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Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

HALF-TIME Watford 0-2 Man City Raheem Sterling's Double Puts The Visitors in Control at The Break.

Here's how we line-up against the Hornets... XI Ederson, Walker, Garcia, Laporte, Cancelo, Rodrigo, De Bruyne (C), Foden, Bernardo, G Jesus, Sterling. SUBS Carson, Stones, Gundogan, Zinchenko, Silva, Mendy, Fernandinho, Mahrez, Otamendi.

You would have been 76 years today, Prof. Though in eternity, memories of your sterling qualities and principled leadership are still fresh with us. You will forever remain in our hearts. Yours is a soul that cannot be forgotten, a man we cannot celebrate enough! 1/2.

With Archer Season 11 coming soon, take a look back at the globe-trotting adventures of Sterling Archer so far.
Raheem Sterlings Goalsscoring Record for ManCity (all comps): 2015/16: 11 2016/17: 10 2017/18: 23 2018/19: 25 2019/20: 29 54 goals in last 2 seasons - He is a goal Machine!
An absolute LASER BEAM from Raheem Sterling.
Sterling level on goals with salah in his worst season, in less games and without scoring a single penalty. Proving all the haters wrong!
Make these 19 goals for Sterling this PL campaign and 10 goals against Watford! ZeroIsHere for the best live in play odds at 0mbs of data consumed!
Raheem Sterling's got 64 goals in two seasons for club and country while playing wide left. A phenomenon.
What? Be fair Sterling was given the ball on a plate against us and bottled it.
25-year-old Raheem Sterling has now scored more Premier League goals than Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez and Olivier Giroud [?]nulb.
Es un picante Sterling.
Sterling chasing that hat-trick.
Omoooo, Sterling.
Nulb JackRosser_: "Goal difference will be coming into focus for Watford now, Sterling's brace meaning Villa are now just two goals worse off than the Hornets.".
Sterling missed the penalty on purpose because he knew it would rebound right to him and count as an open play goal so RoaringRashford can't call him a penalty merchant My winger.
Wondering what difference Antonio, Giroud and Sterling have made to my standing in the.
Mane on influence, Sterling on ability.
I don't understand, if sterling is going for the golden boot, how is KDB not going for the record here.
18-year-old Raheem Sterling for Liverpool during 2013/2014 season: 38 games [?]nulb10 goals nulb9 assists Brilliant talent who became a brilliant player!
Sterling and Kiko instead. Bumpy ride guaranteed.
Christian Pulisic is better than Raheem Sterling. There it is. Thats the tweet.
Sterling is so clear.
At the moment Sterling>>>>>.
HALF-TIME Watford 0-2 Man City Raheem Sterling's double puts the visitors in control at the break.
Best thing I've read !
Sterling can miss penalties sha.
KDB passing it to Sterling not Jesus bc he knows Sterling can shoot.
Raheem Sterling (85) not has same amount of premier league goals with Eden Hazard and Torres. Wow!
If you think sterling is close to salah stfu.
City penalty. Sterling jinks inside his man and wins an obvious penalty. Sterling takes, missing the original penalty but passes in the rebound. 2-0 City.
Im not dissing salah? Im just saying sterlings on the same level and hes a lot younger.
Raheem Sterling is a delight to watch but its also hard to not think of how wrong FIFA did him with his Rugrats ass running style.
Sterling aiming for hat-trick.
Updated Premier League Goal Rankings: Raheem Sterling: 85 Eden Hazard: 85 Fernando Torres: 85 Cristiano Ronaldo: 84 ] goal].
HT Watford 0-2 Manchester City . Raheem Sterling [?]nulb[?]nulb .
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Goal - STERLING Assist - WALKER Watford 0-1 Man City (31 mins).
Raheem Sterling is on .
5 watford players around Sterling who turns and scores no block no nothing ?
Are you trying to tell me hes not a crucial player, like if he didnt play him CF in the World Cup, keeping Rashford and Vardy out of the team? Kane and Sterling are the only guaranteed starters, maybe Maguire at a push.

