Monday 2nd of November 2020


Get LAID Tonight ->TAP HERE<.
Get LAID Tonight ->TAP HERE<.
My group film about robot and baby finally got released on youtube!! :D.
Tagged by michguerin! nickname: shez??? or sheri i guess!! zodiac: sagittarius height: idek man im going to steal shannons...
An old friend of mine once quoted me an ancient Egyptian blessing: God be between you and harm in all the empty places where...
2, 10, 12, 40, 81 for the ask meme!
Things to See & Do in Sheridan, Wyoming Travel Destination.
Sheridan hasnt seen a normal person in 200 years and they meet daron and is immediately like. Ah. Lesbianism.
Hello my brain decided to turn on for like exactly one hour for me to churn out some writing. no proofreading we post flat like...
The XM551 Sheridan is an American tier 10 light tank.
Sheridan Smith: Little Shezzy's troubled journey to motherhood Culture.
One of my drawings for a walk cycle. The character is Jimmie The Cricket. First year animation, Sheridan College - February...
Hey heres some cool murder mystery dogs I made for class! (lady in the middle is my favorite <3).
Anijam is out! This is the part I animated for it, check out 23frame.s for more!! . anijam sheridan sheridananimation...

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I always forget you're a twin sister!! Also do you play the guitar?? That's awesome.

Gay disease.