Sunday 5th of June 2022

UPDATE From NBCPhiladelphia on Philly Shooting on South Street PhillyPolice Say Officers on Patrol Saw Several Active Shooters Firing into Crowd, 14 People Were Shot, 3 of Them Are DeadNo Word on Motive An Officer Fired at One of Shooters - Take a Listen.

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Video last nights shooting South Street Philadelphia.
least three people were killed injured when multiple people opened fire busy South Street area Philadelphia Saturday night, police said. Watch CNN's EvanMcS report most recent mass shooting here.

Three people were killed others wounded mass shooting late Saturday night South Street amid chaos that erupted legendary blocks that have long been among Philadelphia regions most popular gathering places.

Another mass shooting, this time Philadelphias South Street. MAGA Republicans believe that more guns makes society safer. That belief contradicted evidence. Time solutions. House Democrats will pass common sense safety bills this week.

Just News conference update Philadelphia mass shooting 2pm. phillypolice Philadelphia Managing Director TumarAlexander Councilman South Street neighborhood CMMarkSquilla Mayor apparently attending. will stream live.

Three people were killed were injured Saturday night shooting downtown Philadelphia. police inspector said that officers "observed several active shooters shooting into crowd" South Street, area with many restaurants bars.

Another mass shooting. This time Philadelphias South Street. year 2022, have mass shootings.
shot, dead, mass shooting South Street Philadelphia. When expect President Biden swing
America's mass shooting crisis comes founding city, wild shootout Philly's South Street leaves dead, wounded traumatized city Humanity demands response violence. must name what's stopping GOP. column.

Gunfire killed three people wounded least others popular downtown Philadelphia entertainment district late Saturday night, authorities said.
live Philadelphia, 200ft from where this shooting took place last night, just want give yall some perspective. South Street heavily policed, police substation. dont want hear fucking word about more cops answer.

dead least wounded mass shooting Philadelphias South Street. mention RACE, sure that MAGA INVOLVED.
This latest shooting south street Philadelphia, just more proof that going anywhere nowadays killed. dont even want leave house anymore. This fucking ridiculous! This entire country feels like active zone.

Philadelphia police reporting that multiple people were shot South Street. This developing story. latest updates.
Philadelphia shooting: killed, injured South Street gunfire CNN.
hear more time thoughts prayers bull---: Neighbor Maureen Long reduced tears following deadly mass shooting Philadelphias South Street, which follows several other recent mass shootings across country.

WELCOME HELL: "The violence Philadelphia marked sixth mass shooting just this weekend, according non-profit organization Violence Archive. There have been least mass shootings this year" .

carnage continues, live like this? Something change.
Saturday night America, another mass shooting this time Philadelphias South Street. Congress must finally step pass safety legislation. Legislature must send Safety package desk. cannot continue live like this.

Well,I guess first mass shooting, here Philadelphia! heartbroken, it's real now,especially since South Street where,I used "hang" when younger,a lot!
Dead After Late Night Shooting Involving Multiple Gunmen Philadelphia's South Street: Police.
Dead, Wounded Philadelphia Shooting South Street.
people were fatally shot least other people were wounded shooting late Saturday Philadelphia's South Street [?]More thoughtless prayers without GunReform from [?]Mitch McConnell taken millions from NRAso pro-life.

People Shot, Dead, Mass Shooting Philadelphia's South Street Hundreds witnesses. Cops shot guys. description perps, just know they're white supremacists.
Philadelphia mass shooting South Street leaves dead, about dozen injured News. another one..
injured dead shooting South Street Philadelphia last night. thoughts with those injured loved ones left mourning. Legislators: Enough violence. Enough deaths. Lets act.

seems like violence pandemic United States. CNN: 'Several active shooters' popular Philadelphia area leave people dead others wounded.
South Street, Philadelphia last night time mass shooting.
Video: South Street Mass Shooting Rocks Philadelphia.
South Street shooting: dead, injured after shooting Philadelphia's Queen Village section.
'Beyond devastating': dead, wounded Philadelphia, Chattanooga club shootings.
least three people were killed others gunfire Saturday night, said Philadelphia Police Inspector D.F. Pace. Officers patrolling South Street area heard gunfire shortly before midnight observed "several active shooters shooting into crowd," Pace said.

