Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Congratulations to Hon. Anita Among on Taking Oath of Office as Deputy Speaker of The Parliament of Uganda.

Social Media Says

Speaker Pelosi went salon when couldnt. Gavin Newsom dined indoors restaurant when couldnt. Governor Whitmer gathered with large group when couldnt. With Democrats, theres always double standard.

When blocks bi-partisan January Commission Speaker Pelosi should immediately announce House Select Committee. Subpoena Cruz, Hawley McCarthy. Lets theyre brave Hillary hours under oath discuss their role. their not!

Speaker Pelosi should announce today that should Senate fails pass Bi-Partisan January Commission House Majority will appoint Select Committee. Give them huge budget final report date September 2022.

Speaker sounds like Judge ordering Counsel abide Rules!!
Thank Speaker calling ScottMorrisonMP back question. nothing else need Parliament accountability institution executive government.
Some smart speaker.
interest, found speakers garage talked about retrofitting them with Bluetooth receiver replacing internals. only discussed aloud, have Alexa. then speaker parts Bluetooth receivers weeks.

Could speaker will next election. Speaker knows next date Election longer cares that email must been really good LOL.
Speaker Morrison don't care whether you're happy not. need return question.' Wow.
Speaker makes point wont tolerate interjections whilst being interjected JoshFrydenberg...
Today guest speaker Patient Information Point talking about West Berks Suicide prevention action group. friend gillyjnc very much mind teaching brilliant.
must everything over next year half ensure that Kevin McCarthy NEVER becomes Speaker House. agree!
Tony Smith "I'm asking return question." Speaker: "Happy that, Speaker". Speaker don't care whether you're happy not. need return question".

Unlike those opposite, mr speaker, Im not going to attack the states ... the chutzpah!
Leadership only about representation also service delivery. SpeakerJBMuturi shown competency Speaker National Assembly, delivered duties rulings wisely. believe this reason elders settled him.

Kevin McCarthy, until Marjorie Taylor Greene thrown Congress, your scolding means absolutely nothing Until remove her, assume condone anti-Semitism revolting comparisons Holocaust utter disgrace will NEVER Speaker.

Taehyungs speaking in english is like hes native speaker. He improves way better.
motivational speaker.
Congratulations JacobOulanyah taking oath Speaker Parliament Uganda commencing term office.
honeymoon over proactive Speaker warns MPs.
Is just an out & out Smartarse. Speaker should punt him.
Scott Morrison turns back Speaker. "I'm asking return question." "Happy that, Speaker." "I don't care whether you're happy need return question.".

Speaker Muturi tribal leader that received blessings from several elders come from tribe.
Elected Speaker 15th Kerala Legislative Assembly today. efforts will directed towards maintaining glory laurels Kerala Legislative Assembly.
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Speaker Pelosi went White House yesterday. didnt wear mask. before, fined Republicans wearing mask House floor. Typical hypocrisy from Left.
Speaker many.. Speaker that broke camels back...
speaker epiphany?
want phone with iphone camera,samsung memory speed,Sony speaker,Gtel battery with itel price.
This batshit crazy insult Holocaust victims. GOPLeader McQarthy with mtgreenee being Congress not. Help make sure McQarthy NEVER Speaker House. Donate.
Salute Former Vilasrao Deshmukh very much.. Remembering that Vilasrao great leader supporting common people Latur.. very strong speaker judge well.. Salute much..
What's going with Speaker today? He's actually calling government account. Hasn't booted yet, though.
Andrew's College hosted recent Rhini Debate League, with teams from Port Alfred Ntsika, Graeme, Kingswood, Victoria Girls DSG. St Andrew's Junior First Team proposed their motion against Victoria Girls. Glossoti awarded best speaker.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Speaker Tony Smith have squared particularly rowdy question time, with from both sides politics booted from chamber.
There Grant Cardone quotes that people find value from. However, some better than others Grant most famous business people world. also best selling author motivational speaker.

It's with great pleasure that congratulate newly elected speaker 11th Parliament JacobOulanyah .Thanks NRMOnline disappointing Chairman H.E.
Speaker" 10x. What drongo, blatherskite ProMo
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ANALYSIS: Behind Rebecca Kadagas loss in speakership race. NTVNews Here.
honoured have Shanoli Ray, Principal, Satyamev Jayate Primary School, Haldia speaker School Leaders' Roundtable Brainstorming Solutions K-12 Education Fraternity amidst COVID19" REGISTER .

Good speaker sternly putting ScottMorrisonMP place Question Time just now. Watch this.
need speaker.
Motivational speaker: "Unleash lion you" lion
speaker enabled this liar that here.
Serious lepas berkempen siap wheel drive speaker area rumah everyone pujuk their family sampai ugut bunuh each other have audacity nobody expect high traffic?

