Wednesday 13th of May 2020


Social Media Says

Ive cut the Trudeau govt a lot of slack as they try to come up with policies quickly in an unprecedented situation. Its hard; stuff will be imperfect. But this "green strings attached" stuff is a thinly-veiled move to exploit the crisis. Its bad and they should scrap it.

You may be unable to connect to Slack at the moment. Were very sorry for the disruption and were doing our best to get you back online as fast as we can. Please follow along here:.
Yep, Slack is down.
me to slack when it went down for twenty minutes.
the secret of slack: it has always been broken.
SSG Hegert serves as the Mortar Platoon Sergeant in HHC, 2-327 No Slack ! Exceptional performance from this extraordinary NCO with a bright future ahead of him. No Slack!
Were doing the best we can! We should hopefully be back up and running soon, Phillip. Apologies for the trouble and thank you for bearing with us. You can follow along here!
Day 8: Still stuck on the same problem as day 8. Had to pull over and ask for directions. Hello Slack.
Slack has been down for 30 minutes and of course that means we re getting all the Web Apps Bad hot takes from tech Twitter, the implication of course being that native apps are immune to backend servers going down, or something like that.

So Slack is down. You know this kind of unexpected event is sometimes called "Slack Swan".
Its not your internet, Slack is down for everyone.
Self-isolation inspiration from ....more Slack Robert Pattinson Covid Commission Bruce Pascoe Tony Hawk.
says still unable to reconnect, I havent tried again in a few.
Slack says its working to resolve outage - CNET.
Slack goes down GLOBALLY, crippling remote work amid Covid-19 pandemic.
if you re looking for something to do while slack is down work is a good option.
Its not just you Slack is down around the world.
Slack Is Down.
Users are unable to connect to Slack. We are investigating and will provide an update shortly.
With slack down, I just walked outside and shouted my conversation to the street. It will eventually get there.
Living in California right now feels like being the kid who does all the work on the group project while the rest of the kids (Georgia, Texas, Florida) slack off.
Slack being down means some of you can take a meaningful break after 3 months straight of working. You ve earned it.
You wont, because they all use Slack to communicate and cant tell someone to send that email.
went down for a little bit tonight, but its seemingly back up. Was a short outage.
Top story: The Office episodes are being re-created on Slack -- in real time - CNET , see more.
I mean I guess _technically_ it isnt possible to send messages on Slack right now, so.
just hear me out ok: replace slack with mscomicchat.
"No," he said with deadly calm. "If these are all the goons, then that leaves just one more." Wyatt shot him an annoyed glare, then his face went slack. "Emma." ^.
Just thinking how awful it is that Slack, in a Subgenius sense, is devoted to stealing your slack.
Super excited to announce our Series A financing led by legendary Brad Feld & Foundry Group and joined by Slack & Bold Capital. Really grateful to work with such awesome investors and such an awesome Meru team!! :).

Oh no boss, Slack is down I can t join the meeting.
Jackassus is hiding it. Slack outages (moar comms down). Thats trending now.
when the world needed Slack most, it vanished.
I am going to make an LA twitter bot and it will only tweet "earthquake" "slack is down" "it rained" and it will be indistinguishable from real humans.
when i realized is down i thought it is good time to do my keeps think Universe is indicating that it is good time to stop then assign me some to do?
Not only have i picked up your slack cause i can hear people sad you broke your promises, i have also come to others to ask if they are okay after "YOUR" heated arguments with them. 5 arguments i have been around with you in ALL OF THEM.

Thumbs-up/cheers to ...but I like other such web tools, as I WfH and really need some chat/collab tools. So if youre anti-those, ah, I retract a thumb. But as far as Slack goes, yeah, at least one thumb-up and still cheers!

We may not have Slack, but we have our health! Yeah, just keep telling yourself that!
Our apologies for the interruption. Were working to get things back up and running. You can follow along here:.
Advertisement: Collaboration for big companies: 5 things that make Slack an enterprise-grade collaboration hub:.
People are spending more time in Slack instead of other apps. Atlassian s new acquisition takes advantage of that fact.
When Slack goes down.
Slack is down. Are things getting pretty serious?
Slack going down right now is exactly like the time the power went out during the 2013 Super Bowl except that this actually affects me.
As a woman, you always have to have your own bag or know how to get money regardless of what your man has. Why? If he up & leaves & you ve been depending on him financially, you re screwed. Also, if he suffers an unfortunate event, you should wanna pick up the slack & help.

Slack going down when everyone is working remote.
Tell him to cut the lil fella some slack.
Oh, goodness. Were very sorry for the trouble. Were working to restore service as we swiftly as possible. Please follow along here:.
I hear Slack is down.
Its not your connection -- Slack is down.
Slack says they are working on it.
Were working on it!
Join our COVID-19 response network, a Slack public workspace for those working in government to exchange information and share resources on the pandemic.
If you make SaaS and were distressed by Slacks outage, just think how much youre hoping for a world where all of twitter complains when your product is down!
Whenever something like Slack goes down, my internal thought is immediately, they should unplug it and plug it back in.
How long until I get the first email of <Company s> response to Slack being down and our commitment to you ?
Slack is down so Ive slacking off.
Segmenting things by app is a great idea. Pro stuff in Slack. Personal stuff in Discord. External websites in Firefox. Intranet stuff in Edge. Helps apps work to their strengths and helps keep people from posting the wrong thing on the work social media account.

Surely if this is allowed so is a church gathering of 100? Covid 19 coronavirus: Leo Molloys Headquarters bash to go ahead this weekend,
slack is ded my boss told me i restarted my computer bc i thought it might just be me but nope.
lmaooo i dey slack.
Personally I dont like a lot of the exercises she chooses except a few really good videos. She HAS warm up and cool down videos too. You cut her some slack. She gathered an awesome community and she lets people access all her for workouts free.

Slack said to us "sorry, no more." Helping us chat was a bore They took a small break But now theyre awake So we can send nervous texts galore.
New beta version of encourages work-life balance & going for walks. Not loving it tbh.
What does Slack use when Slack is down? Skype.
oh its basically slack lol.
Talents of ABS are starring in a real-life "teleserye" now. They are following a SCRIPT and they are being directed by their Management. So cut them some slack. Sumusunod lang po sila sa kanilang "director".

Slack is back! Returning to regular programming of .
I legitimately think these are all reasonable complaints. I would use Lync over slack. Slack has security issues so severe I get a I get a little odd you know? I cant even?
So I am watching the green card marriage reality show right And Lana is real?! What the hell? Just what the hell?! I ve been staring slack-jawed at a black TV screen for four minutes now. She s REAL???!

Slack Outage.
Slack shows us what IRC netsplits are like in 2020. Theres one virtual node and everyones on it.
So much better than Slack.

What You Really Think

IRC seems to be working just fine.

Let s use this time to better ourselves & learn something new ... Check out my Free Guide - Stocks & Recessions: The Basics.

i think broke it.

is junky trash but it s working for me.


, you here for us?

Microsoft Teams is working fine.


Thank god.

damn, I thought I was losing it.

Lets keep it down.

Re specific regions where its down, its also down in Australia right now, so not just US. And its 10am so not super convenient.


Microsoft Teams shout in excitement.

Mine is working.

Yay!! Time for a Zoom Happty Hour!!!

One day after an app update, do tell.

one pandemic at a time please.

fyi guys.

is online.

"Several people are typing.".

quit slacking off.

Sweet release.

Well, pick it UP!

the Invisible Enemy has claimed another victim :(.