Thursday 13th of August 2020

Tropical Storm Josephine Has Formed in The Atlantic, Becoming The Earliest "J" Storm in History. We're LIVE Now With Everything You Need to Know.

Social Media Says

Don't let this get lost in news storm. realDonaldTrump yesterday said he wants to permanently repeal the sole funding for social security. Taking social security off budget saved the program. Trump wants to kill it. Don't let him.

Im getting concerned that the damage from a storm system called derecho isnt getting much national news coverage. THIS MATTERS. Why? Money and help follow news coverage. This isnt a few trees down and the inconvenience of power out. Its like a tornado hit whole counties.

When you remember what God said, you wont be worried; youll have peace in the midst of the storm. Youll have faith to believe for the impossible. Be inspired by this message from Joel, "Remember What God Said". Check it out here.

Iowa Republicans helpfully highlight how Theresa Greenfield doesnt simply do whatever national Dems do, has been focused on storm/Ag issues instead of national VP narrative the past day. How nice of them.

A praying person can stand with confidence in a storm knowing "this too will pass".
Disaster grants through IowaDHS are now available to assist low income DesMoines residents impacted by the derecho storm. Applications for the Iowa Individual Disaster Assistance Grant Program (IIAGP) are available at.

We might all be in the same storm, but were not all in the same boat! If ResultsDay for your ALevels didnt go to plan call us on 44 (0)1784 772455 to talk to us about your Clearing options for studying Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway.

American small businesses are struggling during this crisis and the GOP has failed to act to provide them with the additional aid they need to weather this storm. Whats worse than no aid? Actively working to undermine these businesses.

Bonus Ep Alert It's hurricane season, so today, we're bringing you a story from TheAtlantic's "Floodlines" podcast. On this ep, Vann R. Newkirk II looks at the way the media distorted what was happening in New Orleans in the days after the storm.

I do hope so but I have my doubts. Ipswich had a storm I believe but it just today the heat has bothered me.
Everything we've been through & everything still to come, we promise to stick with u. Through storm, wind & heavy rain, our love for u will withstand every pain. Any obstacle or challenge, we will always make it through. WE LOVE YOU KIM TAEHYUNG.

Tree that came down at Shifford during the storm last night ,has been safely removed by the field teams today,great work by TeamEA.
Closures will continue until further notice following extensive storm damage this week at Starved Rock State Park and Matthiessen State Park.
They storm me, ganging up on me - what's become of the home that supported me?
Being fit is very important! Along with that knowing some self defence and survival techniques! Trust me there's a storm coming!
Hes talking up a storm.
Just seen the arseblog storm today. Ive followed read and listened to Andrew for several years virtually from the start. Yes hes abusive but only in a pro-Arsenal anti every other team way hes podcasts & blogs dont teach me anything about Arsenal they are there to entertain.

Just heard from my friend at meals on wheels who said "whatever you said on Twitter, say it again!" So if you are looking for a place to help Iowans eat as we recover from a devastating storm donate to Horizons, which runs Meals on Wheels. Link below.

Storm knocked out my power ending stream Now it is back, I have no internet at all. Was having fun trying DBD cross play with AmoProtecc chatting with you all. Yall should give my man BlameFrost a follow btw. Cool dude, great energy.

The worker did what she had to do. I support. Im tired of these people trying to make funny content at the expense of fast food workers like they dont already have to deal with other rude entitled customers throughout the day. This shit is definitely not funny.

Six Seattle Storm Games To Re-Air On Root Sports ROOTSPOS_NW More info nulb.
Electric Sunflowers. A gorgeous storm system in Saskatchewan yesterday. This morning MisheylaIwasiuk & I & our family is enjoying a rare treat; a thunderstorm at home. And our new sons first storm in fresh air. Get out and get yourself some nature today if you can!

How is this not illegal. How is this not illegal. He said it on TV. How is this not illegal.
Just before the storm last night x.
"Welcome Mr Tony Lee" damn I wish RIAZtheboss would release a 30Sec glimpse of this conversation between thalaivar and thala would take social media by storm[?]nulb Annaatthe Valimai. Who can forget thalaivar congratulating Thala after watching.

