Thursday 15th of April 2021


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And those two half-houses they're moving that take up 1.5 lanes and people were afraid to pass so it took forever.. Time to find a new route!
But then when you get stuck behind them again and finally pass them once more, it's like seeing an old friend and telling them to kiss your ass.

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Especially when you have little children who dont understand the concept of bad traffic.

I was driving my shitty old car at the speed limit and it was seriously pissing off this guy who clearly had places to go and people to see. He would aggressively pass me while turning his head to stare. So angry. Hed get ahead of me only for me to trundle right up next to him at the next light. His whole face got bright red after a few miles of this. No matter how aggressively hed pass me, I kept to the speed limit and kept catching up to him at every light. His face when he saw me laughing at one of the lights was priceless.

I was commuting pre-pandemic for 2.5 hours a day - every day. Tack on a 6 hour road trip and I was fit to be tied - I just wanted it to end and have a beer or four!

I don't understand why people don't trust the GPS to be able to predict traffic and just take the route it provides. I understand under normal circumstances, the freeway might be faster, but the GPS has probably identified traffic and that's probably why it's saying this obscure backroad will be faster.

He probably still holds a grudge.

I only recently took a long road trip by myself, as an adult who had finally moved away from home. I was able to stop and pee and take as long as I wanted. It was magical and enhanced my enjoyment of the trip so much. It was all just for me. No sharing beds or food with siblings, no stressful fighting about where to go. Alone trips are the best. I hated when I had to ask to pee on a trip and got told to hold it. By the time I ask to pee, I already HAVE been holding it!

"can we go home now" Well...we are...we have been, in fact we would've been there by now if we hadn't stopped 3x in 3 hrs.

And if all those cars passed you during a bathroom break, all the effort spent passing them was only worth the amount of time for a bathroom break anyways.

Same here!

Tesla life is great for that. stop every 2 hours for 15 minutes.

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