Raheem Sterling has more goals than every United player in three season's in a row, my man had a 3 months goal drought btw.
Hes stretching to get the ball across sterling and isnt going to get it the refs always gonna give that.
Raheem Sterling o c k e t.
Lmaooo forgot Sterling has scored 19 goals in 1 match.
Raheem Sterling now has 8nulb goals since the restart... But one missed penalty.
If Russia did interfere in 2014, it was to oppose Yes. 100%. The oligarchys sterling reserves sat in London were at major risk.
C.1919 Antique Sterling Silver Dance Powder Compact with Finge by Hattons.
Sterling adopting a shoot on sight if receiving a pass from KDB policy, love to see it.
Sterling is a world class. Better than most of your favorites.
Premier League goal ranking update Raheem Sterling - 85 nulb Eden Hazard - 85 Fernando Torres - 85 Cristiano Ronaldo - 84.
Raheem Sterling what a finish are you madddd.
Oohh that's a good shout. He'll surely start. But Jesus and Sterling are the goalscorers. I'm looking for a triple captain.
Pep agenda to sly FPL owners as well as push Sterling to fight for the top scorers award.
These are so pretty! by.
Penalty missed - STERLING Penalty saved - FOSTER Watford 0-1 Man City (40 mins).
BONUS POINTS AS IT STANDS 3 - Sterling 2 - Walker 1 - Foster.
I had this useless Sterling last week o, now he wants to win Golden Boot.
I've barely sat down for 2nd half and Sterling almost scored a 3rd goal.
Sterling shapes one up looking for his hat-trick but is denied by a flying Foster. nulb 47 [?] 0-2.
No footballer in England has more goals than Raheem Sterling this season (all competitions). But hes having a bad season apparently.
How has VAR not overused the Sterling penalty ? Far more contact from Will Hughes in the ball than the most contact on the ball when Erik Peters flattened Robertson in the Burnley game. No, absolutely no agenda with Liverpool and penalties created by the media.

Lol SkyBet Sterling is going to do this on his own.
Sterling's on fire tonight!
Goal - STERLING Assist - none Watford 0-2 Man City (40 mins).
GOAL - Raheem Sterling scores vs Watford. 0-1. (Great Goal).
Sterling for sure.
Why is Sterling on pens?
Safe to say Sterling has impressed infront of goal more than Mane this season... 19 goals 17 goals.
In addition to this, we also need to remember that households had barely recovered from the financial crisis and high post-referendum inflation, caused by the fall in sterling - effectively leading to a triple hit for living standards over the past 12 years.

KDB please do something and sterling get ur hat trick g.
Only because Salah actually scores his penalties. Sterling can only score penalty rebounds because he's shit at them.
Sterling having the MF time of his lifeee... !!! L s I !
Sterling me have as captain.
Watford vs Man City 0 - 2 Sterling NOW SHOWING at O3 CAFE.
1. James Milner 2. Todd Cantwell 3. Jack Harrison 4. Raheem Sterling.
Since the start of the league, sterling has 4 goals against traditional top 6 teams while rashford has 9. All sterling does is statpad against relegation fodder in an insane city team lmao.
Obviously Sterling has 4 SOT when I dont lace on him ...
Three goals for sterling today.
Raheem Sterling now has as many Premier League goals as Nigel Pearson and Cristiano Ronaldo combined. ] oilysailor].
Pounds sterling.
47 Sterling forces another great save from Foster.
A handmade, genuine white & gray seaglasstack, textured white seaglass and sterling silver necklace.
Premier League Goals this Season: Mane: 17 Sterling: 19 Ones a POTY candidate, the other is apparently a fLoP!
So this game is basically just Sterling vs Foster then Who owns both?
Im Maggie! I make jewelry and everything is available to claim through my DMs, since Im still small and just got started. Everything is sterling silver or silver plated.

What You Really Think

Cmon Foden.

Sterling hat trick incoming.

Poor little Sterling..the downtrodden.

Where was he against Arsenal. Shows up against small teams but chokes on the big stage, that will be his legacy if he doesn't perform in the Champions League.

Nice Pen.

No chill, poor Watford.

Sure must be happy right now.

Was there a big gust of wind st watford????sterling goes foen wsy yoo easy.

Sterling is the luckiest player in the prem.

All AVFCOfficial fans tonight, come on send the WatfordFC and that bloody mascot down.

Watford eh playing no kind of football uh .. None.

Goodbye WATFORD.

Fvck off what a joke.

Sterling with a late golden boot charge!?

Penchester city.

City dominant. Winning easily. Giving chance to other relegation fighting teams with Goal Difference of Watford suffering.

All man city.

KDB don't really look bothered much.. bah!

Will difficult to score in Vicarage Road ! Cause this season Premier League VAR just overturned the goal only.

Yu Qian Yuki Mie Rong Yao Qiu Luo Yi Shuai Mie Yu Wei Yu Qian Fu Zhuan Mie Zhuan.

Sterling for Hattrick??

Raheem >> rashford.

Well rip Watford.

Lega Serie A Is League Of Most Easy Can Score In This Season ! But Premier League Is The Hardest League To Score Goal In This Season ! Why.

Predict Just 0-2 In Vicarage Road ! Fxxking Bullshit Difficult Score In This Season Premier League Matches ! I Never Forgot How About This Fxxking Season.