Ion know who need too hear this but for everybody going through a rough time right now keep yo head up. God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soilders. Only a matter of time before he clear the storm for you. Just dont loose hope!

Our hearts break for the farmers affected by the derecho. We know farmers depend on good weather for an abundant harvest, and when a storm like this comes it's devastating. We're praying for those who have experienced loss from this storm.

Chucks mad that Fox didn't cover it, saw it on MSNBC last night, talked to some farmers who will now lose farms that have been in thier families for generations, thanks to Trump policies and now the storm. Sucks when your Senators can only be bothered to help trump and Putin.

Im in romford been waiting for the storm since monday CLnulbCLnulb.
Kudos to cityofwinnipeg forestry staff working through a downpour to remove an unstable maple tree in St. James. Very sad to see this beautiful old tree come down today but it was no longer healthy. Big pieces came down in October storm.

As expected...we have a new storm in the Atlantic. But it's doubtful to affect the US mainland. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...Lanco remains in a flood watch until midnight.
I have these cycles where i can tweet up a storm for multiple days and then forget it exists the next day. I love(hate) twitter.
Is there a storm every year in Geneva at this time of year?
Last Monday afternoon the Boles Bunch moved John Jr into his dorm at auburnu ! was cut short by a down pour and lightning storm (cant believe I got a pic)...but as we left there.
Dont judge my hair, I got caught in a Florida rain storm and also I dont wash it.
The storm has started where I live and I stood outside like I had escaped Shawshank.
See w these scriptures your implying that I havent received Jesus message and that the truth is hidden from me, and its not from u.Im only going by what the Bible says. Why should I believe u?God wouldnt let the Bible b corrupted this long, speaks to many who wouldve caught.

Can't even mess it up, although we stay put love through it, but baby, you and I know any storm we're facing Will blow right.
This storm was really bad, I have no words.
From all the videos surfacing online it seems the whole of Minsk - & many other Belarusian cities - is out protesting in the streets. After three days of sadistic police violence its becoming increasingly hard to see how Lukashenko will weather this storm.

All I can think while sitting on my front porch is: The storm is coming.
Trying to make a video today, interrupted by everything from a violent storm to a marauding scorpion. Honestly, if it hadn't just run at me brandishing its stinger, we could have gotten along -nulb I guess I could say the same of a few men I know.

So there I am casually doing round the world on doubles, music playing and in my bubble. Then my room lit up like I was on stage and the sky decided to absolutely s**t its self! I think the storm has arrived!

Can you FeelTheThunderCL? Because the weather man predicted a storm will hit our Facebook page on 13 August at 2 pm with AngieKhumalo and JasonGoliath. Click on the link below to set your reminder for the virtual launch.

Storm Damage Repair and Debris Removal in Sunbright, TN.
Make we storm that place this your spec is fine and that your phone too.
Im on yall motherfuckin ass today. Imma keep bothering yall until I get a real fuckin update or see a goddamn truck in my area. Im tired of yall bullshit. EVERYTIME theres an outage were ALWAYS last to get restored. Not just this time with the storm, but EVERYTIME.

2 hrs in hair and makeup. Re-reading the 12 tweets he pre-drafted the day before to send THAT day. Tweet Lunch. Photo op. Call to his boy toy Jared. Cont. tweet storm. Eat bucket of chicken. Watch Fox news til he falls asleep. Wakes at 3 to poop-tweet. Falls asleep then repeat.

Iowa needs help. The repairs for this storm are estimated to cost 10s of millions of dollars. People have been without power, water, and service for three days now. This needs to be national news coverage.

