Star Citizen Passes Half Billion Dollars Funding Milestone, Still no Game Launches in Sight.

Tuesday 20th of September 2022

Star Citizen Passes Half Billion Dollars Funding Milestone, Still no Game Launches in Sight.

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EA execs point at class="u-nolinkc" href="">this and class="u-nolinkc" href="">go "See!? class="u-nolinkc" href="">This is class="u-nolinkc" href="">what you get when there is class="u-nolinkc" href="">no set timetable and class="u-nolinkc" href="">no crunch!".
class="u-nolinkc" href="">Interesting in that if you keep giving class="u-nolinkc" href="">people class="u-nolinkc" href="">money for something that's unfinished, they have class="u-nolinkc" href="">no incentive to finish ever?
"Having class="u-nolinkc" href="">a hard time finding work in the games industry? Make your own crowdfunded game, and have class="u-nolinkc" href="">a job for life!".

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>I have to say it is a very interesting case study of ~~open game development and crowdfunding~~how to mismanage a company and development team.

And the sunk cost fallacy.

Whitelight (Videogame essay youtuber) did an easily digestible video on this game while still going relatively in-depth, and it truly is a more complex case than most people realize. If anyone is curious, I recommend checking it out.

Most expensive case study ever.

It definitely tops the list as the most expensive game ever made, or rather, to be made. The 2nd most expensive game ever made was Cyberpunk 2077 at US $331 million adjusted for 2021 inflation.

Destiny 1 cost just as much. Its not even around. How you don't understand why star citizen for the same amount of money has made a better game that Destiny 1 for the same price makes no logical sense at all. I don't even play star citizen. Its just a fact one has more content than the other for the same price tag.

And what defines launch these days. I mean look, 4 million people have already been playing for years. Reminds me of when Minecraft released, as it was just an update no bigger than some others, and then continued to get more and even larger updates down the line anyway. And some devs definitely like keeping the early access or beta tag on to excuse any shortcomings. With some games they just never get taken off, even if the game is hugely successful, making money, and is basically out.

I barely remember that $50 I chipped in to crowdfund this game...10 years ago.

This is the funniest post on here, congrats on your free game my dude.

If I learned anything from 7 Days to Die, its that if you spend *THIS* long in alpha you probably aint leaving.

If this was an Alpha in the same way Dwarf Fortress is in Alpha I would not mind. This isn't that kind of project. Fuck's sake Chris.

Almost as old as Minecraft and that went through alpha, beta and release already lol.

If you go on forum posts, most people are purchasing that ship around $300-350 since it is extremely rare. Some even paying up to $500 for it if there are no listing.

Honestly though, what other game from 2013 that you could have gotten for free would you still be talking about? I'd take Star Citizen over the Paragon skins I got with my 1070...

> AMD Radeon R9 280X Weird that they gave you a copy of a game you can't run.

Hm. I bought a gaming laptop and they gave me Windows.. :/.

I paid for it in 2013 as well. The last time I fired it up, it crashed to desktop and I said welp, seeya in a year I guess.

Pretty sure I got a ship or something for the game. Checked it out once almost 10 years ago and gave up shortly after.

This is exactly how i got my copy a couple graphics cards later and it still runs like crap.

Couldn't even run Star Citizen on that graphics card &x200B; Hell, I complained about bad framerates and people on r/starcitizen told me I "need" to get a NVME SSD because a SATA SSD is too slow &x200B; total bs.

Same. $50 (iirc). Installed the first Alpha version, laughed out loud, uninstalled and completely forgot about it. That was 9 years ago.

I backed the RoboCop statue for Detroit, it's one of the first Kickstarters I can even remember. Started early 2011. Successfully crowdfunded. Last update was 2019. Guess I'll give them credit, they kept up updates for that long until they just disappeared.

When did you give up on the game? For me it was about 4-5 years ago when the jank would never get fixed and the game ran like absolute balls. And as of a few months ago when I revisted, a lot of the jank is still there and the game only runs a little better despite using good hardware. BTW if you revisit the game, do not spawn on the floating city location. That place fucking sucks. Barren wasteland of nothingness. Have to take some dumb train everywhere and just sit there waiting. That's not "playing a videogame". That's just watching your dude commute.

I still have my white founder card. FOUNDER2942NOV19 !

Hi Bob!

Nah, youll be playing the alpha of earth citizen.


"Hey guys, check out this cool retro sci-fi game!".

Wow I'm flying this ship transporting cargo just like I dreamed of. I get credits for each contract I complete. Wait... isn't this just employment?

