Saturday 1st of May 2021

: A New Study by Three Scarborough Researchers Shows That The Places That Have Been Hardest Hit by COVID-19 Are Also The Places Where Multiple Working Adults or Families Are All Sharing a Household.

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study three Scarborough researchers shows that places that have been hardest COVID-19 also places where multiple working adults families sharing household.

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Good work. But isn't this what the epi's should have been investigating, like, a year ago?

The study by the Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership and the University of Toronto found that the maps that showed which areas in the GTA have high rates of COVID-19.

Controlling community spread is key to fighting Covid, not just with vaccines or the other measures - some meaningless. No controllable plan in place means lockdowns always.

Exactly yet dr Kurji in York will not vaccinate those 18 year olds living in those homes. What part of this pandemic does he not understand or is it he just refuses to Listen to anyone of authority Wonder why. Someone help us out please.

Occupancy density per sq ft needs to be discussed. This includes zoning, legal basements, fire codes, slum landlords, renovation permits, the whole nine yards.

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