Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Special Rapporteur David Johnston Will Have Two Months to Decide Whether a Public inquiry into Foreign Election interference is Needed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says.

Social Media Says

Special Rapporteur David Johnston will have months decide whether public inquiry into foreign election interference needed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says.
public inquiry should have been called. Johnston compromised even does call public inquiry, "3-7 months" will have been wasted. it's delay tactic best, complete white wash cover-up.

naming rapporteur, Trudeau bought months. Gates open China Canadian Armed Forces inviting permanent residents join... Opposition leaders dismiss David Johnston appointment special rapporteur.

Will Canadians fall this once again? Canadians GULLIBLE fall this twice months?

What You Really Think

Verdict will be no, right Mr Trudeau?

Will he decide in 2 minutes then in 2 months say one isn't needed ? How much is he being paid ?

If it were me, it'd take 30 seconds to decide it's needed.

Looking for a delay. How about a non- confidence vote.

Why so long? Leads to suspicion that theyre covering their tracks and/or getting their stories lined up.

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