The last question to the AC will not be "can entropy be reversed" but "has Star Citizen released yet.".

They have free to play weekends somewhat often. You can find out whenever that happens.

Ive played it. It a difficult game to play but once you get a hang of it, it is really immersive. The game is stupid massive and anyone that thinks that the game is just going to release and thats it is kidding themselves. Like the scale of it is something else. Saying that there is also still a metric ton of bugs. Understandably so with what its trying to be. Flying into space from the space port is very rewarding once you figure out how to do it. Then looping to a new place and flying 60 million km in 5 minutes is a wild journey. The gun play is pretty solid too. The law system is cool as well. Im hoping they up the server population density as well.

That's because the devs still haven't figured out how it's supposed to play yet either.

To know something from this game you need to look for it. If you only read this kind of cyclical news you'll never know anything from the game.

I played it during a free week and I have to say it's one of the most ambitious projects I have seen, I cannot say that this is a scam because they've actually put work into the game. I have high hopes for it and am waiting impatiently for it's release.

It's an MMO, alot of the fun is what people come up with, being in an org makes it way more exciting than going around solo doing missions.

The last i heard about it was a jank alpha for riding a train where the footage released the train didn't actually work and you would clip through the train or just sit in a loading loop. That was like 4-5 years ago when a coworker showed me the flight alpha for it and I decided to look into it.

If I understand correctly, you still have a few years left to make it.

Depends. Have you planted it already? Actually, no. I think you've still got time either way.

Dont worry. It will hit 600 million in another year, and everyone will be mad at it for a few days. You can get your popcorn then.

No, I assure you no matter how long the popcorn takes to cook there will still be Scam Citizen drama when you get back.

The best time to prepare popcorn for a Star Citizen drama is 10 years ago. The second best time is now. Or something like that.

You can even grow your own corn.

You have more than enough time to invest in a proper movie theater popcorn maker, a 55 gallon drum of addictive movie theater butter flavoring, and a full shipping pallet of popcorn kernels. By the time you've gathered all that and popped your first kernel, SC will have made another 50mil, 0.2% progress towards a milestone, and four hundred more threads laughing at the expense of people who are going to be waiting for this project to finish for another decade and a half *at minimum*. I'd joke that I can't wait for the first in-game alpha investor funeral, but I'm sure that they've already *had* people back the game and then die. At this point, I just have to wonder how long that backer *in memoriam* section in the credits will be.

You have anywhere in the next 50 years to get your popcorn ready.

Your about five years too early. Star Citizen is currently in Alpha development about 20 blocks that way.

Would it be fair to say that you reach a point with the scope of a game where you're basically trying to build a simulation of real life (set in the future no less), which is playable on common hardware available? When I finally understood the goal / scope of the game, it blew my mind that they (and backers) thought this was achievable in the stated timeframe.

I don't understand what they're trying to build. And I don't think they have a clue either. Big planets and procedural City tech is cool, but what's the plan for the game? How do they make it compelling? When is the combat going to get fun? How do they balance infinitely respawning ships that you buy for real money? What is the purpose of the multi crew vessels? How will the economy work? We're this many years in and much like a child's toybox its got endless potential if you close your eyes and imagine. But no functional mechanics underpinning anything. No whitebox proof of concept. Just toy ships.

I imagine you would have a different opinion if the game actually functioned well. Beyond the bugs and time sinks, there's nothing to dig your teeth into. It's a hollow shell of a game with practically no meaningful content. The mechanics that are in there are all poorly implemented and not even remotely close to being completed. The added kicker is that the pace at which they develop the game is glacial. It is hardly any better today than it was when the PU first launched something like 6 years ago. If it was a tech demo back then, then it's a slightly better tech demo today. Praising the companies vision is pointless as they absolutely lack the ability to deliver on that vision. By the time this project is even remotely comparable to a full game, if such a time will even come, technology and the industry will have progressed so far it won't even be relevant. I mean, I don't hold Bethesda in exactly the highest regard, but how will Star Citizen compare against Star Field? How many overlapping mechanics will both games have, and how many will Star Citizen actually do better? Given the literal 10 years of history I have with the game, I expect none.

If you're not running it off an SSD, try it again with an SSD. I had the same experience when I tried running it off of a hybrid drive, and it just didn't work. They *REALLY* need to add an SSD to their minimum system requirements.

> the cities are breathtaking and immersive. It feels like GTA but in space. They really don't. There are like 2 shops and a bunch of npcs that you can't interact with. And there is like a 5 minute train ride between the two shops.

