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Friday 3rd of April 2020


On Sunday on interviews
"I do think its given Australians reason to trust him just that little bit more through this crisis and his handling of it all." says the Federal Governments bold plan to make childcare free for parents who are essential workers is a tick for the Prime Minister.
host says the PM’s wage and childcare announcements show he’s willing to throw political ideology out to do what is necessary. But snapping back to previous levels of support once the crisis is over may not be so easy.
Is it just me? I dont want a frontline political reporter eg telling me (based on limited proffered evidence) whom to "trust". I want accurate reporting, evidence based analysis but not this. It crosses a line for me. Its essentially advocacy .
Speers is right - we shouldn’t get too bogged down in asking Government where the money was coming from - but the point you make is correct. The attacks on Swan - who acted on strong advice from Treasury - were simply anti-Labor propaganda.
Is anyone surprised by Speers? Leopards and spots.
Thank you, agree completely. The fine detail will disqualify a lot of businesses.
No it does NOT make me trust him. NOTHING will make me trust him. If he ever does anything good for anyone you can bet he has an ulterior motive. Its not out of the kindness of his heart thats for sure. You media really are naive. 🙄🙄🤪🤪
Just when we need leadership, we get another choose your own adventure from . What is it the PM doesnt understand about leadership? is just plain scared of it. Grow a spine and do something. Why do you think we have Bondi, St Kilda, Manly, pubs opening, etc?
Spot on.
Speers should just go back to Sky Spews where his many talents will be appreciated more
Speers Is A Brown Nose C/nt .. Dutton Has Three Childs Care Centres 😎 Who Else In parliament Has Invested In Child Care Centres ..?
Scott Morrison is the most disastrous PM we have ever had His time in office has been riddled with corruption, discrimination, incompetence, and rorting The fact these journos are willing to forgive YEARS of scandal because he demonstrates moments of competency now Is abysmal
Ah yes I forgot about benefits to Duttons family. More convincing if they also halted trading on private child care.
Part of the policy on free childcare was part of Labor’s social policy platform for those earning up 70,000 year during the last election! Anyone remember that? Most toddlers are now at new policy is only relevant if it remains in place post virus
A bit for now only. One swallow doth not a summer make
Speers is
response was woefully inadequate showed the government to be grifters and theives Letting the off with no checks potentially infecting Syd The assumption is this government incompetent. I have seen nothing here to disprove that hypothesis
Rubbish. Hes doing it because he knows he HAS s not being altruistic. He knows his political career depends on it. Hes got one eye on economy the people. The other on the polls.
Discuss. The boundaries between (accurate) reporting, (evidence based) analysis & (factually based) opinion have of course progressively blurred in esp since & . The "green shoots" of "trust" opinion is a perfect case-study?
This is pathetic jounalism. Absolutely pathetic. Get a grip. This isnt Survivor the reality TV show. Show some professional ethics.
Dont bother mentioning that LNP have spent years bagging ALP for Keynesian stimulus during the GFC, but now find themselves having to do the same. Its not generosity. He has no choice. The economy was tanking long before this & he denied, deflected, lied & did NOTHING.
Terrible outcome for tenants who are being treated like absolute garbage by property managers.
When is the Government going to repatriate Australians still stuck in India? Is this issue even on anyones agenda?
A splash of cash is appreciated but doesnt absolve of going to when the burnt my property. after by the LNP and . Is Speers a PR person for Murdochs LNP still?
Facts are indeed what we want!! Speers has week questioned whether Labor was too demanding of Morrison on last weeks smartly told by Mark Kenny that it was the job of particularly since the LNP voted to close down Parliament until August.
he has no idea what its like to live in the real world! a cuppa and invite your landlord over for a friendly bit of negotiation! thatll work NOT!
On balance, nobody should trust him. A couple of half ok decisions made under duress do not change the vast body of corruption & lack of accountability this govt have displayed.
Yes. Piss off you hack. Embarrassment to journalism.
Cold comfort, the ACT says it has only tested 5,000 people out of a population of over 400,000 ie around of the population. Of those tested about have the virus. Is the low rate of testing designed to keep the number of infections low?
What the PM announced were essentially the ideas put up by LABOR and originally rejected by the PM.
All this kudos for what is essentially Labor policies. If the Coalition had not rorted their way into government, we would have had the competence of at the helm during this crisis.
3 levels of support, different types. Real issues if you are casual, in arts, precarious 4 renters. Starting 2 b what Labor asked for. Need Labor NBN .
Dont you worry about that (to quote your esteemed premier of the yore). This will be rescinded ones we are rebuilding and there will be a lot of huffing and puffing about the need for everyone to tighten the belt and that this is not the time that we could afford frivolities
Doing the obvious and taking his time to do it is enough to excite Bullshitboy’s media toadies. Pathetic stuff.
