Friday 6th of November 2020

Recount Stop The Count Proof Read & Check it All Twice, its Over DIKC STAIN . Get The Boxes & Tape Bring in The Moving Trucks. Disruptive Behavior on iamrapaport is Here.

Trump says stop counting where Im winning but keep counting where Im losing. Biden says count all the votes regardless. One position is consistent with the principles of democracy. The other is not at all. Its that basic.

Chaplain in Detroit on the stop the count protests: Were not deterred The Black vote in Detroit is higher than its ever been and we will determine the outcome because weve gone from picking cotton to picking presidents.

Large, animated crush of stop the count protestors trying to push their way into TCF hall in Detroit where ballots are being counted. Theyre being blocked by guards at the door. Pizza boxes are pushed against the window to obstruct view. Its tense.

How can anyone be chanting stop the count and not think that its...fascism?!?? like damn usually voter suppression is much sneakier.
Trump supporters: "Stop the vote!" Also Trump supporters: "Count that vote!".
Trump: STOP THE COUNT of mail in votes in Pennsylvania, they are fraudulent! Also Trump: COUNT THE VOTES of mail in ballots in Nevada, they are legit!
Lucky Charms STOP THE COUNT 5th of November WE LOVE YOU LIAM STOP THE COUNT giselle Santa Santa Cinnamon Toast Crunch HAN JISUNG Biden - 264 Happy Birthday Chris Cap'n Crunch HAN JISUNG Oshawa Jeffree Oshawa seokjin Jeffree J Cole giselle Happy Birthday Chris Southgate.

It's so that Republicans can try and stop the count of votes that they know will favor Democrats. That's the reason, and the only reason.
We stop the count when all military and overseas ballots & cured ballots are counted on November 13. Thank you to all Americans serving our nation.
PA Gov. Tom Wolf: "Pennsylvania is going to count every vote and no amount of intimidation will stop our dedicated election officials in our municipalities ... The planned attacks on our elections this morning are undemocratic and all elected officials must denounce them.".

Republicans: STOP THE COUNT Also Republicans: no- not there.
I would assume the fact that you are screaming publicly to stop votes in some places and count votes in others would hinder any legal action.
Bitch if they stop the count you dont win anyway??? Dumb ass bitch.
In Arizona the Trumpers are outside the processing center chanting, "Count those votes!" In Georgia the Trumpers were chanting, "Stop the count!" You can't make this up.
A barrage of lawsuits and tweets that scream STOP THE COUNT bespeak a bigly loser.
Stop the pigeon is trending in the UK as response to someones StOp ThE CoUnT tweet. I love our bants, its legendary. Dick Dastardly would be proud.
Please stop quoting that STOP THE COUNT tweet dear. I keep thinking its STOP THE C_NT Its putting me off my G&T and crisps.
STOP THE COUNT The All Lives Matter crowd crying about all the votes being counted. Go figure.
In case it wasn't clear, this is why he wants to stop the count.
This just in: Trump crowds in Nevada advised to change their chant from Stop the Count! to Count the Vote! in light of favorable trends for Biden. However, having little faculty for change, they are now confused and shouting Stop the Vote! Trump seems okay with it.

We'll "stop the count" when EVERY SINGLE VOTE in AZ and NV is counted and Joe Biden is confirmed President. In the meantime, enjoy the reclaiming of YMCA.
Trump supporters are angrily chanting "count the vote!" in some places and "stop the count!" in others. The explicit Trumpist position is that lawfully cast ballots should only be counted where it will help him, and not where it will hurt him.

God gawd, hes still here? How much more can the sane people of America endure?!? How many flagged tweets will he have today? Should we stop the count?
Perhaps frazzled by his shrinking leads in Georgia and Pennsylvania, Trump tweeted STOP THE COUNT! this morning. But if ballot counting somehow stopped in Nevada and Arizona, where he currently trails, the election would be over and Trump would lose.

I cannot grasp how with your whole chest you're saying stop the count y'all are literally chanting against democracy but are the same people who had an issue when black people were chanting for their lives to matter.

I really feel like the Trump folks are just workshopping slogans at this point: STOP THE VOTE! COUNT THE VOTE! MOUNT THE MOAT! FLOP THE TOTE! ROMP THE FLOAT! STOP THE FRAUD! GO WATCH 'MAUDE'! DON'T APPLAUD! FLARP NARP BLARP!