My first day riding a bike in about 20 years and Im posted up in the midst of a storm that looks like its also posted up.
TROPICAL STORM JOSEPHINE: Now the 10th named storm of the season. Typically we do not reach a "J" named storm until October 19th. This beats the 2005 record to "J.".
The first time you chose to pray the storm broke. It means were worthy I think. *I* think it means whoever was running the simulation was sick of watching them sit in a cave.
Let's Trot you dog caaaant.
Some videos I took of the storm at Cassiobury Park on the 12th August.
The storm of madness raged, and the world was torn apart. Stage 3 FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Also available on Audiobook horror zombie apocalypse thriller series IAG darkhorde stage3 (Cover animation by byMorganWright!).

A storm rolling over the East Devon countryside this afternoon - sadly the lightning was hidden within the storm, but there was some pretty mean looking clouds!
So you guys are saying when Cyril opens the country we cant even play R Kelly - Storm is Over?
: THE GAME - NiallOfficial talenthouse Embraced the whole retro vibes we got from the music video and created an 8-bit styled adventure for Niall Storm as he avoids heartbreak and seeks love!
The BlackWomensEqualPayDay tweet storm has begun. Raise awareness with us! 1 in 3 COVID19 EssentialWorkers is a Black woman. Black women need & deserve to be paid fairly for their hard work that keeps our society & economy running!

Tropical Storm Josephine Advisory 8: Depression Becomes Tropical Storm Josephine.
Really hot and muggy here at the moment. Need a thunder storm to clear the air .
This is sickening.
LEAVE NO PATRIOT BEHIND2 PatriotTex2 Noodles_Storm 13firecracker Tammy7464 SharaCollins5 Kimber42539731 DeadheadTiger dean_rainey.
The storm that rolled through on Monday uprooted the BFCSD community. Like you, we suffered damage to our facilities and were left without electricity and internet. We are working hard to get back on track and ask for patience as we work through this new challenge.

POV: A new undefeated fight has take the UFC by storm taken the heavyweight belt, but nobody likes him. Theres only one man who can save the heavyweight division... a 43yo DC.
Rainstorms can cause major damage to your home's infrastructure and your belongings. Take the right precautions to protect your home from the next storm.
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Cancer Patients and Their Families Terrified As BLM Riots Storm Ronald McDonald House In Chicago.
I could honestly sit and watch a storm in complete silence all day.
"left looking for answers" It was a storm. This makes it sound like it's a mystery what killed the poor woman. The entire premise of this article is ridiculous.
I just heard about the storm that absolutely wrecked Iowa. Over 1/3 of the entire state's crops gone. Who knows how many storage silos. Half a mil people w/o power. Most of Iowa's corn is livestock feed and fuel production. No corn, no meat. No ethanol, gas prices skyrocket.

I hope that storm waits until after we go home for tea! I know right, were either getting soaked lately or roasted! Vnulb.
I will begin with Our spiritual consciousness has infinite ability the generation of Love to extract energy from the invisible (atmosphere or ethers) however one wishes to term it:Focus upon the intent of expression verses the words for words limit B-1.

When you come out of the storm, you're not going to be the same... you're going to be stronger, wiser, ready for new growth.
Has formed in the central tropical Atlantic - the earliest Atlantic 10th Atlantic named storm on record. Prior record was Jose on August 22, 2005.

What You Really Think

Oh, a sharpie will fix that.

So you're gonna ignore the fact that IOWA got hit with a derecho...

When you name every thunderstorm you will get into the middle of the alphabet quicker . more fake news.

Nice! could we have another alpha beta etc storm this year o: ?

You have notice from the Weather Channel. Whats the plan to prevent North Jersey by Oakland from Losing services again?? SPEAK UP WE PAY YOU TO HAVE A PLAN!!

Wasnt Katrina in early August?

Its official. Name has been assigned. Cant believe we are already in theJs in August.

Siri has it petering out. Dont be so dramatic.

Why not? Seems Mother Earth has decided to let us know how sick she is. 100 degrees in Siberia, Canadian ice shelf collapses, now annual heatwave in Europe not to mention Covid jumping from animal to human.


The average date for the 10th named storm is October 19th. The previous record was Jose on August 22nd in 2005.

That shit is staying out to sea that is all we need to know .. dont stretch a story.

Josephine, you made history, youve become the earliest J.