Friday 16th of July 2021

State Premiers Are Simply Playing Politics by Deferring to The Advice of Unelected Bureaucrats With a Medical Degree, According to Former Speaker of The House Bronwyn Bishop.

Social Media Says

State premiers simply playing politics deferring advice unelected bureaucrats with medical degree, according former Speaker House Bronwyn Bishop.

What You Really Think

The stupid rants of a model T hasbeen.

Brownwyn still with her draconian and outdated views.

Shes right, you think Gkadys has done a good thing! Wake up to yourselfs!

So an old has been politician that fed of the tax funds for years and contributed nothing tells us all politicians are being political. Lol I am shocked as this is part of their job .. and even more distressing is those polys are actually speaking medical advice .. omg.

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