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Friday 8th of May 2020


Extreme Mothers Day Weekend: Record cold into the South, in the Northeast and a potential New England .
Extreme Mothers Day weekend: Record Northeast Potential.
Record will last into early next week in the Midwest, East and South and a rapidly strengthening low pressure system will bring to parts of the Northeast:.
Maybe I will wait a bit to put the docks in and get out the patio furniture.
Yep, May 8th in Canada.
Will the Flynn decision be enough to get Congressional Democrats to return to work? Don t count on it. I don t think any of the wants to be in DC at the moment.
Recording my lecture on rehabilitation, institutionalization and rights for my Disability & the Law class I do not accept that it is only 5 degrees outside and in defiance wearing this summary daisy t-shirt.

Anyone else agree an arrest warrant should be issued for ? Please stop the it s May!
SOLAR ELECTRICITY DRIVE FOR KENYAN KIDS. this GoFundMe link, we are raising money for solar panels for poor Kenyan school kids to study at home during this Covid-19 pandemic.
DISTRACTION How to deal with your and Great Day Everyone!! Pick some today.
As a Im done with until at least ! Come on !!
A young girl must use The Pray in order to keep a calamity from destroying the planet.
So long, If you are in the northeast, hopefully you got to soak up the sun yesterday in places like Vermont. Rain, wind, cold and even are making a comeback today and tomorrow.
When there is in May.
While there may be some of flying on morning (& some !), warmer temperatures are definitely "in the cards" in the extended forecast. Average highs climb into the upper 60s by the end of next week & the hint we will get there next !

Keeping warm, NE Ohio is expecting some.
Northern Ontario pretty, but somehow prettier in December.
At least 18 First Nations in northeastern Ontario close borders to keep outsiders and COVID-19 away ...more Alexander Romanov.
Is this a Shaun King thread?
Spotlight: Snow is a crisp, clean white that pairs so well with other classic shades like gray, black and red. Mixed together, this palette really pops on traditional architecture. ".
Going to hit 21 degrees today, looking like a perfect weekend to go kayaking and paddle boarding. Woot!
And we have . Happy May 8!
BAMBURGH , Northumberland Originally Brittonic fort built 547 (home to s ) Rebuilt by Normans late C11 1464-After 9 month siege, became first English castle to be defeated by artillery (cannon).
Well that escalated.
"Golden Snowy Scene" by Terry Davis.
two unwanted words in May - polar vortex & snow.
Happy Friday, team nonfiction! Whew, we made it. What are y all planning to read this weekend?
It s snowing in May in Ottawa. Really? When is the nice weather going to arrive wonders T-Rex.
Good morning to you who as me was planning to go out for a quick run before your zoom meeting.
Abrupt as was in DISRUPTING OUR LIVES, as I prep 4 daily run/walk 2DAY 8th am dealing w/ temperatures in upper 30s w/ a 25 MPH wind today on 75th anniversary of end of in Europe, temps 30 plus degrees BELOW NORMAL as targets Northeast w/.

Well be making women this.
Oh, yay!!
Highs for today See your temps and weather at.
And here I was all ready for me.
Ohhh Canada ... I still love this place better than any place I have lived. in May.
Ready for some rain? Its on the way for today in , but its what follows that is very unseasonable. for some, rain changing to , and a as we start the weekend.
way! Yes, there s a snowstorm headed for.
just loves to complain about weather. The winter was kind, odd in spring is no issue to me.
Bonnet Guard fitted to a this morning! We could all do with a this week!
Bring it on! Weve been through a lot. We can handle it.
And now I see even more snowflakes. This is not my favourite.
coming in, going out & plenty of alongside it. Saturday into Sunday. A sincere apology to all moms - you deserve so much better than this!
Significant elevation May snow for the Northeast tonight into Sunday. Any lake-effect will be heavily modulated by the diurnal cycle at this time of the year. Popcorn showers during the daytime consolidating into bands at night.

Snow and record cold headed for Northeast this weekend.
Dear Ummmm ?!?!? Your ? Respectfully, A person with really cold hands and feet but warm.
My fellow citizens of Ottawa, I do sincerely apologize for the heavy fall that currently is covering our city. I admit to have moving my cars snow brush into the house a couple of days ago. Please forgive me. I will replace the brush immediately.

Im still waiting for visitors to my humming bird feeder. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Got to love filming in Canada! Snowing in Good thing i planned an indoor filming session.
What the F!? Maybe this will keep people inside! ! LOL! :).
He was just considering to plant his vegetable he started wonderful seedlings inside. Hit PAUSE on that idea. He is having a great sort of. LOL.
It s May 8 and it s snowing the heck.
Light coming down in.
The bitches have another episode ! This one is just as hot as the last episode. So get in and let put your seat belt on cause this ones a dooooozey.
Eventually will be done for the Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for north central ND late tonight thru Sat afternoon, for 1-3" of snow, with gusty NE winds. Dusting to half an inch possible south central and James River Valley Sat PM.

Wider view of sunrise from work ( ) Weds.

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