I agree with this. I was doing this cool mission with my friend and we died. I went to go back and get my body and we got put into two different instance but the same mission. So we were killing the same people but we could not see each other. It was really frustrating.

I died because I decided to use my lift on my nomad, I went to lift it back up and it somehow crushed me. I only had to travel 40 minutes back to get my stuff, that glitched through the bottom of the world. 10/10.

I wish this was the top comment because it's so accurate. Star Citizen does have many problems but they're not what the karma farmers calling it a scam claim they are. It's also an incredible technical achievement to get it to where it is right now, and the developers working there deserve credit for that.

That actually gives me hope. I have lifetime insurance on a ship from a decade ago, tried it out like 5 years ago but going to wait for release to play.

Software development is hard. Planning ahead for a project as huge as star citizen is basically impossible and over time, bugs are introduced that are really hard to even find, let alone fix, and sometimes there's just no better way than to rewrite a big chunk of the game. I can't even imagine the problems they must be dealing with and the pressure on the entire team must be insane. I am lurking once in a while because I think it's an amazing project with potential and I really want it to succeed but anyone who thinks this thing is gonna be playable anytime soon is delusional.

It will -always- be in a broken and buggy state. That's the part backers just don't seem to accept.

Yep. I have actually put some money behind this game (at least a long time ago, 2013 I believe, I was young and easily fooled.) I have played some recently, the last experience I had before I quit playing this time was flying my Caterpiller cargo ship filled with goods. I was approaching a station and acidentally scratched a defense platform with one of my outrigger wings. Instead of you know, a fine, warning, or something along those lines. The entire station turned hostile, blew me out of the sky, and I lost all my money invested. And then I still ended up in jail after dying. Kinda soured it for me, for a game touting so much realism, to have that happened kinda sucked. I still suggest people try the game out on a free play weekend, it is seriously impressive what they have acomplished, but my oh my they still have a long way to go.

"GTA in Space" ive said that same term myself many times!! its my dream game...and sadly i havent seen anything close to that yet. just give me a game like old school Privateer mixed with Mass Effect.

"Who will this game actually be for? Are we going to pump half a billion dollars into a game only enthusiasts can reliably enjoy?" \^\^ This right here should be the only statement anyone needs to see. There is NO money in releasing it. It's a beast to run on any rig and has always required enthusiast level rigs to play with any sort of reasonable performance. This essentially reduces their audience to a mere fraction of the market. It makes no sense to release it when they can keep siphoning money from "hopeful" backers. If people like playing it as is, more power to em! But from a business standpoint, a 1.0 release makes zero financial sense.

To be fair, there are a lot of optimizations coming down the line, like vulkan implementation, as well as server meshing. Even over the last year, performance has increased quite a bit. I could see the game being very playable on mid range specs within the next few patches.

BuT iTs In BeTA sTaTe /$.

The thing is, after this long I don't even think you can call it a scam. Like I don't think he's making much money off of it because of how expensive everything like there's apparently over 600 people altogether working in it. Apparently the average salary for a game developer is 80k a year and it's been in development for over 10 years now which would give a cost of 480 million just on salaries assuming they had that many employees from the beginning. It's just hopelessly horribly mismanaged and subject to insane feature creep.

People cry about Cyberpunk and Fallout on Reddit. In real life, people are spending their money and buying these games. Reddit =/= reality.

I'm so confused, CP2077 and NMS are prime examples for why you should be willing to let the team do their thing rather than rush them. And $500 million is not that far away from the cost on the other games you just mentioned. CP2077 $315mil, for example.

Cyberpunk had an initial budget of $317 million. Im sure they have sunk another $100 million to finish/fix it. Games arent cheap, half a billion for a playable open world beta isnt absolutely preposterous.

No, you couldnt. The number of people ITT who have never worked in software is too damn high.

"I've already invested so much, I might as well keep investing.".

As someone who plays sc- can confirm. Ships costing hundreds= pretty shiny thing that gives us fancy certificates for spending money and a nice lounge.

This is the best analogy I've ever heard on star citizen. Lmao.

What's weird to me is all the problems of SC are present in other companies and games. Predatory cash shop? Nothing new (yes, even for thousands of $$ for in-game items, Diablo: Immoral comes to mind). Development hell with bogus promises? Nothing new, remember Duke Nukem Forever? Anybody? Feature creep from overzealous execs that either continually bloat the release date, or are then ultimately dropped or buggy? Nothing new (*cough* Spore, CP2077, NMS, Fable, on and on *cough*). "We just need more time and money and *then* we'll have a great game!" Nothing new, literally in any industry ever. The only difference is this is crowdfunded directly so the consumers have to put up with the bullshit first-hand instead of reading a "tell-all" clickbait article on some gaming journalism website in 10~20 years.

