Wednesday 25th of August 2021


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The Lord is my Shepherd.
Sometimes, I try to count Republicans, but for some reason it always makes me fall asleep.
No no, hes got a point.

What You Really Think

How dare you speak facts sir? This is a house of God, we will not stand for it!

Same people who will blindly believe any random Facebook post that mirrors their own tepid view on the world.

Ill get downvoted to oblivion for this, but I would say in my experience those people who use the Bible to push their own agenda are by definition (from the Bible) using the lords name in vein. It hurts as a Christian that these loud mouths with no real faith are what many people have come to know as Christians. The same people love to pick and choose which parts of the Bible apply to them, its sad.

Let's flock together.

I mean, I do.

This herd of sharks...

]Ill just leave this here]().

Youre clearly not reading that in context are you?

They always have an answer, my religious antivax folks have a quote pinned up in their house that says A *submissive* sheep is a find for a wolf. As if a regular sheep isnt. No I dont follow the logic either.

Or the fact that the original sin in their religion, the thing that causes humans to be mortal and suffer, comes from when the first people disobeying God after he told them to stay away from, get this, the tree of *knowledge*.

RELIGION. Together, we can find a cure.

I say this all the time - all I get back is an empty glazed over Fucker Carlson Stare.

Wait. Is that real? Are people doing that?

I came here just to say this - It's too much of a coincidence!! (Somewhere in Russia there's someone laughing their asses off... Or the opposite, they are gobsmacked...).

Imagine what we could do if we just changed the name of the vaccine and called it a miracle cure on some Facebook group for conspiracy theorists. Everyone would get it overnight.

A coworker of mine takes it and says her husband and friends have been taking it for years. She'll tell anyone at work about it and that the stuff from tractor supply is just fine...

I like to believe that's true for a lot of crazy conspiracy theories, the flat earth movement for example, definitely started by a troll one who must had been really confused (and amused) when people started taking it seriously.

Ivermectin has been FDA approved for treating a variety of human conditions. It has also been successfully used as an anti-viral. It just so happens to also be used in animals for treating parasites.

Troll plus double blind randomized control study showing effectiveness.

I don't think it's about them being passive and easily led. It's their instinct to follow other sheep.

Or that moment when theres a group of three of them and you walk towards them slowly and calmly and they just form a mental connection then sprint off in completely different directions, then seemingly teleport back together again behind you Edit: Also spelling.

Totally woolsome.

Ewe did well.

Yes, low processing power due to lack of RAM.

I don't get it. What does ironing have to do with me taking sheep dewormers?

Those anti-vaxers would be very upset if they could read.

One of the guys one this thread admits to taking it to combat parasites they might get from livestock or some shit like that.

My favorite is NPC. They literally regurgitate the same lines over and over as an NPC would, but don't see the irony.

Trump is also vaccinated. He helped the vaccines be developed through project warp speed. He might be an ass but he's not an anti-vaxxer. He even tried to tell his supporters to get vaccinated but they booed him.

You kids are literally still spouting that bullshit, huh? Holy fuck.

Yikes. Just peeked in on that sub. I can say, Ive never come across anyone this ignorant in real life. The disinformation is moving at a frighteningly fast pace. And they are using this Sheep meme to continue.

Holy s--t. I thought this would be a sub making fun of people that are shooting horse paste into their intubated loved ones hoping that it will reinflate their lungs. Nope, they are 100% serious about it being a cure for COVID-19.

> I believe Russian intelligence agencies are now just seeing how far they can go before these dummies stop believing crazier and crazier things. "Man these crazy conspiracists will believe anything, don't they know it's russian agents making them believe crazy outlandish things?".

Theyve already surpassed their wildest dreams.

Do you have any photos of your lovely sheep? :).

Lamb of God is a sick band.

God likes a sacrificial lamb.

They're just as much sheep as the dewormers. Listening to one bigot after another disregarding factual evidence they're wrong.

> The scientist that discovered Ivermectin won the 2015 noble peace prize. No. The Nobel prize in physiology and medicine was split in 2015. Half went to Omura and Campbell for discovering avermectin (which is related to ivermectin). The Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 went to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet > Ivermectin is used to treat sars-cov-2 (notice i did not say sars-cov-19)... I don't know if it helps with covid-19 or not. Dodo you think theres a sars-cov-19 that causes covid 19, which is different from sars-cov-2? > Thank you for reading, and now you may down vote me for encouraging knowledge and understanding. Nah, Im downvoting you because youre wrong.

I've read that the ivermectin dosage required for treating covid is quite a bit higher than the FDA approved amount, but that was based on lab tests. I see the real benefit being in prevention, where a very small amount is effective.

Do you know what a paragraph is?

You seem like you might make a reasonable point but you need line breaks.

Science is left-wing?

Maybe some cat videos? Reddit sucks now.

American conspiracy theorists use the term sheep to convey that someone is blindly following the herd. It made sense as an insult when people were bleating about how evil Muslims were and how the war on terror was necessary, but it doesnt fit so much these days with these subjects.

Of course not.

Well I keep trying to drink human milk instead but now I'm not allowed into the maternity ward anymore.

I don't drink milk at all, actually...I think it's disgusting...

Actually I think milk is gross and frequently make light of it by telling people that I am not a baby cow.

And your point is?

Okay, but which one is approved for human consumption by the ]fda]? i really dont get how yall be making your arguments so weak.

Intended by _nature_, not chemists. In other words, not intended at all. Unlike the veterinary medication which and I cant stress this enough you know what? Nevermind. Take the fucking sheep medicine if you want. A plan so stupid ]even the New York Post is reporting it straight](): > The FDA is reminding Americans they are not livestock, amid a rise in poison-control calls from people suffering side effects after taking a horse and cow de-wormer to supposedly treat COVID-19. > You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, yall. Stop it, the federal Food and Drug Administration tweeted Saturday along with a link to an article titled Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.

When antivaxers became the biggest source of facepalms.

Reddit apparently started a witch hunt today to silence anyone that does not believeegurgitate their ideals. Kinda like the red scare but in reverse.

Yes! That is exactly the type of shit disinformation that we are trying to eliminate on Reddit. Great example!

You have no idea ]how viruses work](), do you?

As many as recommended by those who have the time, money, education, resources and man power to conduct far better and more sophisticated research that I am able to do from my couch. We will continue to see new variants and some vaccine resistant strains will emerge because the virus will continue to mutate in those who are too ignorant and illogically fearful of the protection that is available right now.

Sources on this?

Yeah and not in the legal way either lol.

> The irony is gold. Hmm. Alchemy will probably be making a comeback soon, now that you mention it.


Yeah that's why 99% of people getting hospitalized for covid are unvaccinated. Get fucked.

So you're saying drinking urine cures COVID?!