Wednesday 20th of May 2020


Shahid Afridi said his grandpa was a famous Ghazi-e-Kashmir. Going by historical accounts he probably raped Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu women. Probably Shia too.
Even in times of tragedy Shiaphobia shows its ugliness. This brother started a fundraiser for the young woman killed in London couple days ago. Finds out she s Shia and posts this. Come on man!
Taliban stopped a passenger car, shot dead 5 &then burned their lifeless bodies yesterday, in Qeyaq valley of , a local official said. Of 5, 2 were civilian& 3 ANSF members. All were Shia Hazaras. I decided not to post the photos because they are so graphic & disturbing.

Just 24 hours ago Aya was an innocent muslim girl to you all, and now that youve found out she could be shia you want the money from the fundraising back? some of you muslims are just SCUM.
muslim twitter is so annoying. whether they re sunni or shia theyre muslim, thats all that matters.
if u are anti shia block me thank u.
I can t believe someone stopped a whole fundraiser for a poor girl who lost her life all because she was Shia.
A funeral passed by the Messenger of Allah, peace & blessings be upon him, & he stood up. It was said to him, It is a Jew. The Prophet said, Was he not a soul? - Bukhari 12:50 - Sunni, Shia, Muslim or not, the respect for everyone whos passed is still needed, Subhanallah.

The Sunni/Shia beef that s been on the TL today is actually disgusting. A Muslim sister has died and people are cancelling fund raisers after finding out she s shia? Are you guys worshipping allah swt or your culture/believes?? May Allah swt guide you all.

If your a Sunni and u disrespect a Shia I ve lost respect for you, if your a Shia and you disrespect a Sunni I have also lost respect for you. Frankly, idgafwhat sect your from to me your a believer of allah and if any of us are wrong allah will deal accordingly.

anyone who s anti shia block me rn.
For you people who are taking back your donations because Aya was Shia, just remember there s a SUNNI source (Sahih Al Bukhari) that states The Prophet (SAW) said, "One who takes back his gift (which he has already given) is like a dog that swallows its vomit." Remember that.

It s a sad day for the ummah when you see people refusing to donate to funeral funds for a young woman who was murdered, or refusing to offer condolences for her because she was Shia. I feel sick. You should all be ashamed. Disgusting people.

Disgusting. Aya, a 19 year old Lebanese-British girl was savagely killed in Blackburn, UK. The UK muslim community raised money for her family and sympathized with her until Islamists who cry Islamophobia found out she was a Shia! The UK is known as the Jihadi hub for a reason.

Another shia sunni beef on this app!! grow up please it s 2020.
i don t like talking about religion or sects on here but how are you going to cry islamophobia then pull back your support/fundraising when you find out the victim was shia? you guys are atrocious and i hope Allah swt deals with all of you accordingly.

y all wanna complain about islamaphobia??? y all are taking your donations back you found out that the muslim girl that was murdered was a shia???? i m so disgusted astagfirallah. don t EVER scream abt islamphobia when you lot are the literal persecutors of it.

Man went from let s donate towards this cause for our beautiful Muslim sister who passed away to nevermind she s Shia let s not to everyone will get their money back rest assured to the funding is still happening guys! On ropes.

Aya Hachem was murdered for being a MUSLIM, and the fact that muslims can t come together as ONE and help her family, but instead make her death political and sectarian is disgusting. and all this while we re in ramadan. Shia hate has gone way too far. you should be ashamed.

No Sunni, no Shia, we re all Muslim Twitter is silent.
Are you being serious? People are refusing to fund for a well in Aya s name because she was Shia??? Is this how much you people hate on different beliefs? May Allah guide you lot man.
Regardless of being Sunni or Shia we are all Muslim and to ask back for donations you donated prior to knowing someone was Shia is pathetic.
It was all a Muslim sister was murdered and now u know she s Shia it s all let s return the donations ?!? Absolutely twisted.
Shia trending go to it and its just a load of people arguing.
Shia or sunni, that doesn t matter. What matters is someone lost their daughter.
So now that yall know that Aya Hachem is Shia, you all backing out. Thats completely disgusting. How did you guys even fast this month with that type of mentality? But its all good, Shia3at Ali always find our way to protect our own.

My TL is filled with aya hachem and fundraiser tweets but I still didnt read not one in detail. Aint got no time for it G! Pretty boring. The same Shia sunni fight but to a lil bigger level.
BuT wHaT iF tHeYrE sHiA.
Shia is trending, couldn t have been for a more heartbreaking reason.
People unfollowing me after finding out I m a Shia Muslim? Love to see it.
Imagine,you people are raising money for this young 19 year old girl and her family is feeling loved then suddenly pull the plug because she s shia? None of you are on your deen you re a bunch of clout chasers.

