Monday 5th of April 2021

Me Thinking About All The Songs They Could be Playing While Steve Harvey is Talking.

Social Media Says

20 songs from Earth Wind and Fire 20 songs from The Isley Brothers 20 stories from Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey dressed like hes about to try and take over Gotham City.
Steve Harvey telling Black holiday BBQ level lies tonight.
Steeling myself for part 2 of steve harvey verzuz hip hop.
Yall, my momma is so pissed about Steve Harvey hosting. Im screaming. Lmfaooo.
Glad we get a break from Steve Harvey someone tell him to please shut the fvk up..cause when my song come on I dont want hear shit from him before or after.
Steve Harvey being a Que is just so fitting, like beyond words fitting.
But like this aint about Steve Harvey so why am I learning so much about him tonight???
Everytime Steve Harvey talks.
*Steve Harvey between each record*.
Steve Harvey hosting Family Feud > Steve Harvey hosting Verzuz.
Steve Harvey is finally the age he's been acting for his entire life.
Let me tell you about a time I was dangerously horny in 1976- Steve Harvey.
Isleys: *plays Between the sheets* Steve Harvey: This song reminds me of my first time at Bed, Bath, and Beyond...I met this chick named Bernadette Sanders.
Imagine you a respectable lady in the club in 1977 and steve harvey walk up to you.
Nobody: Steve Harvey every time EWF and the Isleys play a song.
Not Steve Harvey looking like Darkwing Duck.
The only reason why steve harvey wasnt the worst king of comedy is because dl hughley was there with his tight ass twists.
Steve Harvey is dressed like he just got to Gotham City and is about to ruin Batman's day.
Imma need for Steve Harvey to shut the f**k for the rest of this battle.
Remember when someone said this was the annual Steve Harvey convention.
Steve Harvey is a walking Facebook Memory.
This has been Steve Harvey all nighta chatter box.
If anything, Tom Joyner should be co-hosting this VERZUZ with Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey wanna be the Water in Earth, Wind and Fire so bad.
Steve Harveys rection after EWF Shining Star. .
Steve Harvey is talking to much.
Steve Harvey is always in places I don't want him to be (pretty much anywhere besides his house).
Steve Harvey at 6am.
Why Steve Harvey dressed like Darkwing Duck.
Me thinking about all the songs they could be playing while Steve Harvey is talking.
This how I wanna do Steve Harvey's big ass mouth right now! Lock him in the bathroom?
A woman when they saw a young Steve Harvey approaching.
Steve Harvey is getting lit on the TL and Im dying lmao.
Steve Harvey just threw Ron Isley's coat onto the FLOOR and then made Philip Bailey pick it up for him, I'm ready to fight.
Honestly they could have d nice spin random shit in between songs and I would have liked it more than Steve Harvey horsin around?????
But nah Steve Harvey has his moments with me lol.
Imagine youre invited to a romantic night with one of the most beautiful people in the world. You arrive & discover the most annoying person in the world sitting between you and the beautiful person. Do you stay? Thats my struggle watching Steve Harvey on this Verzuz.

Somebody said Steve Harvey looking like darkwing duck - per TheWayWithAnoa this image is forever.
Steve Harvey after every song.
My generation will be talking about how good the 90s were just like Steve Harvey goes off about the 70s.
Steve Harvey when he sees niggas getting ready to do a line dance.
My mom said she was almost in tears listening to the Versuz because its the music of her childhood. Steve Harvey wasnt lying about music being critical in memory recall.
Ron isley probably hearing steve harvey footsteps trying to get back to the stage.
Yall know Steve Harvey is about to come back from this intermission and give us a long speech about our tweets towards him.

What You Really Think

EXACTLY I don't know who came up with this stupid idea but NAHHH!!!

Ain't nobody watching to see you, Steve!

Preach! Could have played a damn album.

Steve just chat too much! Kmt bro stop talking! Why they had to go let this man host.

A True man kmt.

Right? Maybe we coulda got to another of those 45 albums at this rate.

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