Chris Roberts's wife is alive and healthy. I've seen her. For real.

No that's Earth 2.

Same. I had been interested and was going to buy a starter ship. Glad I held back and did the free-fly. Was not impressed. It looks amazing, but the game part was not able to grab me at all.

It's a "you'll be able to..." game where they insert literally anything after that phrase to get pledges, but very few of the things are actually there, and the ones that are there are half-baked. Looks nice, and that's why they spend a lot of time/money on spaceships and not actual content. Cause it generates nice screenshots and people go "wow that looks nice" but 95% of the other stuff is janky as hell. Like by now, you SHOULD be able to more or less play the game, with some features "tbd", but it's like EVERYTHING is half-baked so you can't get a full gameplay loop of anything right now without frustrating experiences. There is zero way this game is going to "release" and make people happy. The ones who hung on out of sunk-cost will be upset it doesn't have what they were promised, and the people who try it will be disappointed because people will have MASSIVE expectations for a game in "development" for 10 years that it could NEVER live up to.

It's been a glorified tech demo for the past 10 years. Chris Roberts tried to get as ambitious with Freelancer (another space sim he worked on), getting carried away with it, but thank god Microsoft curbed his ambitions. He's just repeating the same mistakes as he did in that project. He never learned.

The thing is people are complaining about star citizen taking so long, when the complaining should all be put toward Squadron 42. Supposedly that's what is slowing down SC development, when that was supposed to be out in 2016. It's semantical but supposedly that's where most of the development effort is focused.

It's a tech demo. More about the seamless transitions and whatever new tech they're adding in each patch. That inventory and medical systems weren't even in game yet last Fall. What you were trying was mostly placeholder. It's not in danger of launching in the next 2 years.

I'm kind of like you, it LOOKS amazing but if the gameplay is not more developped than truck simulator, it won't be very interesting.

At least it wasn't a monthly subscription you forgot about. What was the last patch you remember playing? They've made some improvements that make it much more playable and people with those AMD x3d processors are claiming 100 fps. The first medical gameplay is in finally but the elephant in the room(salvage) has yet to make it into player hands.

Is this Derek Smart's alt account?

Some people live in dank memes, some people live in conservative, some people live in fundie snark uncensored...this one has lived in star citizen refunds for 6 years hehe.

He is the main account from a reddit that only hate Star Citizen lmao, so cringe. Edit: lol, they have coordinated to publish negative messages in this post to direct the opinion of non-regular users, what a sad life.

It is like the Theranos of video games lmao. Wild people still drop money into it.

Yep we still follow the game and still call them out. I want my game i waited since 2013 and OP probably too. We just dont buckle down.

I don't know what's more impressive, the fact he's been dedicated to doing this for six years, or the fact the game still isn't anywhere close to being finished after those six years.

To be honest looking at their history tells a tale of mental illness. Who has that much time on a venetta. I bet he's also the creator of the sub he is constantly submitting post to.

They basically rebuilt their engine, theres probably some videos out there explaining more but they've also expanded their employee base from like 200 to 700 I think and multiple studios, so they're churning stuff out, but the game is extremely ambitious. Only time will tell if it pays off, the game has free fly events be the judge yourself.

They chose a completely unsuitable engine for what they're trying to accomplish and are incapable of creating the needed technology.

In short: over promise, under deliver. Its like the Fyre festival for gaming.

Because the people at the top are profoundly incompetent and have no oversight.

>summarize Pointless feature creep no one asked for. Others call it ambitious.

Many old castles and mansions are found left to the elements for this reason: The upkeep is just too much for whoever inherits them. As for SC, I think your analogy is apt. It sounds like Feature Creep City in the state of Development Hell. However, maybe that is just what the business model *IS*.

Its not 100% crowdfunded, they have millions in investments too(on top of the 500mil).

Their own numbers claim around 20-30k daily at peak.

Where did you get that number? Last number I recall hearing was about 70k daily players.

Id say its more likely that 300-500k *total* players have played SC but Id say the 30k-70k *daily* numbers that others have posted is more reasonable.

Maybe total player, not active ones.

Look at games like EVE online that you dont hear about much but have massive communities. I would believe SC is similar in numbers.

Were did you get that? Last I checked it was around 30-50K.

