Thursday 14th of October 2021

Out of Wrights, IL, About an Hour Ago According to Snapchat Timestamp.

Social Media Says

Snapchat down.
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Snapchat users afraid losing their streaks.
Snapchat notifs triggering!
Posting stacks money snapchat that says year today.
One Literally One: Snapchat users lose streaks, gonna lose myself.
situation after knowing Snapchat down.
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Lets Snapchat instead text.
LMFAO Snapchat aint stopped ringing.
fact that Snapchat like years returned appalling.
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trying Snapchat myself streak.
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hangout Snapchat.
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snap <3.
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Snapchat hacked again, someone sends picture their asshole aint mine.
monthly gathering twitter when snapchat down.
First impression: rude that didnt follow me your nickname head: marc closeness rating ]1-10]: wasnt snapchat would never interact like you: yuh you're ever crush you: sir.

Everyone when they found snapchat down this morning.
following retweets this follows quick[?][?][?][?][?][?].
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When Snapchat down gotta take with filter.
asking this morning still Snapchat free storage). said yes, dont delete.
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Snapchat always ruining videos annoyed anyways followers <3.
Snapchat didnt they bill something.
Snapchat Down??

What You Really Think

Thats awesome video!

I love snap maps. The version with audio is more colorful.

Dang!! Didnt see the silo go down the first time I looked at it!!!

Is it still just a funnel cloud if it doesnt touch ground but does throw debris like that?

They used to call these tornados.

Aww, thats a cute little spin up.

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