The president only wants to count the votes that will help him. It doesnt work like that.
Trump: Stop the Count! AZ and NV.
White people banging on the glass of the voting center in Detroit screaming "stop the count" is all you need to know about how hard white racists will push to make sure Black people's voices don't matter in America. And yet, not a police officer in riot gear in sight.

Right now, if you stop the vote you lose the election you fucking moron. Please go ahead, Biden wins NV and AZ and thats a wrap for you! STOP THE COUNT so Biden can win and this cry baby can go back to sucking his thumb. Youre a pathetic loser of a man. Disgusting.

But if the votes being counted were in your favor, you would stop the count. This is the equivalence to losing a board game and not wanting to play unless youre winning. So basically youre just a huge man baby.

This has nothing to do with being a republican or democrat. And everything to do with doing something that is unlawful. Stop being blind. Someone saying stop the count on ballots that arrived on time is clearly trying to suppress the vote. Regardless of where it's coming from.

Stop the count? This is literally something a brutal dictator would say in the middle of an election. We live in a democracy. Every vote matters because we the American people deserve free and fair elections. This isnt Belarus or Russia. This is the United States of America.

He wants to stop the count cause he told his idiots to vote twice he's really only got half the votes he's got. When are they gonna start separating those?
Trump running around with his stop the count.
Things Pres Trump has done today: -Tweet "STOP THE FRAUD!" & "STOP THE COUNT!" -Issue an all CAPS statement through his campaign that reads like a tweet. -Repeatedly, without evidence, claim Democrats are trying to steal the election. Things he has not done: -Take questions.

Recount Stop the Count Proof Read & check it all twice, its over DIKC STAIN . Get the Boxes & Tape bring in the moving Trucks. Disruptive Behavior on iamrapaport is here.
Stop being a damn cry baby and let the votes count! What are you scared of FINALLY losing!!
If we stop the still lose.
Trumpers in Arizona: 'Count the votes!' Trumpers in Michigan: 'Stop the count!'.
**NEW COLUMN** Nobodys stealing the election Mr President - so stop stoking the fires of civil war, let the votes be counted, and if it turns out youve lost, go gracefully, and put democracy before your bruised ego.

We'll stop the count when the audit is done.
Right now a pro-Trump Stop the Count rally at PA Capitol - smaller than last nights Count the Votes rally.
Trump is working harder to stop the count than he did to stop the pandemic.
I KNOW RIGHT! That idiots trying to stop the voting! He cant do that! They have to count the ballots of every American! Hes just being a baby because he knows hes LOSING!
Utter foolishness. In Arizona, Trump supporters are outside of polling locations chanting "COUNT THE VOTE." In Pennsylvania, Trump supporters are outside of polling locations chanting, "STOP THE COUNT.".

This guy politely asks you stop the count.
Stop the count of cu is rola!!
Trump supporters: STOP THE COUNT! My Brain.
For anyone who needs to hear this... there were no ballots added after the election. They were always there. They are authentic tangible votes that someone mailed to be validated and counted. Do you know how fascist and un-democratic you sound when you say "stop the count?".

They were boarding up so the peanut galley outside could smash their way in to stop the count so their orange fascist daddy can steal the election.
Trump supporters explaining why some states should keep counting and other states should stop the count.

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Makes me laugh it.

I Approve of this message... signed BIDEN-HARRIS supporter.

I love him! Man, I thought Detroit was intense. Thank you for sharing This has been the best of the day.

I love him!

This is my favorite!

Walkin right by your side Michael. Let it roll brother!

You nailed it again bro.

Michael, I cant love you anymore right now!!!! My thoughts EXCTLY...right down to every swear word!!!

Don't watch this. I only taped it so I could watch it when I'm depressed. He is so angry and has such a filthy mouth that I scream with laughter. I feel so normal when I watch it, like I haven't been subjected to four years of hell with Mr Krazy.

I wish he would say what he really felt.

Yup, yup, yup!!!!


That sure is a lot of f bombs.

TY for speaking the raw truth that the decent, sane half of the country feels !

I knew I always liked you.

Cant breathe.

As if I couldnt love you anymore Mike! Thank you!

This was better than a years worth of therapy for me. Thank you.

Absolutely beautiful and eloquent! Brings tears...

Bravo, man.

Mmmm. That was tasty.

Jaja love it!

Ha ha. Tell how you really feel?

I have watched this three times now and it expresses the pulse of the nation in the best way possible. I love you, please keep rocking.

Well said.


Much love from Philly.

Took the words right out of my mouth.


I will watch this all fucking day!

I love you Mike! I need to hear that Lets get this win. I want peace in this world.