Tuesday 1st of March 2022

Steve Bruce's Mind, Right Now.

Social Media Says

that third time this season manager been sacked immediately after losing Tottenham?! Xisco Munoz, Steve Bruce, Marcelo Bielsa?
FULL-TIME! West Brom Swansea City Swansea away from home first time since November, whilst Steve Bruce's wait first West Brom goes
"Supporting Putin, well other authoritarian leaders, another which political right weaponizing culture wars further divide Americans.".
gone from 20th 14th since Steve Bruce left, West Brom have gone from 13th since took over. just agree that shite
Steve Bruce keeping baggies seat warm Bielsa. Genius.
Newcastle fans deserve apology from pundits, rival fans anyone claimed they were wrong criticise Steve Bruce. without doubt worst managers there. Nobody listened when NUFC fans were saying takes clubs backwards.

Steve Bruce mint.
Weve gone from 20th 14th since Steve Bruce left, have gone from 13th since took over.
"Best manager job, fans have treated good family like Steve Bruce disgrace, best working miracles there".
Newcastle fans, fucking liars. Saying that about Steve Bruce. much worse.
Steve Bruce should have stayed retired.
Eddie Howe: Unbeaten Took team points adrift relegation points above bottom Steve Bruce: wins last with different clubs "lad that relegated Bournemouth" Steve?

have doubt that right. problem that Steve Bruce awful manager also.
Steve bruce doing well again tonight.
thought Steve Bruce what needed. wrong. really needs make some changes fuck well.
Steve Bruce's mind, right now.
disrespect West Brom there something very satisfying watching Steve Bruce prove those pundits backed managerial skills that completely utterly shite.
Steve Bruce still taking money football,why anyone.
coming with that Albion Premier League month after appointment West Brom, Steve Bruce picked just point from games. have subsequently slumped from 13th, leaving them points adrift play-offs.

Superb Steve Alex Bruce Cough cough.
Steve Bruce gone from being worst managers NUFCs history worst managers WBAs historyall inside single season. Some feat that!
dont want dwell Steve Bruce much because that done, when hear stories mess Howe found when arrived NUFC, much better now, then awful WBAFC now, realise just *bad* manager truly is.

Steve Bruce charge Russia challenge taking Ukraine would have already ended failure...
Steve Bruce will bird. Managers always bloody hell this bunch players absolutely stinking place out. Horrible lot.
Steve Bruce might chance watch some more cricket soon.
Steve Bruce waste sperm. Pass WBASWA NUFC NUFCFans NSDNSDNSDNS.
Steve Bruce working magic West Brom okay cause good bloke even better manager good luck youll need with charge.
Steve Bruce return management like zero affect awful record Playoffs look now!! Lost home lowly Swansea!! Should stayed away! Lol.
Steve Bruce continuing where left Newcastle. Useless coach feel sorry West Brom fans
Steve Bruce West Brom failure always.
Steve Bruce effect. ***.
Steve Bruce lost ANOTHER game Championship charge West Brom. Remind again Newcastle fans were vilified wanting sacked?
sacks ismael appoint STEVE BRUCE.
Steve Bruce needs forget managerial career ffs.
Steve Bruce such great manager mistreated NUFC fans, cant lower level West Brom..
Valerien Ismael Steve Bruce worst switch ever, wasnt doing well deserved sack, getting someone with completely different approach games arguably approach laughable. West Brom will continue decline their board dont have clue.

Steve Bruce still looking first this season also where these called pundits keeps saying they done wonderful job. Theyre hiding peeps.
Great Steve Bruce doing what Steve Bruce does, well. were West Brom thinking?
pundits blamed nufc fans backing him. Steve Bruce actually worse than bad. have game year?... managed different clubs!!!
Steve Bruce doing cracking job.
betting Westbrom against Swansea atleast draw. They just lost... Steve Bruce should sacked.
Steve Bruce doing things only Steve Bruce Icon game.
good start Steve Bruce WBA. Only point five games. they still make playoffs this year? More stats about here.
Steve Bruce hahaha!
Nice Steve bacon Bruce famous Streaks. Nowt quite like Bacon, Steves continue resurrect football styles long rendered extinct. Gotta feel baggies fans.
Steve Bruce losses draw first games, still this season manager, were deluded ones.
Four defeats five wins) Steve Bruce WBA?
Steve Bruce doing great job, isnt Ted?
Fuck Steve Bruce isnt even trying pretend just this time!
Since Steve Bruce been charge wba.
Steve Bruce masterclass enjoy albions fans.
Steve Bruce taken just 1/15 points West Brom manager. Just making that fact known because mainstream sports media will just ignore failures completely.
Steve Bruce given hospital pass, that A&E. dont vision. Massive recruitment drive needed.
Good Steve Bruce doing great West Brom. Since such fantastic manager didnt deserve flack Newcastle funny everyones gone quiet about that havent they.
Steve Bruce litter lout.
Steve Bruce side having possession shot target home? having deja here?
Steve Bruce actually manage newcastle. Wow. moment life wish forget. Shocking manager, personality, plan fucking clue.
Steve Bruce's media mates like RobbieSavage8 very quiet minute. Poor fans.
Steve Bruce will managing Sunderland this rate.
Steve Bruce last league games football manager. last coming nearly months ago. Absolute fraud.
Steve Bruce, gift that keeps giving Cabbage head.
West Brom going from 13th since bringing Steve Bruce most hilarious decisions seen.
Steve Bruces record West Brom after first five games. Played: 5 Won: 0 Lost: 4 Goals for: 1 Goals against: 8 League position when took over: 6th League position now: 13th.
Steve Bruce being Steve Bruce, he's nice guy, give time, he's smashing family, Newcastle fans demand much!!! He's shite, always been shite he'll forever shite.
thought Steve Bruce incredible manager. least thats what kept being told.
Steve Bruce might still some cricket West Indies.
West Brom Swansea: Steve Bruce STILL charge Baggies.
Steve Bruce game football this season? still funny? Yes!
Meanwhile Hawthorns reached games manager without win. clubs, divisions wins obviously none this Steve Bruces responsibility.
Steve Bruce masterclass again, pundits were saying were harsh.
Steve Bruce started well
Steve Bruce still doing Steve Bruce things!
never thought worse manager than Alan Pardew genuinely Steve Bruce there.
Steve Bruce family great bloke.
Steve Bruce isn't championship standard anymore seems.
Steve Bruce becomes first manager receive death threats from different fanbases.
Steve Bruce tactical genius, take your gourley with out.
Steve Bruce didnt league.
Hey, look what happened. Steve Bruce isnt going immediately promoted while playing more attractive style football neither, fact. least enormous payoff Ismael will serve reminder things future (fat chance).

March hours Steve Bruce STILL hasnt game this season.

What You Really Think

Take me back to this era. Peak Barclays coverage with Sunday Supplement , Goals on Sunday and then Super Sunday. So watered down these days.

The second goal reminded me of a Sunderland Wigan game when Steve Bruces team was bood before the ball hit the net as it went round the keeper. If anyone has footage of it its worth listening too.

Really miss goals on Sunday actually.

This appearance starts off with a ten out of ten Lampardian Transition.

Really thought you were going to have edited that so his head came out the toaster.