So apparently Aya was shia and now people are asking for donations to be refunded and people raising money are refunding. Wallahi now I know why UK muslims are hated so much, nasty people tfoo.
I knew the girl would turn out to be shia and was waiting on a reaction from the muslim ummah on twitter. Congratulations, you all played yourself.
Can you imagine the drama that would happen if a Sunni girl died and then a Shia boy who tried to raise money for her family found out she was Sunni and then tried to give everyone s money back, no you can t, because a Shia would never do that.

Aya Hachem was a 19 year old Muslim woman who was shot and killed. If you re hesitant to donate to her grieving family because she s Shia please locate the nearest wall and run your head into it. A true Muslim doesn t have that kind of hatred in their heart.

As a Palestinian, I will always stand against the hatred and persecution of the Shia community. I don t need nor will ever want your sectarian support.
lowkey has a crush on shia.
islamic unity until u find out the girl is shia now u take back the condolences u offered for her murder lmfao.
I dont want to reduce s memory to a sectarian Twitter debacle. She is worth more than that - a beautiful soul stolen from us too early. However, the reaction of some Muslims to her being Shia is proof of a horrid, deep rooted Shiaphobia problem in many young Muslims.

The person who killed that innocent girl killed her because she was Muslim. That person had no idea she was shia. But you find out she s shia and you stop the good cause you once started simply because you re too insecure in your faith to recognize others have different beliefs.

Honestly can t believe I m seeing people effectively revoke their condolences for sister Aya upon discovering that she s Shia astaghfirullah. No different from islamophobes.
sunni or shia, were all MUSLIM and thats what matters.
is trending, because psychopaths are pulling their donations for 19 Muslim woman recently murdered after learning she was *Shia* Muslim. Im hoping this might be a teachable moment: READ s analysis of the deadly phenomenon of *anti-shiism*.

You find out Aya is Shia and you take back your condolences? Stop worrying about corona virus the real disease is in your heart .
Shia LaBeouf implies the existence of Sunni LaBeouf.
Where is all my Shia brothers and sisters peep this isis member whose using another mans pic but claiming I m gay.
Sometimes when incidents like this happen whether it be the killing of a Shia girl or the targeting of a Shia Community, I am disgusted by the silence of the very Muslims who are activists for all other issues in the community. If you refuse to speak out, you are the problem.

It s laylatul-qadr, can we try and pray for and her family and use everyone s energy like that instead of wasting it the way everyone is, anyone that tries the sunni/shia thing is a complete idiot, she died because she looked Muslim. Sunni/Shia whatever, we re MUSLIMS.

Shia oppression is so real and deep in the diaspora Muslim community.
And do not get me started on the amount of kurds the shia have victimised throughout the establishment of the safawid empire. Their books also quote that kurds and black people are subhuman.
swear ppl are dumb, no matter if shes shia or sunni she still lost her life for no reason.
Sunni or were all the same thing. I cant believe what Im reading especially on Laylutul Qadr.
I m about to share a very personal example of shia discrimination. When i was in year 8 i took a day off on the 10th of Muharram to commemorate the death of Imam Hussain (as). That s when people realised i was a Shia muslim and that s when the EXTREME bullying started.

What You Really Think

This twat has got his cheap publicity no class or shame just like the first three.

Someone edited out the text in your screenshot.


yeah, i would not want to fund Assad sympathisers myself tbh.

He said Shia but allegedly her family are Assad supporters and the brother in question understandably doesnt want to support such people. Will you also make a case against Assadophobia?

Secterianianism is so ugly.

This smelly shia is burning in jahanam inshallah.

Yet brother what s the point of this? Today possibly be laylutul Qadr for the Sake of Allah subhanwatala delete this post. Our beloved taught us forgive whoever wrongs you Sunan Al bayhaqi no 19428. Please let s forgive each other.

What a trashy excuse for a human.

That is not the Jihadi.

Your comment shows your ignorance you didnt bother to read the story about the girl but you would rather pick on other people.

Shia phobia?? Shias do shirk and Bid ah in the name of Islam and you expect Muslims to sit there and be jolly with them?

is in.

That kid needs a dose of atheism pronto. We dont have a day of judgement. We dont have rules. We dont have sectarianism.

She was killed in Blackburn, Lancashire.


Suddenly it s all about him, tells everything about his intentions. These fraudsters should be reported.

What a moron.

Seriously disgusting.