Seems way too high.. even 50k sounds high. We always see the same names across all servers (us eu aus) and we play everyday.

So in December of 2020 there was a letter from the chairman. Chris said at that they had over 740,000 unique players with half a million of them being returning or continually active. Earlier this year he wrote another update, this time he said their daily active player base has increased by 50% since the December update. So not exact numbers, if I had to guess it would be around 100k people daily but honestly who knows, I just know every time I log in, Im in a full server.

Sounds like they really need a team of really good project managers in there rather than just a bunch of devs. I know those things can be frustrating, but that's the only way to reign in that kind of never-ending development creep where nothing ever gets done enough to release. I've never played the game, but I loved the idea...and still love the idea years later. Incredibly hard to imagine they have had that much income, and still don't have any sort of full 1.0 release after all this time.

Its not a scam, its just once again another catastrophically mismanaged game by Chris Roberts, its almost an insult to put him together with Kojima. Roberts has been kicked off almost every game hes made, for mismanagement. He was running a limousine rental business before launching the kickstarter, nobody wants to hire him anymore. But this time, no one can kick him off. The fact that, after 10 years, the single player campaign still hasnt been released, or is even close to releasing, is simply inexcusable. It doesnt need the fluff, the different professions, the economy, exploration etc. He just needs to produce a competent space combat campaign with a narrow, on-rails and scripted structure, but even that is beyond his capabilities.

I woudn't put Kojima there. Look at Death Strading. Amazing game, amazingly optimized. Was released on time.

He did the same mistake with Freelancer. Getting too ambitious, and not setting realistic expectations.

>I don't get this obsession with whining about it every day. I'm typically very against the typical gamer entitlement towards unreleased games, but I do feel Cloud Imperium put themselves in a corner with this one. Being a crowd-funded game, rather than self or publisher funded, really puts the onus on them to deliver in a reasonable fashion. And it's not just crowd funded, but the single biggest budgeted game (and quite possibly piece of media period) ever to hit a development floor. And *then* add in a now over 10 year dev cycle. It's both an unprecedented story in media, and a legitimate cause of concern. Based on what they have shown, most of that time & money may as well have been thrown in a burn pit.

For my own curiosity, what do you consider 'playable'?

Half a bil and a decade of time let people cry lol.

There is actually a great video series on some of the behind the scenes failings of the company by an early whale that dropped out - called "Sunk Cost Galaxy". Highly recommend.

No lol. Why they even dreamed of doing a single player game and start citizen is beyond me.

No. Occasional "development updates" via email but there's no proof of its existence. Just vague technical-sounding notes about under the hood behavior which is probably all made up. Star Citizen seems to exist just enough to avoid being a complete fraud, legally speaking.

Because when I played SC last night I had a blast, and today I'm going to have an even bigger blast as three of my squad mates and I are planning to do cargo running with medical supplies.

Crazy how building an engine and developer tools WHILE creating two games takes time. who woulda thunk.

Well you gotta upgrade at some point.

NMS at this point has everything this game advertised feature wise. And more. Ok DVers list off the top of my head! * Added creature, weather, plant and geography variety * Rare events and creatures strewn across its immense universe. * Multiple species to talk interact with and learn about their cultures. * Multiple story and quest lines to follow at your leisure * Own frigates with crew made with AI and Players * Space Pirates * Mounts including hover vehicles and mechs. * Proper multiplayer with player homing and communal base building(there's a fucking planet being completely overbuilt as one city by players). * Every ship can be bought with in game currency(no MTX).

Most fun scam Ive been apart of.

I've heard this kind of tone about games that end up with the devs just continually plugging away well after you would expect them to. I don't know how it plays currently, but the idea is aiming for the stars. Kind of a dream MMO idea, and I've had all kinds of hopes for what I'd wanna see in a game like this. I'm glad to see someone attempting it. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the devs just keep putting out content and eventually end up with a solid game, these kinds of comments are completely pointless and too early to make sense. I'm also sure it could take forever, but that's why I didn't buy anything for it yet. I'm hopeful it could become something legit over time.

I haven't been lately, but I'm waiting for a better patch cycle before getting back into it.

Yeah if you look at their incentives, buying ships with real money and dangling the promise of the games release over their backers is their incentive to *not* release the game.

Because there is a game to play that some people find fun?

Its so fucking frustrating that Elite Dangerous has such a solid base game but Fdev is hell bent on tanking it. If they just paid more than 2 people to work on it the game would have a future. Fdev needs to sell the game to a developer that takes it seriously.

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