Speers is on the bandwagon too. They can both suck it.
All commercial rental market. Everything in this briefing has been about commercial tenancies, not a single word on the residential tenancies. We may as all just go homeless right now, get it over and done with. Why wait until we run out of money and get evicted in months time?
Who is gonna move in? Someone else evicted from their place because they too couldnt pay rent.
Been told the govt was only paying the gap not the full fees. If true daycares will close due to financial hardship unable to pay wages, supplies, food, insurances, utilities etc for the long term. Anyone know if this is true?
Nauseating. Shame on you. Most corrupt cowardly Govt ever. PM reacts when the pressure becomes too much. Has not demonstrated informed, intelligent leadership at any point. Benefitting his church mates, his business colleagues. Denies science, neglects the vulnerable. Big fail.
Don’t think too many people agree with Speers on this!
Seriously he has done a extremely bad job refused advice from those that do know better listened to advice from his yes men. His slow action has cost lives.
In an already unbalanced power dynamic, this is going to go well.
Hey David, I will give you the same message I yell at Scotty each time he appears on my TV: F---- Off.
John, you speak for a lot of us!!! Go you!!!
You do not speak for all Australians. Nothing is a "given".
Hey now that youve all had your fun praising Morrison, its about time you expose this cover up
Morrison would not do anything for anybody unless there was something in it for him. The reaction to his appalling response to the bushfires rocked him and now hes trying to scrape back votes.
Agreed. Its just another "economic stimulus measure" and a guard against revealing just how many services and supports have been stripped out of the welfare sector. Its not done out of a sense of social or moral responsibility. Pure capitalism. Nothing else.
I am Australian David and it hasnt. I judge him on his past, he has lied and rorted. He brings a whole bother level of anxiety to this situation. What is up to without proper scrutiny ?
What is it with ex Sky employees who think we need to like . has proven his incompetence and unsuitability for the role of PM and little moments of being forced into something dont make him better. 3 weeks ago he was off to the footy.
Seriously !!! This is not and IS . being dragged kicking and screaming to he is NOT adequate.
Really. After his mismanagement of the HAWAII FIVE Never
Speers is right because it’s - excessive borrowing, selling public assets, cutting funding to social services and taxpayers. - investment in people and the future, good economic management and prudent borrowing.
Yet when released it as a policy you & yours MSM poo pooed it to buggery. Bit one eyed of you all then.
Sounds a bit like Tony Perk
As with many of the announcements, what was the alternative? Hes only doing what is blatantly obvious. Free child care, didnt Shorten take that bold plan to the last election?I didnt hear journo calling that a bold plan, I did hear them asking where the money would come from
Maybe in your right-wing, neoliberal SkyNews-biased little corner of the world, but s foot-dragging response to this and proves hes not governing for Ordinary Australians, and most KNOW IT.
Speers was Murdoch drone for years. It must be hard to shake off that Sky News conditioning. Not that he seems to be trying.
Fuck. Off.
PM says nothing lasts forever:
No its not just you. Hes an LNP shill, a coalition spruiker - you only need look at how he conducts his interviews and who he worked for previously to know this 👆 is his typical form.
We dont need Speers being a cheerleader for the . Hes already got Coorey. Should be investigating how this affects Duttons childcare empire. We know the LNP always have a beneficiary in mind with their actions.
Except when Dutton owns about 30 child care centres. KLEPTOCRACY
This has only come about because of the economy, not because he has any empathy and compassion for parents or it would have happened ages ago. He gets the big👎👎👎
Dear David, We do not trust Morrison any more over this. its just a pose, its a front. Daggy Dad has gone, now we have this version. He was a child actor, remember? He cant wait to get "back to normal", his comfort zone which he calls "snapback".
Nah, doing what’s obvious doesn’t make him more trustworthy. Slate doesn’t get wiped clean that easy.
He mentions the ECONOMY much more often than the COMMUNITY. I dont think he likes people much. Wealth and social position seems much more important to him.
Labor’s idea in the first place !
someone should ask Speers on insiders this discrepancy. He seems to be an LNP spokesman
This isnt his idea. I do not trust him. Hes a bad leader.
Amazing aint it? When its ALP policy its reckless & will bugger the economy & wheres the money coming from?Same policy LNP branded, its heroic & sensible & leave Scott alone hes got a lot to deal with & grandma blah Great Depression.
Especially the dont get the fuck used to it snap back comment.
Pardon me while I throw up!! 🤮🤮🤮
Conspicuous absence of reporting that PM said tenants cant use this to simply avoid paying rent, especially those still employed etc.
Wtf? No, no, no. How can you say that? He has shut down parlt, installed a hand-picked committee to manage covid crisis, money flying all over the place without any scrutiny. Seriously, wtf..