so heavy and sad this writer on twitter ? Lets get her Jades.

Stupid ugly media, taking too long to die despite putrefaction. Let romantics drink to them. The rest of us have shovels.

The real victims of sexism, of course, were the millions of men who for decades were forced to work for five years longer than their wives before getting their pensions.

They'll be questioning why we educate girls next.

Written by a bloke. Whodda thunk?

That is an awful, awful headline.

I would never defend this awful paper or sexism but I think it is talking about the increase in women's retirement age and it has to be taken in that context. Poorly written headline though.

Dammit! I spent so much on having my tax return done, I could've just got a retired woman to do it!

I have more: a business platform, for (small)business women, framing a "huge challenge for women" the issue of colouring the hair or leaving it grey ...

Daily fail doing it's thing as per ***.

I don't usually swear .

Even the stock image is confused.

Ah the good old Mail. Ignoring anything else, wouldn't paying people a pension cost money, vs them working and paying tax?

1950 called it wants its headline back...

How can *anyone* consciously write this crap?

The good old days X.

Can we add: and why putting the economic consequences of childbirth onto women through unequal maternity/paternity leave means women are discriminated against in the workplace whilst men have families and continue their careers without interruption?

Aaaaaaaaargh .

It reminds me of that golf club which didn't want female members because they should be at home doing the housework.

Fuck the Patriarchy.

Breathtaking outrageous but not surprising from this rag!

Oh. My. Life. Someone actually sat down and wrote that headline, and someone else signed it off.

Or realism?

Where do we start .

Jesus F Christ. Who buys this st paper!

I am genuinely speechless! There just aren't the words to articulate how this makes me feel.

Woohhaaa. Steve isn't playing around, is he? Wow!

They say it like there arent already a hidden workforce of unpaid carers in this country who ALREADY do this often at great personal cost.

Wow!! Just wow!!

Most women I know at my age are working full time, running a home AND caring for elderly parents AND helping their adult children and grandchildren - Ive been working since I was 14 - Im 45 years working and Ive still 9 years to go ( sorry - rant over ).

And a confusing double-negative. Which probably indicates the time taken to write this insulting dismissive tosh.

Christ... straight out of your book.

Gasped out loud at this. But its the Mail. Should have been expecting it.

Its not just that this is a national newspaper or that the dickhead who wrote it is steeped in neoliberal attitudes of market but that the subjugation of women has been normalised by men and women for too long. Changing this will result in a massive improvement for society.

Covered by should be swapped for done for free here, then wed be cooking with gas.

Wait until they want higher taxes from women over 60 to cover the cost.

OK Daily Mail, you are trying to make a point, but why do you decide that women should be the carers?

I'm lost for words.

FFS. Wordless.

In the past few years it has become clear it has been one of Johnsons plans to get women back home caring for kids and parents. I didnt realise the Mail was talking about it, which is interesting when theyre so closely linked to the Govt and reaffirms my belief.

Wow .. disgusting.

That may be the single dumbest exercise in writing and research ever.

I love this. Everyones furious but no one quite knows why.

Women being made to retire at the same age as men (instead of earlier) is not misogyny. And whining about it is an own goal for feminism.

I had to check the year of that article.


Oh dear god.

I mean, we know they're bad, but this is a staggering low...

Disgusting. Also, the amount of that bill seems pretty ok considering we would be paying income tax.

And volunteering.

I guess finally these men are finally learning that you cant have it all..

With all the while lower pay, lower retirement funds and longer life on average. Women during their lifetimes have truly been sucker-punched financially by the state.

I had to read that a couple of times because JFC.

Such a waste of available labour. To think I paid thousands to the builders who converted my garage, when I could have just found a retired woman to do it for free.

Wow! That is shocking!

I hate the Mail, and Im a man, but I have a different take from this. Isnt it just saying that changing womens pension age to a fairer one with men has this hidden cost? Men are still working until 65 or later so cant look after their parents at that time.

Im glad you put up a picture & not a link. Id say its deliberate click bait to get clicks across their site. Also ridiculous.

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