NEWS: mass shooting Philadelphia's South Street leaves three people dead others injured, police say.
Saturday night Philadelphia. mass shooting South Street with reports nearly dozen people shot. scene where police have cordoned popular weekend strip, trail what appears blood snaking along sidewalk front Ritas Water Ice.

What You Really Think

Unfortunately a rough start to the weekend just Friday night preceded this. Saturday, was tough for EMTs to maneuver to the scene.

Several active shooters and theyre on the loose? Theyll be back.

These shootings seemed planned by the gop to discrract US from the hearings and whenever else theyve got going on trying behind the scenes to destroy democracy.

If everyone 14 and up had a gun this won't be happening.

If the officer whole have hit the shooter, there would have been protests this morning. Lets see some protests today to support the police.

Can't have a night of fun amongst others without having to look over one's shoulder for bad actors!

What do you think is the best way to stop mass shootings?

Law enforcement needs to give the status on DOORS after every shooting.

Ask that same officer what would have happened if many people in the crowd were armed and were good guys with guns. Would the police be able to tell the difference in the moment? How many more people would have been shot?

These cops are in on some of this.

Arent there cameras in every corner? Why no pics of the culprits?

How about we wait for the videos to come out before we go and start believing whatever cops think is most convenient to say at this point?

Where are officers in west or ne philly when you need them? Hmmm...tourist area, gee go figure.

Terrible. Another day in this sick country.

Are there any non-brave officers on the force anywhere? The threat was neutralized when the shooter "DROPPED THE GUN" and fled the scene. But for his/her/their possession of a gun, this report wouldn't have been necessary. I rest!

Sounds like the words were very carefully chosen. It also sounds like there's something he's trying not to say. Unless we have some control over the permitted ownership of firearms, this is going to continue to happen.

No one was apprehended. 10 feet away from one of the active shooters and he gets away. How ? tariqnasheed ProfBlacktruth TheBlackChannel . Police become cowardly when facing a real threat.

Could it be this people are organised by some group??

Because in Philly, we fire back!

Wait one minute here The officer WAS ABLE to get that individual TO DROP HIS GUN AND FLEE ? How the entire universal fvck does that work? The cop just let the murderer get away?

So the cop was 10-15 YARDS, and shot, and MISSED? From THAT range? I have money that says some of those shot were shot by this cop.

Pays de cingles.

Is a Philadelphia dont come here if you want a place to visit its a shooting gallery. If you live in Philadelphia you know this to be true. We wake up to multiple people being shot every damn day. This doesnt even surprise me! Seems everyone has a damn gun in Philly!

No sane person will risk getting shot or killed wile visiting, tourism will decline.

Im sorry I dont believe anything cops say. 10-15 yards away and he couldnt actually hit the target???

Serious question - were any of the shooters NRA members or were using legally purchased guns after going through a background check? The democrats are going after the wrong people.

I was at an outdoor music festival last night. It was kind of scary.

All tourist should boycott visiting the US.. If states lose revenue Republican governors will pressure their party & Hypocrite politicians who love guns over life. Mass Shootings have become a US trend with no end in sight. Over 400 million weapons, whoever wants a gun gets a gun.

Any description on the shooters?

He fled?? How was he able to flee??

No one pursued the shooter when he ran away?

Thank god for a good guy with a gun!

I wish instead of using the term "engaged" they'd be more specific. I know he clears it up but just say the officer fired at the shooter. There's no reason to be vague about it.

Respect to that office that shot the individual that was firing into the crowd!

"The officer was able to get that individual to drop his gun and flee." So we now know the shooter was white.

How many arrests?

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