Sorry couldnt anywhere rebuttal where house speaker developped country uses private received tarmac retinue morons usher into bullet proof half million dollar luxury car. anything shows with single escort.

This really just repaired phone speaker from water damage. Phenomenal.
organising Virtual Camp COVID-19 Awareness starting from 24th May. second (26th Brahmakumari Jagruti will speaker will talk about "Corona mate swasth man".

Speaker Parliament Jacob Oulanyah toured parliament outgoing speaker Rebecca Kadagas office being Cleaned create room one. DETAILS.
This session VirtualCAP2021 super inspiring! Every single speaker empathy their activities about people, sorts people... Best yet!
Good listeners are profound to be Good speaker's.
Light easily penetrate mosquito nets, mosquitoes cannot. Call 0727042454 WhatsApp Calculus Kibaki Ruto Esther Guardian Angel NHIFMiracle GEMASupportsMudavadi MyMentalHealthFirst JBMuturiUnitesMtKenya Speaker Muturi.

Stopped visit 75yo parents today Time playing their Amazon speaker, says liked that Butter video sent asked Alexa play some shes been hours, many songs they have, anyway?!?!

tend enter space when this someone speaker, just avoiding toxicity slash narcissistic behavior slash feeling entitled. protect yourself, avoid toxicity.
advocate, speaker House Representatives. when Fulanis came village hope called rock? Ozuo.
bari motivation speaker main
Family Home Guarantee older women living cars, couch surfing would like Speaker...Mr Speaker... tell ScottyDoesNothing cabal jump.
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yess bangtan native english speaker their english much better love.
People tend call motivational speaker when your life story relates several levels struggles trust most times just quotes, feeling overcoming your past living dreams once only imagined.

doubt speaker sick have something about obvious favouritism.
Later, Segambut hannahyeoh stood pointed Standing Order about Pasir Salak MP's remark against Muar Speaker make ruling about such behaviour merely reminded members House mindful their remarks.

absolutely agree with this sentiments.. I have very long time supported speaker Muturi.
NRMOnline perfectly order justified kick RebeccaKadagaUG out. opposition mole only using NRMOnline party opportunistic schemes. happy KagutaMuseveni discerned this. political party else where would field speaker undermines it.

dont care whether youre happy not. need return question. Speaker Tony Smith
drinking brewed UGCoffee proudly publicly, coffee station lobby where Ugandan coffee brewed served. Speaker, make your personal mission serve gift coffee your visitors especially foreign ones!

statement would have been improved deleting that Speaker Pelosi failed condemn anti-Semitic violence. statement early, strong, unasterisked, Leader McCarthy's should have been.

What You Really Think

We are seeing the Northern you in control. KagutaMuseveni is a wise man. Owanyi Doro, JacobOulanyah, OkothOchola1 and don't be surprised to see the VP and the Prime Minister coming there also however the only difference will be is that people behind them will all be Banyankole.

Steering properly.


Museveni wamazze mpayo 5,000,000 mbeko kyenekolera. Neyazziza Mr President.

We are so happy for her.

If you're nt confused then you're not paying attention..political prisoners.

Stop fooling Ugandans!! Condemning corruption like never before yet you bribed those political condoms to vote for the people you wanted in those respective positions. Ugandans are tired of this nonsensical hypocrisy!! Ugandans are tired of you dictator. Free Uganda.



Free our people m7 you must go.

Love u my president. We people from Hoima will always love u.

Cong's to Hon.Jacob. But as a good leader and the party chairman it would be wise of you to get a good placement for Hon. Kadaga like the position of the Vice President to give hope to the people of Busoga that they are also still with the NRM Government.

Thanks a lot His Excellency KagutaMuseveni for the whole process and exercise.

Please mr, release these people. Their families need them . For these people to be close to HEBobiwine isn't a crime. Stop persecutions. As your family enjoys taxpayer's money, let families live happily with their loved ones. Set free all PoliticalPrisoners in dungeons.

Free political prisoners supporting bobi is not a crime.

Museveni lwaki walya lumonde waffe?

No matter what we will over come the junta dictator museven.

Why is Ugandan voices be worried about a President concerned about the health of citizens. We take pride in having a caring President. Ebyo byebiruma abayaye! M7 for a better and healthy population.

Together we will.achieve. Thanks to the National Chairman of the Revolutionary Party and President of Uganda for standing with Comrades and may the good working relationship between the two organs of Govt help us deliver to a secure future..We are ready for another win come 2026.

Congratulations Mama Bukedea as she is called!

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